Monthly Spotlight: November 2020

Amie, Android || VB Score: 11

  • Steadfast male main lead in his beliefs contrasting science and religion
  • Unique take on A.I. dialogue and personality through collaborative technology
  • Thought-provoking philosophy and psychology on idea of what is human
  • Engaging conversations and realistic pacing on building of a relationship


Cold Obsidian || VB Score: 10

  • Charming, well-drawn accompanying pictures
  • Clear, vivid, and imaginative world building and creatures
  • Strong female contrasting a determined, male apprentice of weapons
  • Mystical storytelling of varied adventures


Memoirs of a Skeleton Valet || VB Score: 13

  • Quirky, distinctive characters and world
  • Strong, unique voice, vocabulary, and writing style
  • Engaging, entertaining perspectives and inner thoughts
  • Enchanting storyline with humor and affection


Triptych || VB Score: 12

  • Aliens and time-travel twists with dashes of tense action
  • Gentle, charming, and humorous depiction of polyamory
  • Sweet romances and slice of life amid societal tensions
  • Clear and smooth writing style and transitions


Plague Saint || VB Score: 12

  • Tightly knit plot and enemy schemes in a dystopian world
  • Engaging, close friendships, bonds, and relationships
  • Concise narration with balanced tension and description
  • Smart, calm yet human main lead of strengths and weaknesses


The End of All Things || VB Score: 14

  • Sequential, grounded history shrouded in post-apocalyptic mystery
  • Motley, distinct crew of characters with varied manner of speaking
  • Raucous sailors in a world of magic living on the open seas
  • Strong voice, imagery, and tone in writing style


The Saintess and the Villainess || VB Score: 10

  • Ordinary girl turned bubbly Saintess paired with an unlucky ‘good’ Villainess
  • Going against the existing storyline in the world of a novel
  • Dashes of humor and breaking gender roles and appearances
  • Royal schemes and national turmoil


Earthwitch (The Voidgod Ascendency Book 1) || VB Score: 13

  • Well-defined characters in backstory, emotion, and manner
  • Solid world building with idiosyncratic geography and monsters
  • Reimagined types of magic and gods
  • Vivid action and imagery paired with subtle tension
  • Clear but stylized writing and imagination


The Final Act || VB Score: 12

  • Confident yet balanced vampiric main lead
  • Entertaining dialogue and character interactions and thoughts
  • Unique theatre troupe setting
  • Clear, smooth storytelling and imaginable world


About Last Night! || VB Score: 9

  • Realistic romantic pace despite being attracted at first meeting
  • Solid first person perspective, emotion, and thought with clear narration
  • Supportive female friend in a slice of life, working class setting
  • Cute romance with a kind male lead in a fake relationship

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