Main Site Released

After rebranding to Archdale from Virtual Bookshelf, website traffic dropped greatly. Due to a lack of forewarning, except on the Discord server, the unexpected shift essentially wiped out our previous online presence that had been strong and steadily growing. Because part of our mission is to promote books through our indexing and spotlighting, this was a big blow to our project momentum which had largely been a success after the re-launch in 2020.

After two weeks of studying traffic statistics and developing plans to address this critical problem, the solution to split the story index and all other activities onto two different websites was decided. This allowed the retention of the “virtualbookshelf” domain name as well as our updated “archdale” name.

Now called Archdale Virtual Bookshelf, this site will house all assessed stories under the virtualbookshelf domain. The other site, Archdale Books will cover the Monthly Spotlight and other activities and content such as reviews and articles. The main site is under the archdale domain name and will also be the source for official news and upcoming events.

This change also accounts for expansion of the library which had been starting to get cluttered the longer the webpages became. In the future, new tabs for genre-specific lists will be made while still combining our unique, multi-platform approach to writing and reading websites.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time, and expect to see new stories being posted soon!


February 19, 2021 Post-Update:

Due to the switch back to the old domain name for Archdale Virtual Bookshelf, site links once again had to be fixed. Now, you should properly be able to access individual story pages from all the story indexes listed onsite.

Additionally, while it has only been a few days, website traffic has bounced back to what it previously had been. As AVB continues to grow, so will Archdale. Thank you all for your support and patience during this process.


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