[Story] Anarcho: A Cyberpunk Fantasy

Title: Anarcho: A Cyberpunk FantasyAuthor: LamentTytoGenre(s): Action, Fantasy, Sci-fiTags: Cyberpunk, GameLit, High Fantasy, Male Lead, Slice of Life, Soft Sci-fi, Space Opera, Strong Lead, Virtual Reality (excludes non-tag)Audience: -Main Lead: MaleStatus: Ongoing, HiatusAVB Assessment Score (?): PDE 1 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 1 || Overall: 9Number of Chapters: 98Chapter Length: ShortReading … Continue reading [Story] Anarcho: A Cyberpunk Fantasy


[Story] For Irision

Title: For IrisionAuthor: AlexaLeeGenre(s): Action, Adventure, Psychological, Sci-fiTags: Anti-Hero Lead, Artificial Intelligence, Cyberpunk, Dystopia, Female Lead, High Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, Progression, Soft Sci-fi, Space Opera, Strategy, War and Military (excluded non-tag)Audience: - (contains Gore, Profanity, Sexual Content, Traumatizing content)Main Lead: FemaleStatus: Ongoing, Complete (Book 1 only)AVB Assessment Score (?): PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 2 … Continue reading [Story] For Irision

[Story] King Eden

Title: King EdenAuthor: RowanCarverGenre(s): Science Fiction (speculative)Tags: adult fiction, anime, anti-hero, cyberpunk, dystopian, futuristic, horror, lgbt, post-apocalyptic, retro, science fiction, scifi, shonen, steam punk (excluded some non-tags)Audience: MatureMain Lead: FemaleStatus: OngoingAVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 3 SWB 3 || TQ 3 SV 3 || Overall: 14 (score explanation)Number of Chapters: 28Chapter Length: MediumReading Level: … Continue reading [Story] King Eden