Official Operations Reopening

Today marks the official reopening of website operations including acceptance of assessment requests and the return of the Monthly Spotlight beginning with the end of November!

Now that all pages and posts have been updated to the new format as outlined in the 10.05.20 Website Revamp, and initiating assessments from all five writing and reading platforms have been completed (Wattpad, Webnovel, Inkitt, Royal Road, Tapas), Virtual Bookshelf’s foundations have been set, allowing normal operations to resume.

All authors of newly assessed stories as part of the recent revamp will be contacted on their coinciding platforms. In this way, and reaching out to each platform’s community directly, such as through forums, Virtual Bookshelf is able to kickstart consistent, high website viewership, aka jump-starting exposure for emerging authors and riveting new discoveries for readers.

The goal is to outperform last year’s (2019) website statistics and form an accessible, helpful, and friendly community of readers, writers, and advisors.

Note, Assessment posts will be different from the past. Story Posts will now be posted directly after finishing reading and aggregating instead of posting all at once along with the coinciding Assessment post. The resultant Assessment post will be uploaded after exactly ten new stories on a specific platform have been read.


While Virtual Bookshelf cannot claim to be the main cause for a story’s rise in readership after being assessed and listed on the website, visitors do indeed find engaging stories through our curation. Many of the listed stories from 2019 (only covering Webnovel during that time) have since exploded from ten thousand views to millions of views. It is a joy to see such stories flourish.

If you are interested in participating on this project which connects undiscovered stories to readers, or if you have a book or author you want to recommend, support, or promote, or if you simply want to explore new and rising stories, then join the Official Virtual Bookshelf Discord Server (permalink:


Love your website! It is really hard to find good stories from good original authors. Bad grammar, cliche storylines and dialogue is frustrating. Thank you so much for your recommendations- I started with Mr. CEO and the Devilish Beauty and can’t put the book down. I was lucky to discover your blog. Thanks again!

Starrynight, May 9, 2019

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