[Story] Love and Deceit 

Title: Love and Deceit 
Author: Nancy_Jim
Genre(s): Magical Realism
Tags: Romance, Action, Suspense, Mafia, Italian, Spiritualism, Comedy, Modern
Audience: NC-17
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing, Hiatus
AVB Assessment Score (?): PDE 1 CDD 1 SWB 1 || TQ 3 SV 1 || Overall: 7
Number of Chapters: 141
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: February 2021
Date of Last Update: June 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 217.1K
Number of Reviews: 30
What are the odds that a young man at the mercy of peasantry living for survival, would come to be the most affluent Hotel owner in one of the biggest cities in Italy? 
Meet Santo Martini: 
A poor young man from Sarco Paraceno who finds himself in Palermo. His initial plans of getting a regular job at a restaurant get thwarted the moment he accidentally witnesses the death of the famous owner of the grandest hotel in Palermo —’Hotel Magnífico’. 
He makes a pact with death and in return, gets all the luxury and fame he always dreamed of. But with a mission to complete and a faceless mafia lord on his track, will he be able to cheat death for so long? 
Stay tuned with me as we unravel the mysteries surrounding the ominous death of the actual owner of the Magnífico. While, we observe Santo journey through the routes of deep-rooted secrets, brutality, life threats, guilt, love, and deceit, to attain the zenith of mouth-watery luxury and stability. 


WinterTimeCrime: The author’s writing style is very entrancing as the MC is somewhat talking directly to the reader (or at least it’s conveyed that way). It makes me feel like I’m in the setting with them, which a lot of authors fail to do. In terms of writing, their sentence structure could use some work, but it seems more like a language gap issue and it really isn’t a problem. 
The dialogue is very riveting and it doesn’t allow me to stop. Knowing what all the characters are thinking and doing is so gratifying! 
This is an excellent start and I can’t wait to see where this is heading. Awesome job, Author-sama!

DelzGB: This is a gem; the author has done a good job presenting this story to us, giving us a smooth reading experience. 
Clarifying that, the story is easy to digest, making for a clear and concise reading experience that doesn’t leave you scratching your head out of frustration like some other stories do. 
There are a plethora of characters, diverse and leaving a lot of room for favorites to be picked. 
It’s a setting I don’t see explored much with stories on this site, so its refreshing to see–give this one a read.

YoanRoturier: Ok, I’m not a fan of romance, so this will be an objective review. 
The quality of the writing is simple, neat, and easy to digest. There isn’t much description but really it’s not a bother. I actually like that, because I tend to imagine the scenes on my own. 
The stability of updates… well nothing to say about that really. 
Story development is cool. We start the book with SPOILER, the MC in a bed with his “wife” who is actually not really his wife. The author doesn’t really linger on the useless and we dive rapidly into the nitty gritty. 
Character Design: As far as I have read, it’s all good. Nothing out of place and they seem to have their own personalities. 
World Background: Humm I didn’t read enough to really critic that. But from what I read it is developed and the author gave it some thoughts. 
All in all, it is a good novel. Just not in my genre. 
Keep up the good work! 

Easy_Tiger: There’s really nothing negative I can say about this story. Beautifully written, strong and distinct characters, and a very intriguing premise that will keep the reader glued to the screen to find out more about what is going on. The dialogue is great and the splashes of Italian make it all the more authentic. I also think the cutting backwards and forwards in time and telling the story in non-linear fashion was an excellent technique to draw the reader in. I will be sure to keep reading on further in this one. The protagonist is a really well-developed character. He is one who has come from a poor family and I look forward to finding out how he has ended up rich and powerful pretending to be a man who we find out was murdered in front of him and has been communicating to him as a ghost. Great idea which has me eager to keep on reading. This one is definitely a must-read!

Story Post Last Updated: October 22, 2021


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