Monthly Spotlight: January 2021

Jade Kingdoms || VB Score: 11

  • descriptive imagery with diverse language and clear writing
  • introspective and emotional elements intertwined with action
  • well constructed fantasy details and magic system
  • distinctive characterization with varied cast


Tales of a Peculiar Pirate || VB Score: 9

  • eccentric, strong female lead
  • comedic adventure with quirky cast of characters
  • humorous and whimsical, almost parodic writing style
  • unique take on pirates and seafaring journeys


Ring of storms || VB Score: 14

  • told from multiple perspectives with smooth transitions
  • realistically paced romance despite immediate attraction
  • solid backstories and characterization with believable sentiments and reactions
  • intriguing love triangle tied into plot
  • clear yet varied use of language and phrasing with digestible and engaging style
  • uniquely defined clan lore mingled with mystery aspects


The Museum || VB Score: 12

  • varied cast of characters with back stories and characterization
  • merges fantasy elements with mystery
  • multiple perspectives in an easy to read writing style
  • modern day settings with quirky, magical twist centering around a museum


Path of Survival || VB Score: 9

  • easy to read and digestible writing style
  • well-researched and knowledgable on martial arts
  • realistic learning curve and growth of martial arts skills by the main character
  • comedic and relatable moments with slice of life and school elements


Shackles || VB Score: 11

  • historical Chinese settings with court and war intrigue
  • betrayed, captured Empress on a perilous escape back to the palace
  • evocative, descriptive imagery and introspective characters and behavioral details
  • robust, easy to follow language with varied, engaging phrasing


The Great Escape || VB Score: 11

  • strong characterization and evocative introspection
  • engaging and pleasing language and phrasing in a digestible reading style
  • distinctive, developed dark tone and mood
  • unique take on witches with suspenseful fantasy that is almost horror-like


Devil’s Triangle || VB Score: 11

  • deep cast of distinctive characters
  • strong, believable characterization with evocative introspection
  • robust, easy to follow language with varied, engaging phrasing by the same author of Shackles
  • well-paced slice of life drama with mystery elements
  • multiple perspectives with clear transitions and breaks


Chasing Rainbows || VB Score: 9

  • supportive best friend to main character
  • fast-paced romance with unexpected marriage twist
  • realistic, relatable situation of the independent, main character with developed back story
  • straightforward, easy to read writing style


Land of Erden || VB Score: 10

  • follows main characters from birth and youth whose futures are intertwined
  • clear fantasy world building and descriptive detail and magical actions
  • multiple perspectives with easy to read writing style
  • varied cast of characters with different back stories


NOTICE: After this month, future Spotlight lists will instead be posted on the main website, But post notifications will be up every month on this AVB site to inform about the new list posted on the main Archdale site.


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