Rebranding to Archdale

Exactly two months ago, the Virtual Bookshelf website was re-launched after a year hiatus from 2019.

Today, we have rebranded as Archdale with the ambitious aim to provide start to end writing and publishing support for self-published and aspiring writers and become the trusted hub for finding great new stories for all readers.

Prior assessments marked with “VB scores” will not be updated. But the format of future assessments will now call them “AVB scores” where AVB stands for Archdale Virtual Bookshelf.

This abbreviation is in our new logo as shown below at the end. The connected letters in the logo symbolize the connection between all in the community while the B’s appearance is like a sideways, open book. While the font is sans serif to embrace the digital age and quantitative front of assessment scores, the flow of the connected letters is also reminiscent of cursive. AVB can also be read as AB for Archdale Books.

Rebranding to Archdale will allow us to more flexibly designate specific areas of operation and content both occurring now and for the future. This includes Archdale Reviews, Interviews, Articles, and Books.

Here’s to the bright future of writing and reading in the digital age and to Archdale that spans from the valley to the arcing sky.

Archdale Virtual Bookshelf Logo

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