[Story] Empire of Souls (System)

Title: Empire of Souls (System)
Author: Keriv136
Genre(s): Fantasy
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 89
Date of First Release: July 16, 2018
Date of Last Update: March 21, 2019
VB Assessment Score: TQ 3   PD 2   CF 2   ||   RL 2   CL 3  ||  Overall: 12
VB Reviewed? No
Number of Views: 934.5 K
Number of Reviews: 24
He sought the truth, an end to the mysticism, superstition and belief in gods which he believed had shackled him and all his kind but in their arrogance they found much more than they ever dared to imagine..
Having power over life and death and no other recourse, the ‘Soul Eater’ seeks its revenge in a corrupt and decadent world ruled by oppressive gods and their creations. The Empire of Souls is a grim/dark fantasy novel with LitRPG elements, world building, elements of dungeon management/creation, politics, intrigue, large scale conflicts and adventuring.


infinitesheep: I like the world building so far, and I think that It promise. I like the inclusion of different pov’s; as we can see what the side characters think of the main character.

NeoLiteBrite: Great work right here. Has a nice pace to it and the characters are really cool. The first 2 chapters were a little confusing but after he becomes aleks the story really takes off.

Zanovik: I was immediately hooked from the first chapter. A bit confusing but interesting, everything makes more sense with each successive chapter. Excited to see how it unfolds and liking the Overlord elements.

RazLey: Found this story after binging a bunch of chapters of another novel was looking for something different. The picture caught my eye and then i stayed for the story! The story is really well written and doesn’t have many mistakes also I like how the main character is cold and ruthless.

TheBringerOfPeace: I like the story so far, and I think that It has a great potential. I also like the points of view that we have, we get to know the world around the main character a lot more.

(second) This story is unique and well written. The system is more than the general systems that you see in other novels, which is great for people who like to read system novels like me and got tired of repeated novels in the same genre.

Deliverer: This novel is just insane.
Really confusing in the beginning.
The first few chapters may have scared of some potential readers, because it is just really confusing and the mc seams to be simply evil.
But it all gets better, it is awesome to progress in the story and learn more about the mc etc…
The pacing is awesome.
The only thing i think of as a shame, that we cant see the mc progress through the early levels of becoming stronger, he is already stronger than the most and i would have loved to see him grow from 0 to 100.
But I’m definitly going to keep reading the brilliant story

ledski: So i finally finished reading all the chapters released so far (chapter 61), and i can with confidence that this novel is a hidden gem. The story is really original in a way that ignores the cliches we are so used to, and instead presents us with a concrete plot and rational MC.
About the story: We have a soul tormented by its past decisions, and fuelled by a sense of purpose and revenge that is presented in a way that is natural and makes us understand why the MC does what he does. Make no mistake this is an evil MC. Although his actions are explained together with his troubled circunstances and we can sympathize and even understand his choices, he by no means has limits to achieving his goals and will crush anyone who stand in his way, enemy or not.
The lore of the story is not tha unique in a sense that we have the common fantasy world and gods with a system. What is different however is that the system is not so clear to its inhabitants, whom only have a superficial understanding about it, and not the full detailed information. For example, you would know your class, level, and skills, but not your specific stats or how the skill calculates damage.
Its relevant as well to say that the story picks up the pace as you read. At start, not all is explained, but as you go you will be told about the world, the gods, the MC himself and his past.
About the Updates: The releases are somewhat too little and too sparse for now, but the author has promised too pick up the pace as more interest is shown on his novel.
All in all this is a really good novel that can be amazing if done right. I would definetely recommend you give it a try because if you stick around you will definetely enjoy it.
Story Post Last Updated: March 21, 2019

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