Your Virtual Bookshelf

Welcome to Archdale Virtual Bookshelf, your destination for discovering hidden and rising novels and writers.

  • The minimal goal for a novel is 5.
  • Each post will contain assessments of 10 new stories.
  • Assessments are available after an additional 20 new chapters.
  • In-depth reviews are also offered on a special request basis.
  • The book icon next to each title’s overall score is a direct story link.

The March 5th Library Overhaul updated novel lists to reflect more actively uploading stories in order to best assist readers. The March 18th Website Overhaul refocuses on readers and improves their story search process. After an extended hiatus of over a year, activities restarted with the October 2020 Website Revamp. Official reopening began November 24th, 2020. A rebrand to Archdale occurred on 01.24.21.

Discover stories in several ways:

  • Search bar
  • Assessment posts
  • Tag Cloud
    • Genre, Status
    • Main Lead, Audience
    • Story Tags
    • Number of Chapters
    • Reading Level
    • TQ (Technical Quality)
    • SV (Story & Voice)
    • PDE (Plot Development & Execution)
    • CDD (Character Design & Development )
    • SWB (Settings & World Building)
  • Overall Score
    • Excellent (13-15)
      • roughly 2% of assessed novels from 2019
    • Great (10-12)
      • roughly 35% of assessed novels from 2019
    • Good (7-9)
      • roughly 45% of assessed novels from 2019
    • Fair Novels (5-6)
      • roughly 20% of assessed novels from 2019
    • Developing Releases
      • Under 20 total chapters/20k words per book
      • Novels scoring 5-15 are listed by order
      • Navigable score sections with anchor links
    • Story Pages
      • Over 20 total chapters/20k words per book
      • Individual posts contain story information and curated reviews
  • Monthly Spotlight
    • Featured, currently updating or completed stories
    • Qualified for undiscovered/underrated status on platform
    • Novels scored 9+
    • Viewers/readers can suggest stories via the official Discord
  • Skilled Storytelling (dropped since 10.05.20 revamp)
    • Novels with 20+ chapters
    • PDE, CDD, SWB, and TQ each scored at least 2
    • Discover book titles by name, sorted by genre

“Become the reader who powers the next generation of storytelling.”


2 thoughts on “Your Virtual Bookshelf

    1. Hello Syed,
      I’m sorry for the late reply. Website operations has just restarted as of yesterday. Virtual Bookshelf will be undergoing system changes and general updates this week, but you are free to submit your story for assessment by commenting on the Contact webpage with your url link.
      All the best,
      Book Keeper


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