[UPDATE] Archdale and Website Operation Status and Changes

After two months of no activity due to various reasons, including technical difficulties on the part of WordPress compatibility and computer capabilities, Archdale in all its functions are up and running again. We aim to return to prior consistency with no further breaks. Thank you kindly for your patience and understanding!

As an overview, the following changes have been or will be made.

  • Completed: Reduction of clutter and streamlining of the library.
    • Centering of all book records on index pages.
    • Removal of score criteria on individual book records on index pages.
    • Alteration of “# of Chapters: (X-number)” to “(X-number) chp.” An extra note at the top of each index page will explain that is the number of chapters.
    • Removal of “Genre(s): (genre)” to “(genre)” on the Story Pages index page.
    • Switch to a “/” instead of ” — ” between author, genre, and number of chapters.
    • Addition of line break after each genre category on Fair to Excellent story index pages.
    • Addition of line break after each overall score category plus capitalization of all letters in “Overall Score.”
      Removal of space after each book record on index pages.
  • Ongoing: Addition and switch from “VB Assessment Score:” on individual story pages to “VB Assessment Score (?)” where ? will be linked to the AVB Factor Scoring explanation page.
  • Imminent: Improved stability of Monthly Spotlight posts on the main Archdale website.
    • From now on, the named month on a post will be of the current month rather than the previous as formerly done.
    • Highlight bullets will no longer be written to save on time and include more stories each month without the post becoming too long.
    • New story additions versus old stories will be separated and organized in two sections on each post.
  • Future: Re-design of the AVB website to be more user friendly and visually appealing.

Monthly Spotlight will return the 10th of November!

Enjoy browsing and reading, and thank you for all your support in the Archdale project to promote self-publishing authors!


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