Website Return & Revamp 10.05.20

Over a year has passed since this project was dropped due to unexpected life events including the pandemic. Sincerest apologies to all visitors, readers, and writers for not being able to keep this website running. However, as of today, the website will begin functioning again with an updated layout that follows after the changes made in the March Overhaul of last year.

Please check the About page to view adjustments of the assessment system. Stories will now be scored according to three Story Factors: Plot Development & Execution (PDE), Character Design & Development (CDD), and Settings & World Building (SWB), and two Writing Factors: Technical Quality (TQ), and Style & Voice (SV).

Over the course of this week, all the previous hundreds of stories will be re-assessed and re-placed or dropped from the Library, Story Page Archives, and Explore Novels pages. Additional assessments will also be posted daily with pre-scheduled publishing.

Lastly, a new Discord has been officially created for Virtual Bookshelf. All visitors, both readers and writers, are invited to join the Community Server. Chat with others, share recommendations, and discover stories in a more interactive environment!


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