Explore stories through the linked bookshelves of assessed novels.

Excellent Novels (13-15)

Great Novels (10-12)

Good Novels (7-9)

Fair Novels (5-6)

Developing Releases

Or search using the tags on the right.

Stories are only included if they have actively uploaded a new chapter within a month of the last release OR:

  • have uploaded within the last two months if they have 25+ chapters
  • have uploaded within the last three months if they have 50+ chapters
  • have already been completed; in which case, they will remain until there are a sufficient number of novels to make a separate, completed stories webpage.

Inspections are done roughly every three months to ensure that these lists remain relevant for readers to find actively ongoing stories. Should a story on hiatus restart, it is up to the author to contact Archdale Virtual Bookshelf to re-list it on these pages.


Know a story? Submit them through the Official Discord.

Please support your local online library by mentioning Archdale Virtual Bookshelf if you comment or subscribe to a novel that you found through this website. 🙂


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