November’s Monthly Spotlight Released!

To view and read the newest list of spotlighted book titles, please navigate to the post: https://archdale.home.blog/2021/11/11/monthly-spotlight-november-2021/. On that linked domain, Archdale features all spotlight posts. A notice will be posted on this AVB story index, sister site upon a new release. Thank you!


Monthly Spotlight: January 2021

Jade Kingdoms || VB Score: 11 descriptive imagery with diverse language and clear writingintrospective and emotional elements intertwined with actionwell constructed fantasy details and magic systemdistinctive characterization with varied cast --------- Tales of a Peculiar Pirate || VB Score: 9 eccentric, strong female leadcomedic adventure with quirky cast of charactershumorous and whimsical, almost parodic writing … Continue reading Monthly Spotlight: January 2021

Monthly Spotlight: December 2020

Before || VB Score: 11 clear, direct, and serious writing style apt for a mystery crime thrillereasy to follow, imaginable character actions and settingsjumps right onto a crime case with tight pacingdelves into mature and sensitive topics with carenumerous cast of characters all with different backgrounds --------- Dead to You (BxB)|| VB Score: 12 vivid … Continue reading Monthly Spotlight: December 2020

Monthly Spotlight: November 2020

Amie, Android || VB Score: 11 Steadfast male main lead in his beliefs contrasting science and religionUnique take on A.I. dialogue and personality through collaborative technologyThought-provoking philosophy and psychology on idea of what is humanEngaging conversations and realistic pacing on building of a relationship --------- Cold Obsidian || VB Score: 10 Charming, well-drawn accompanying picturesClear, … Continue reading Monthly Spotlight: November 2020