Monthly Spotlight: March 2019

The Snow God’s Lost Daughter ||| VB Score: 11

Key Story Highlights:

  • Engaging celestial backstory
  • Adoptive, Asian female lead
  • Realistic, modern family
  • Well-defined characters
  • Berserk guardian toy rabbit
  • Descriptive storytelling
  • Meddling deities

The Captains Prize ||| VB Score: 10

Key Story Highlights:

  • Rough and cool captain/male lead
  • Descriptive character emotions and actions
  • ML and FL alternating perspectives
  • Possible hate to love relationship

Runeless ||| VB Score: 12

Key Story Highlights:

  • Descriptive actions and characters
  • Young male child lead
  • Intriguing beginning royal backstory
  • Unique magic system around runes

Tales of the Great Explorer ||| VB Score: 9

Key Story Highlights:

  • Sci-fi elements with fantasy
  • Genius scientist male lead
  • Interplanetary summoning and communication
  • Unique magical creatures
  • Spells, runes, mana system

My World To Live  ||| VB Score: 14

Key Story Highlights:

  • Descriptive language and world
  • Strong female lead
  • Demon battles
  • Unique magical creatures
  • Magical weapons formation

Love on the Ice [BL] ||| VB Score: 10

Key Story Highlights:

  • Figure skating
  • Coach and skater relationship
  • Well-defined characters
  • Realistic competition

Children of Elisium ||| VB Score: 13

Key Story Highlights:

  • Descriptive settings and actions
  • Young, strong female lead
  • Sweet friendships
  • Distinctive characters
  • Some mystery and suspense
  • “Harry Potter-ish” Spell-casting

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