[Story] My World To Live

Title: My World To Live
Author: Chryiss
Genre(s): Fantasy Romance
Tags: Tragedy, Supernatural, TimeTravel, ScienceFiction, Mythical, ImmersiveWorld, PortalFantasy, SpaceTime, Philosophical, Agents
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2  CDD 3   SWB 2   ||   TQ 3   SV 3   ||   Overall: 13
Number of Chapters: 49
Chapter Length: Long
Reading Level: High
Date of First Release: January 25, 2019
Date of Last Update: October 1, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel, Wattpad
Number of Views: 226.2K
Number of Reviews: 26
Essairyn had never felt truly alive on Earth. It felt like something was missing ever since she born, but even after nearly 20 years of mundane living, she could never pinpoint what this or the emptiness in her heart was.
Suddenly, she awakens in a grandiose, primordial forest and encounters both demons and spirits in a parallel world called Sol’h’meyr. She befriends, in particular, a sassy fox-spirit named Akari who just reincarnated after three millennia.
Essairyn is an abnormal human with elemental powers, and Akari is being chased by those of her dark past. Together, they set out on an adventure in a world of magic, danger, mystery, and intrigue.
But this not a game. That simple adventure is actually the modest beginnings in a chain of disruptions that tear even the dimensional fabric of time and space. No one, not even Essairyn, was who she thought she was. And not even the gods can change the destiny of the universes…
A single promise shook eternity’s existence.


Lovelywuju17: I like the novel so far. I felt I’m the girl itself. It was really good for the world building and the characters, especially the spirits. The things that I really like was one of the spirits, Akari. Akari’s attitude was so cute.

nothingisit4me: Whoo! Isekai+Foxes=Cuteness. The protagonist and Akari’s interactions are interesting. I’m looking forward to the future of where this takes. While there are only 16 chapters at the moment, there’s a unique charm to the story’s style. Grammar is pretty good and the story flows well. >3</

NightmareTaichou: The story is a good read. The writing is great and immersive. And even though there were a few glitches here and there, as an author myself, I have that problem too. The prologue was fine and in my opinion, they are supposed to be vague and have readers wondering..
But overall, a very good book! Well done.

Jamison_C: Firstly, the writing quality of the author is superb. That in combination with her character development and world building has checked alot of checkboxes for me.
I am looking forward to MC and Akari’s bond development over time. OP Powers incoming? Hahaha
Another book for the collection!

PoppyQueen: I read your story and really liked it. TBH, the prolgue and first chapter were amazing.The way your character interacted with the new surroundings and the way you described the moss-stone was mind-blowing. The names of your character was very well thought out and made a lot of sense. Even after not being interested in fantasy genre, I still liked your story. Good job,Author!

MajestyGloxinia: Great read! I got hooked, and when I realize it I was already in the 10th chapter! Hahaha
Anyways, this book gives off that exquisite writing style, very immersive. It’s quite a unique feeling for books to take you from another place after reading just a few chapters!
You definitely deserve more views! Keep writing!!! (o°▽°)o

NatsumeRikka: Why does this book have only these many views?
It’s pretty interesting, I have to so. So far, only 16 parts but those were enough to drag me into the story. Now, I’ll wait everyday for a new update. There are small flaws in the chapters, but they can be fixed easily. Personally, I love the characters’ name, they’re unique and beautiful. Akari is one of my favourite. I’m always up for an adventure/Fantasy/different world novel.

UnliMegane: Wild Megane-ojisan appeared! It used Review! It’s super effective!
Wow. Off to a really good start here. At the very least, the storyboarding seems a lot more cohesive than my work lol. Probably cause the author did a great job with laying out all the ground work. Looking forward to how things develop.
Grammar is great. A few snags here and there, but that happens to most of us. It’s definitely better than a great chunk of the originals and fanfics flooding webnovel.
This definitely needs more recognition. I suggest sharing the link on your social media accounts. Get your friends to help out lol.
P.S. I love foxes. Especially cute ones. My favorite Fate/Type Moon character is Tamamo. Nuff said…
P.P.S. What’s wrong with a vague prologue? The sense of mystery alone may grab the interest of potential readers. This one did it for me. Kudos.

lets_get_it_rice: Very nice.
Your prologue really sets the reader of to a intriguing start, and it really refreshens the take on all those ‘magic’ novels.
Story has a very fluent pace, and although I felt it happened a little fast, there is no saying that there will be even more information about the world and other inhabitants of where she is.
Character- your mc really is a flower😂 or more precisely, very pure. I really admire this characteristic you have given her, for it will definitely allow for more thorough character development later on.
World building – I really wish there was more chapters out, so that I could get a deeper grasp of the entirety of it! However, you have done a very good job explaining most in the early chapters + the ones to come.
Grammar – as I always try and advise fellow authors to do, improve your already rich vocabulary! Your writing style is easy to read and also fluent. Doesn’t really make me break out of immersion while I went through the available chapter.
Release – weeeel you are pretty spot on for that. Can’t really argue with sometimes taking a break from writing, as when pushing for 1chapter a day for longer amounts of time really tires you out’
All in all, keep up the greatness, Author! 🙂 you can definitely get far with this!
All the best!

StenDuring: This review is part of a review swap and valid as of chapter 16.
This one belongs in the transported to another world departement. Sure, marginally better version of old body and sudden access to magic, but for all practical purposes our heroine leaves Earth for fantasyland.
At sixteen chapters the story is just beginning. We’ve barely seen the first adventure, but at least the hero’s (heroine’s) journey has begun.
There’s not much to say about the story since nothing much happened. Getting the feels of this new world, get a companion and hit the road. That’s about it.
It’s mostly written in third person omniscient point of view, but sometiemes that author wavers and slides into TP limited. It’s slightly disturbing, but not big deal.
Now for the stars.
Writing: Five stars. Starts off with a rich and flawless English. Then a sudden drop around chapter 11, but still executed in good English even after that even though some errors sneak into the text.
Updates: Four stars. Began solid but from what I can see there haven’t been any updates for a few days now.
Story: Five stars. Not much to say really. It’s really too early to rate story progression, but as a beginning there is nothing wrong. Some readers might find the pacing a little sedate.
Character: Five stars. There are two of them at the moment plus spear carriers who might become supporting cast later on. The two main characters are nicely fleshed out.
World: Four stars. Suffers from lack of story development. I’m not saying anything is wrong, but I can’t hand out full stars to a world that isn’t there yet. Give the story another thirty chapters and we’re probably looking at a five star world when the story has progressed enough.
Lastly, the beginning is quite simply a gorgeous read with the language used acting as character itself. As for the story I have no idea where it’s going — it’s simply too early to tell.

ihateyounot: As of writing this review, only twenty-one chapters have been posted.
To be honest, I kind of regret picking this up. This is because… there’s not enough chapters! It’s too short! I can’t wait! Uuuuuuuuuugh!
First of all, the grammar and vocabulary used is high in quality. It is easy to read and very beautifully crafted. My imagination was very pleased throughout the whole experience.
Also, bonus points because I like fantasy, huehue.
The story is well-written, and the world-building is very in-depth. I could see the amount of attention and detail the author had placed in the plotting and planning of the world. I pretty much skimmed over some parts of it (like the part where the currency system was explained), but it’s a necessary part of world-building, so I advise other potential readers to actually read them instead of skimming past them like I did (oops). I will, however, go back to re-read those parts in the future, though (probably).
Reading this story, I was completely immersed as I moved from one chapter to the next. Imagine the sense of disorientation I felt when I reached the end of latest chapter. I literally, verbally, said, “What. That’s… it?” out loud. Lucky I was alone in my room so no one was there to witness the crazy rambling of this one thirsty reader. This was why I was reluctant to start reading the story when I saw the double-digit number of chapters. -3-
It really felt as if I was forcefully pulled out of the world and now I crave for more. It shows just how well-written the story is, in all of its mystical glory. That being said, I won’t force the author to churn out more chapters than they could physically, emotionally, and mentally is capable of, though! As a fellow writer, I understand how draining it is to push out chapters after chapters. It takes a toll on your mind (and body, but mostly mind) and sometimes I wish the story would write/type itself out, grr. -3-/
All in all, it’s a satisfying read and I don’t really have any negative critique that I could think of right now, especially since the story has only barely begun. I have high hopes! Thank you for sharing this world with us readers~
Story Post Last Updated: October 5, 2020


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