Monthly Spotlight: December 2020

Before || VB Score: 11

  • clear, direct, and serious writing style apt for a mystery crime thriller
  • easy to follow, imaginable character actions and settings
  • jumps right onto a crime case with tight pacing
  • delves into mature and sensitive topics with care
  • numerous cast of characters all with different backgrounds


Dead to You (BxB)|| VB Score: 12

  • vivid imagery and descriptive language
  • appropriate, fluid turns of tone and mood for settings
  • complex, differentiated main male characters with a twisted antagonist
  • unexpected take on zombies and angels
  • tight story with minimal lack of filler and constant pacing and action
  • gradual romantic relationship


Rise || VB Score: 11

  • engaging turns of phrasing and language with clean, easy to read style
  • fluid shifts in tone with appropriate tension
  • balanced introduction of characters and magic abilities in action
  • well crafted characters with believable sentiments and reactions
  • stable, imaginable settings and clear transitions with well-paced world building
  • vivid action scenes and believable, connected world and character growth


Memories Like a Dagger || VB Score: 9

  • varied, often poetic, language and thoughtful writing style
  • unique fantasy setting with winged people and theme of freedom and flight
  • unexpected turns from carefree and easygoing to violent and dramatic action
  • diverse, believable character interactions and reactions


Lucifer’s horrors circus || VB Score: 11

  • dramatic, dark history and trauma right from the beginning
  • main character is an imperfect, mistreated child back from the dead
  • unusual, unique take on the devil and circus entrance to the underworld
  • introspective narration with atypical settings, plot, and character design


Where the Dragons Went: Book 1 – No Peace Without Violence || VB Score: 14

  • unique, well-differentiated cast of characters with depth and individuality
  • well-balanced, understandable fantasy world and magic system with various classes and races
  • handles multiple lead characters viewpoints smoothly and distinctly
  • strategic, engaging action scenes with unexpected endings
  • slowly building, strong, character-driven story
  • diverse, well written style, vivid language, and robust voice


Nearly There Nicely || VB Score: 9

  • main character is a forgotten son of a noble family kidnapped into another world
  • interesting take on life, death, memories and being reborn
  • easy to read, deliberate pacing with occasional slice of life undertones in a fantasy setting
  • slow romantic burn between two distinctly different people


The Angel Rallies Round || VB Score: 11

  • straightforward reading and writing style
  • fantasy, science fiction, romance, mystery and crime mingled together
  • main character is a psychic detective
  • easy to grasp action and characters despite being the second book in a series
  • varied dialogue largely driving story events


God Of Immortals || VB Score: 9

  • xianxia type world and designations
  • detailed world building and cultivation
  • neat and full writing style appropriate for eastern fantasy
  • engaging, interesting turns of language and introspection


Individuality Book 1 – The Burning Rose || VB Score: 11

  • bold, rebellious, ambitious, and rascally main lead
  • strong characterization of varied cast
  • imaginable scenes, action, and places
  • engaging, easy to read writing style with fluid, in-chapter transitions
  • unique take on magic in an atypical, tense school setting


When The Moon Rises || VB Score: 9

  • instant understanding and clear introduction to story and plot
  • varied, engaging, realistic dialogue
  • switches from fluff and slice of life to a dark and tense crime mystery
  • different take on vampires and werewolves as part of a prophecy


An ‘Ordinary’ Adventure || VB Score: 11

  • detailed description and varied language
  • strong world building and imagery
  • somewhat quirky and funny main character with frequent inner thoughts
  • atypical isekai where main character experiences unfortunate and sometimes comedic events
  • imaginable scenes and character actions and fluid transitions with steady, slow pacing

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