[Story] Anarcho: A Cyberpunk Fantasy

Title: Anarcho: A Cyberpunk Fantasy
Author: LamentTyto
Genre(s): Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Tags: Cyberpunk, GameLit, High Fantasy, Male Lead, Slice of Life, Soft Sci-fi, Space Opera, Strong Lead, Virtual Reality (excludes non-tag)
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing, Hiatus
AVB Assessment Score (?): PDE 1 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 1 || Overall: 9
Number of Chapters: 98
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: March 5, 2021
Date of Last Update: August 17, 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Royal Road
Number of Views: 12,208
Number of Reviews: 1
Fracture Rating (Anarcho, #1)
Theeeey’ve done it again! Max and Staxx have just hit the Tower Plaaaza just minutes ago, breaking CEO Tanaka Koji’s safe and baling with what’s estimated to be at least two point three biiiiillion in cash—not to mention the prrrriceless personal relics worth at least a second veritable fortune on the blaaack maarkeeet!
Hooowwww do we know it was theeem? They left us clues! “Take it to the max” and “Staxx of cash” left behind, written atop a priceless Remvira painting in lipstiiiick from Koji’s bathroooom no doubt!
“I don’t know…” Tanaka says as he scratches his head in evident disbelief while he nurses a broken lip. “One moment I was looking over the quarterly reports and then next thing I know I’m—I’m face down—eating tile and forced by two men at knife and gunpoint to open my safe!”
It’s quiiiite a shocker for us over here, too! In case you don’t know, Tanaka Koji is the billionair heir and infamous playboy of the Tanaka Dynastyyy. They say his family’s worth at least four-hundred biiiillioooon and theyyy donnn’t skimp on SEEEECUUURITYYY!
Soooo….. what does daad think about allll this?
“I want them stopped!” Tanaka senior comments as he shakes a fist. “I am putting up a five-hundred million dollar reward for anyone who supplies information leading to the capture or death of those two thugs!”
Weeell, there you have it, folks! Straight from the uuunicorn’s mouth! Again! that’s a whopping five-hundred million dollar reward for any tips that lead to the capture or death of those pesky thieves, Maaax and Staaaaxx!
Any tips of information can be sent via public or in-home holo net devices by going to the page displayed—and don’t forget to—
Staxx shut off the holo screen. “May called. She wants us to do another job. Tonight.”
“You know we can’t. We got another one of our high and mighty overlords to visit at his luxury penthouse.”
“That’s what I told her, too.”
“Then stop yapping and let’s kick some ass!”
“You know, Max, for such a small guy, you’re really intense. Don’t you wanna have some fun?”
“Oh… we’re gonna have some fun, Staxx. We’re gonna have some fun…”
Hussy (Anarcho, #2)
Max and Staxx board the ultrafine space cruiser Chylaxium in an effort to kidnap Kelly Hess, the daughter of the rich—but not a douche—Hess, who wants his daughter returned to him after she ran off with Laiwyn Scorr, a known smuggler and murderer whose evidently using her for her magical abilities to get to her father. Unfortunately it remains to be seen whether the little hussy will come easily.
“Max, are you sure about this one?”
“You know it’s a favor to May, after what she had to pull to get us outta that Yates thing.”
“I know, but… just because you like her doesn’t mean we have to say ‘yes.’”
“Come on, Staxx, it’ll be fun.”
“Do we get to shoot stuff?”
“What happened to us robbing banks on the six o’clock news?”
“Don’t worry—we’ll get to that after we do this thing real quick.”
“All right, I’m down.”
The Landfill Lich (Anarcho, #3)
With independent, though highly discredited, news sources siting a dangerous creature killing people on the edges of Life City, Max and Staxx—in their boredom, decide to take up the investigation. They quickly discover that they may be in way over their heads, and that the source of this “terrible monster” or whatever, is in fact due to the carelessness of a mega corp—of course—and headed by—you guessed it—the mages.
“Man, I’m so bored! Sure this thing’s even real?”
“The bodies are real.”
“If the overlords are responsible for whatever’s goin’ on, then somebody’s getting tossed out another window.”
“That’s what you always say.”
“’Cause it’s the truth, Staxx”
“Well let’s check it out and see what we find.”
“Takin’ guns.”
“Hells yes, Max.”
Rescue Operation (Anarcho, #4)
After taking out a Strogaus science mage and the monster he had created, Max and Staxx attempt to contact May—their ally and handler. But for the first time ever, a different person answers their call, indicating an irregularity that bodes ill for not only May, but for them all.
“Damn! I wanted to meet May, but…”
“Not like this?”
“Do you think she’s still alive?”
“One way to find out, Max.”
“Listen, if this has something to do with Strogaus and that science mage we fed to his own monster, we’re puttin’ these guys in the ground, Staxx.”
“Then let’s lock and load.”
Dreams of Forever (Anarcho #5)
Max, Staxx and May—three Anarchos—set out to find Lexa a body so that she too can fully become part of the team. But what begins as an innocent shopping trip, soon turns into a storm of bullets after the team realizes what Invera-Tech is really up to.
“No way can we let this stand, guys.”
“Not like we can’t end the overlord’s dreams of forever with a few bullets.”
“Then let’s drop some hot lead on these wannabe gods.”
“Hells yes!”
“But what about my body?”
“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that, Lexa.”
“Now let’s tear shit up!”


Ararara: It’s like a buddy-cop movie. But instead of two cops fighting crooks and stopping crime, we follow two crooks fight cops and rob rich people. And they’re not just any crooks: they’re professionals. They do their job with passion, and try to have a good time while doing it! 
Style: Standard 3rd person limited, past tense. Some chapters we primarily follow Max, others Staxx, and we see some of their thoughts. It works. The vibe I get is like watching cartoon batman, or a comic book. It’s not overly serious. Lots of action, cool stuff, and one-liners. 
Story: The story is set in a futuristic cyberpunk world. Our dynamic duo has contacts, information brokers, and is well equipped for their jobs. They go around and rob, infiltrate, or assassinate, rich corrupted CEOs. The pace is fast, like an action movie. 
Grammar: It’s fine. Simple, bare, and to the point. Solid, but not amazing. There’s a couple mistakes and typos here and there, but the author is perfectly willing to fix them, when pointed out.
Character: They feel alive. Our main characters have their quirks, habits, and distinct ways of speaking, and acting. Max is more of a trickster and planner, while Staxx is the hacker and the muscle. Even side-characters like May and Yates felt pretty unique. But the guards are a bit NPC-ish, just there for target practice.
All in all, if you like cyberpunk, give this a try! It updates really often, even if the chapters are short. 

Story Post Last Updated: October 22, 2021


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