[UPDATE] Archdale and Website Operation Status and Changes

After two months of no activity due to various reasons, including technical difficulties on the part of WordPress compatibility and computer capabilities, Archdale in all its functions are up and running again. We aim to return to prior consistency with no further breaks. Thank you kindly for your patience and understanding! As an overview, the … Continue reading [UPDATE] Archdale and Website Operation Status and Changes


[EVENT] 1K One-shot Writing Contest

Archdale is holding its first event: a Music-inspired One-shot Writing Contest! The required one-shot length is between 100 and 1000 words, and the content must be inspired by a song recommended on the music-recs channel on the Archdale Discord Community Server. The submission deadline is March 27th, 2021. Judging and Voting begins the day after, … Continue reading [EVENT] 1K One-shot Writing Contest

Official Operations Reopening

Today marks the official reopening of website operations including acceptance of assessment requests and the return of the Monthly Spotlight beginning with the end of November! Now that all pages and posts have been updated to the new format as outlined in the 10.05.20 Website Revamp, and initiating assessments from all five writing and reading … Continue reading Official Operations Reopening

Completed: Website Overhaul 3.18

The 03.18.19 Website Overhaul has been completed. All qualifying books have story posts, and pages have been updated to reflect the changes. Make sure to check out the Story Post Archives for 20+ chaptered book information and curated reviews. To better support searching for good stories on Virtual Bookshelf, type tags on story website/platform pages. … Continue reading Completed: Website Overhaul 3.18