[03.18.19] Website Overhaul

As the sole keeper of the library, I’ve decided to switch from a “content creator” to a “content curator.” I cannot keep up with reviewing (a story with 50 chapters will take me a minimum of 2 hours), so instead, I’ll be curating reviews which have already been given by others on the story’s writing platform/website. The following design changes of Virtual Bookshelf below will be made.


[New] Individual Story Posts

Once a novel hits 20 chapters/20,000 words and a VB score of 7 or higher, they will receive a dedicated story post which includes the following information in this order:

  • Title (which will be linked to the actual story)
  • Author, Genre(s), Tags
  • Audience (G, PG, etc.), Main Lead (male or female)
  • Status (Completed or Ongoing)
  • Number of Chapters, Date of First Release, Date of Last Update
  • VB Assessment Score
  • VB Reviewed? (Yes/No; if yes, link provided to website post)
  • Number of Views, Number of Reviews
  • Synopsis (written by the author)
  • Chosen Reviews (directly off of the story’s website)
  • Story Post Last Updated (when the post information was last updated)

Virtual Bookshelf was originally geared toward the reader more than the writer, so this overhaul is refocusing that mission. This will also allow readers to more easily and knowledgeably decide what books to read next.


[New] Story Post Archives

Simply, it will be a list of all the story posts. Any novels listed under the Story Archives that now have story posts will be removed and placed onto this Story Post Archives page instead. Additionally, the assessment information will be deleted on this page as the Story Post already has it.


[Updated] Tagging System

In addition to the current tags, the following tags will be added:

  • Story Tags
  • Status
  • Audience
  • Main Lead


[Updated] Excellent, Great, Good, and Fair Pages

These pages will mostly remain the same except that titles will be now linked to their respective Story Post instead of their VB Review Post (if they received one).


[Updated] Monthly Spotlight

The main page will remain the same where Currently Featured lists titles with direct links to the story itself. The individual monthly posts, however, will have titles linked to their Story Post instead of the direct story link; unless, it doesn’t have a Story Post. Additionally, the synopsis will be removed, so only the Title, Author, Score, and Key Points will remain.


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