Score Full Points in PD+CF

While the About page describes expectations of the five factors, this page more concisely identifies how the points in PD and CF are allocated in assessments.

Plot Development (PD)

  • From 0 to 1 point: General clearness/focus/drive toward a certain goal, basic description of settings/world-building.
  • 1 to 2: Better description/clear world-building, more original interpretation/usage of common themes and situations, somewhat immersive. Possible lacking points:
    • might lack in amount or balance of detail
    • plot direction is clear but not compelling
    • obscure or inconsistent settings
  • 2 to 3: Vivid and balanced description of settings and actions, instructive, progressive world-building in varied forms, original and fresh interpretation/usage of common themes and situations, immersive experience. Possible defining points:
    • plot might have mysteries while clear in direction
    • visualization of world settings and characters’ movements
    • actions and events build upon one another or later lead to something, anticipation
    • actions and events are focused and have significance
  • Key words: Balance, Significance, and Immersion.


Character Formation (CF):

  • From 0 to 1 point: Some character insight into thoughts and emotions.
  • 1 to 2: Better/deeper insight, character differentiation, addition of gestures and active and varied speech verbs, some character development. Possible lacking points:
    • inconsistent or lacking character insights
    • too many (or overlapping) characters that could be cut or combined
    • some characters are unoriginal or indistinctive/follow tropes/roles
  • 2 to 3: Starkly defined, differentiated characters with varied gestures and speech verbs, deep insight into feelings, emotions, motivations, fears, and desires, clear character development. Possible defining points:
    • compelling, persuasive, realistic, believable, and or relatable characters
    • good balance in number of characters in line with their depth/importance
    • characters come alive, expressions and gestures are easily visualized
    • compulsion to root for characters or interest in future actions, anticipation
    • another known story’s character could not successfully replace this particular story character
  • Key words: Differentiated, Insightful, and Compelling.