[Story] A Billion Dollar Exchange

Title: A Billion Dollar Exchange
Author: ZhiRuYi
Genre(s): Romance Fiction
Tags: Jealousy, Romance, Love at first sight, Female Protagonist, Face Slapping
Audience: PG-13
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 64
Date of First Release: Originally Before February 23, 2019
Date of Last Update: March 18, 2019
VB Assessment Score: TQ 2   PD 1   CF 2   ||   RL 1   CL 2   || Overall: 8
VB Reviewed? No
Number of Views: 361 K
Number of Reviews: 42
“Mr Liu Wei..” Liling paused as she took In a deep breath.
“I need one million yuan… ”
Liu Wei shifted his gaze to face her. His face bore a surprised expression.
‘What was she using that much money for?’
Liling who was anxious held the helm of her gown tightly. She swallowed hard and continued courageously.
“I don’t think I can pay back…, but I’ll give you something else” Her voice drained of all vigour. It was really hard to give herself away, so easily but she had no choice.
Taking in a deep breath, she lifted her eyes to face him.
“My body…”


shipramani: This is new story that I’m currently started to get follow up of. It seems a good start. But still I think it’s same old track damsel in distress and prince charming coming to rescue with uncertain idiot jealous characters popping out of nowhere with same old tricks. So I hope author will give more sensible twists and turns to this story for positively good outcome. But I’m still gonna give it a shot bcoz I really like the idea how the main characters meet each other first time by the unique way.

jmaine66669: This is so we’ll written. The story development is great and I love how it goes between the characters two worlds and shows other people’s perspectives. I love how the characters are predictable in some ways and completely unpredictable in others. Over all this is amazing and I would love to just sit and read it till the end without stopping.

knartharshar: This author, unlike other authors I’ve read their works, didn’t start with the ML and FL at first, she starts by explaining details view of the lives of both of them. This work, I’ll recommend to any new reader. Thumbs up Ziyanmei.

Bitterly: This novel is really superb. I really love the beginning and I wish it continues like this. The author clearly develops her character in due course, not just jumping into the romance in full. I recommend this novel.

Sten During: This review is part of a review swap and valid as of chapter eight.
Eight chapters means the story hasn’t even left the beginning. We’re still busy getting to know the characters and the setting. The story as such hasn’t taken off at all.
Think of this when it’s time for the stars.
It feels a little like a girl from the people meets her prince, in this case a member of the economic elite, -type of story. It’s also way, way too early to say.
I believe we’ve been introduced to the female and male lead plus another half a dozen supporting cast including a possible antagonist. That’s all you can cram into eight chapters.
Writing: Four stars. In fact the reading is pleasant, but wavering between present and past tense plus undisciplined handling of the third person limited point of view detracts.
Updates. Eight chapters. Too few for an assessment. I’ll hand out the five stars.
Story: Four stars. One star yanked not because anything is wrong. The author basically had to pick one or two out of three; plot, character and setting. Plot turned out not to be the focal point of the start. I respect that and expect to see plot growing in importance later on.
Character: Four stars. While characters have been given a little more work they’re still kind of place holders we’re supposed to recognise while the story settles in. One star yanked due to no error of the author’s. I believe we’ll have a fifth star here within another half a dozen chapters.
World: Five stars. As I wrote earlier, I believe the author had to make a pick. The setting is splendidly painted in simple sentences that frame scenes with a place we can experience as a reader. After eight chatper the stage is basically literally set. If possible, as characters grow more important and the plot tags along with the characters, I can see the setting taking a back seat until it drops to a four star setting.
Lastly, this is the beginning of the beginning. That makes it extremely difficult to review. I simply have no idea where this is going. Had I been given another eight chapters I believe either story or character would have gained an extra star.


Story Post Last Updated: March 18, 2019

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