[Story] Angel Smile

Title: Angel Smile
Author: ihateyounot
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Tags: Tragedy, Family, Modern
Audience: NC-17
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 3   SWB 2   || TQ 3   SV 2   || Overall: 12
Number of Chapters: 257
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: October 9, 2018
Date of Last Update: July 25, 2020
VB Reviewed? Yes
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 1M
Number of Reviews: 17
The background is set in a quiet small town in the outskirts of Seoul. In this town, people were friendly, except for one particular neighbourhood.
In this neighbourhood, everybody lived their lives as if treading on eggshells. All because of one particular household: the Lees.
People surnamed Lee were a dime a dozen, but these particular set of Lees were unique. Dysfunctional.
The family consisted of four people; the father and breadwinner Lee Do Joon, the delinquent son Lee Hyuk, the top student Lee Gun, and the town’s most beautiful girl Lee Yeo Ri.
Lee Yeo Ri was regarded as a saving grace, but before anybody knew it, the saving grace was slowly disintegrating from within.
Hidden underneath her perfect, angelic smile, was a girl that was slowly being crushed and torn apart.
This is her story.


GabrielDetchans: A great novel! It keeps getting better and better with each chapter!
There are almost no mistakes either in grammar or spelling. The story develop in an interesting way. World background is solid and the main characters are very well designed. The stability of updates is perfect.
The writing is compelling and the descriptions are detailed and colorful to the point you can almost feel that you are living the events alongside the characters.
The novel contains very realistic depictions of the way that a victim has to deal with the trauma and consecuences of abuse and rape. The attention to details in that regard is amazing. My respects to the author!
A very recommendable story to read!

midnight_bloom: This novel is well-written and superbly done. Although the plot is tragic and extremely harrowing, the characters – specifically the siblings and their friends – and their interactions with each other were such a breath of fresh air from the stifling, unacceptable living conditions they were in. Truly their strength comes from the people who are important to them. Their genuine friendship and compassion for loved ones stood out so well especially against the darkly designed backdrop.
I salute the author. The longer I read the more I am convinced of the author’s talent to the point that I’ve become a fan. You have such depth as a person to be able write this novel, with such heavy psychology-supported backgrounds. The theme chosen is not something easy to deal with considering the sensitivity of the topic.
I look forward to the end of this novel and to your future works as well. Thank you for this wonderful contribution.

WinterBud: This story tackles an extremely sensitive topic, and before anything else, I just want to praise the author’s bravery once again. I can’t help but remember Dumbledore’s words — about choosing to do what’s right over what’s easy. Because the author writes so well, and her characters are all so distinct, this story will really take you on a ride, like what the other reviewers said. Part of that ride is seeing the story unfold through a certain b*stard’s eyes, and it could either make a reader turn away from the story or hate hate hate on him so much that you’d just want to get inside the pages and kill him yourself. I’m obviously of the latter camp, and I gotta say, I particularly loved how the author handled volume 1’s ending. It’s going to have repercussions on the siblings’ psyche, I know, but they took the beast by the throat and did him in using their own will and power. That’s going to count for something. Please give it a read (the sensitive scenes are marked, so if it’s triggering, it can be skipped). I’m looking forward to how “Smile” would unfold and what changes the three main characters would undergo. I am rooting for them, most of all for the little girl that “Angel” once was and the strong woman she would become.

Atzucac13: Another underrated novel that I recommend fervently(from my walk on the lowest part of the power list).
Fellow readers you should give this webnovel a try, however you will need to have a dark soul or a strong heart. This is no romance nor fantasy nor crime, Angel’s smile is pure drama. It is a sad story full of messed up characters and unfortunate events. And after reading this review, you will think Why would I read such a dreadful work? Well, because it is beautiful, the author in the middle of this dark, dire picture draws a starry but moonless night, like a silver threat, almost invisible, hope, love, compassion, trust, strength emmanate from the leads and their companions. They are messed up but strong and there is no hope but they fight to keep on going. And the readers like me cannot help to feel all stuffed inside, and some tears fall and they come from sadness, but also from pride, and compassion.
What I wanted to say is that art is about stirring feelings, is a conversation between souls, and this novel does that, not only because it feels real, or the characters feel alive but beacuse it is marvelously(i dont know if this is even a word) written.
Really, give it a try.
For the author: I always say that a bad book can be saved by killing the lead and someunexpected twist. But you have a wonderful story here, we don’t need a happy ending full of success and magical recovery nor a tragic ending, just give the Lees some peace of mind, stories were born to give us wisdom and hope. I am not this pedantic normally, 😅 just wanted to say congratulations for the novel and whatever I say, it is your story in the end.

Chryiss: I’ve actually been silently reading this story ever since I stumbled across it, but I didn’t realize you read mine too. *bashful author* Also, I’ll have to be more vocal in future commenting I suppose. I was just too sad at points. Anyway, onto the review now that I’ve finally caught up these last dozen plus chapters.
This story reminds me of a premium novel in how well it’s written. The characters are the absolute charm and selling point so to say of the story. Author is amazing at building characters and making them memorable. As a forgetful little reader, I need well developed and frequently mentioned characters to engrain their names and who they are in my mind. This is easier said than done, but this story does it skillfully and believably.
Of course, with that said, that’s why it’s so painful to see them go through such tragedy. I feel like I’m just in a dark tunnel in the story with a few cracks of light. I so badly want them to be happy, safe, and stable in the end, but with Author’s allusions, I don’t think it’s happening any time soon (like Hyuk and Yeo Ri reunion). Don’t make them suffer too much anymore, okay Author? This poor reader’s heart can’t take much more. 💔 On another note, maybe some face slapping? That’s always mood lifting. Ah but really, don’t mind me; just continue on, you’re doing great!
In short, if you’re debating whether to read this, go for it! Honestly, the only possible turnoff is the tragedy and taboo themes along with graphic descriptions, but besides that, you will not be disappointed. This drama comes to life.

Little_Dino: This story will make you have a emotional roller coaster. It is mostly told in a tragedy setting, but there are those few heartwarming moments that keeps this novel alive. I can say that this novel is dark and good job with the author in making this story.
So this novel has a modern time setting with drama, tragedy, and mystery. This novel is very interesting to read and with the way that the novel is written, you can really connect with the characters. This kind of novel you will get very immersed in.
As the synopsis said, the mc in this novel goes through some really rough situations.
I will warn people that there is rape in this novel, so for those people that are extremely bothered, I recommend to not read this novel. But the author has done a beautiful job at story telling and writing this novel. People may cry and get emotional from this novel and this just concludes how well the author has written the story. I recommend people to give this novel a chance, I am pretty sure that this novel will have a happy ending that the mc deserves.
Thank you author for creating this story, I hope that she will have her happy ending. Can’t wait for more chapters to see the conclusion.

– cough – though my only complaint is that the mc is a bit too… nai*ve and oblivious. Though with her relatives, it can be understood. And plus honestly, this is very human. Though I am still bothered sometimes by the mc’s actions and personality. I am just trying to let off steam author! Please don’t take offence and I’m not saying that I would want to change anything. This story needs her and the novel itself is beautifully done.

Story Post Last Updated: October, 5, 2020

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