[Story] Edea Chronicle: Hero Summoning Conspiracy

Title: Edea Chronicle: Hero Summoning Conspiracy
Author: Ruruci
Genre(s): Fantasy
Tags: Anti-Hero, isekai, Revenge, Magic, Reincarnation, gender bender, School, Vengeance, Psychological
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 2   SWB 2   || TQ 3   SV 1   ||  Overall: 10
Number of Chapters: 231
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: July 6, 2018
Date of Last Update: September 1, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 3M
Number of Reviews: 298
Enter Kazuya, a boy who never had any memories before his adolescent life. He was summoned to the world of Edea where in the final battle against the Demon King, our hero entered the last room to find a welcome he had not been expecting. An unguarded, unarmed demon king who greeted him with manners and etiquette.
As if a respectful and well mannered final boss wasn’t shocking enough, he was then introduced into an elaborate plot to exploit summoned heroes. Unfortunately, our naive hero chose to trust his companions. He underestimated human greed which led him to suffer alone in darkness for a time he himself does not know how long.
When he suddenly woke up, saw himself as a child. As an amnesiac, he had been thrown into an unknown part of his life. He grit his teeth and decided to prepare himself and exact his revenge towards those who were involved in making him fall from a hero to a pawn.
Follow along as Kazuya finds out about his past and tries to prevent the tragedies he’s experienced while discovering what caused them to change the tragic life he led into one that he could accept.


Patoverone: Great character design, like the fact that the mc still a child after so many twist and turns without making him totally OP, just enough to be safe. I have to say this novel really deserve a better rank, such a good quality piece being left behind, hopes that you can continue it for a long time. If you ever need help or opinions just ask. Thanks!

Grimmypoo: The story, so far, is wonderful. The characters interact with each other really well. The writing and grammar is perfect. The MC does is kinda of careless with his secrets during the first tourney but it doesn’t affect the story quality, and in my honest opinion, I feel like the quality of this story is the book equivalent of a triple A game. It’s just amazing.

Ben538: Wow… there are not a lot of words that can fully encapsulate how great this novel is, but I’m gonna try. The mc is one of the very few that ive read who react like an ACTUAL human being. His reasoning and view points are solid and make sense. The side characters are all their own individuals who add their unique twist to an already fantastic story. This is a must read to anyone who enjoys a ruthless protagonist. I hope this book never ends.

Graboid_42: If you like watching a bunch of 6 year old kids walking around acting and conversing like they are 20-40 year olds then you’ll probably like this. This novel would be good if they were even like 12. While the way they act is absolutely not how a 12 year old would act at least at that age its forgivable enough to not ruin your immersion every time you even remotely think abut their age in comparison to their dialogue and actions. At 6 it’s just literally impossible.

heavygreen: Dunno man…… I liked the beginning and the rest is well written but for one, there needs to be a harem tag. I feel like it’s become 1/20 parts action and the rest is about girls. It’s not bad but not my cup of tea. TBH, if he does end up going back he will form another harem and that’s if you get there since this is pretty slow paced. Only thing I would suggest is to not give every girl a sob story. Kinda feels you make female characters for the ml. It’s not an issue but it Urks me personally.

ODIN: I have nothing but praise for this novel, the way dialogue is written, the way the world is built, the scenario. The characters feel like they *exist* they have feelings and problems, the mc doesent just read people like a book(ive seen this too much) but tries to understand them even though its hard, and when he finally does understand someones motivation or the like, its that much more satisfying. The way this is written and the way the scenario plays out makes it feel like im watching a documentary about real people and their experiences through life, instead of reading a fantasy novel, i love the way the author writes and ive even considered supporting the author if it meant more chapters.
All in all, i love it. Keep it comin

DA0_KING: The sypnosis is trash and useless. The whole story had stray away from its actual path and route. This aint a anti hero and vengeance novel, it never was. The author attached him too much to his old world that I doubt he’ll be coming back to the other world to get that revenge. Fake tags, this whole story revolves around little girls having an interest with the MC, incest that every virgins wet dream, and pointless actions, interactions and scenarios that have no connection to the plot (sypnosis plot), oh it doesnt have one. Its a great story no doubt, but its a completely different story that it is supposes to be.

Ceres_Luraux: This is honestly amazing. Though Isekai, it doesnt follow the borring trend of suddenly throwing us into an amazing world while giving us a vague hero to cringe at as everything goes his way just ‘because protagonist’. Instead we are given the journey of growth of a character that, at one point, matched my previous description. We watch as this hero actually has the opportunity to grow as a person and have a new chance. Though we arent to the point that were in the fantastic world, the hero will be much better than his previous self, not being tricked and used as a pawn, actually using developed skill rather than brute force, and actually having more motivation than ‘welp, i guess this is what i’m doing now’. All in all, this is what Isekai should aspire to be. Thank you author, you saved this downhill genre for me.

BlackKnight42: This is definitely more then just a story to kill time as it has a compelling story and good characters and I recommend it as a good read. I always want to know the worst aspect of a story before I invest the time to read and there is only one true flaw and that is the age of the characters. The MC is 6 as are a lot of the characters he interacts with, but the maturity level of the characters is that of full blown adults unless the story calls for them to act immature. This flaw goes away if you pretend in your head that all the kids are 11-13 so it isn’t that bad of an issue.

TheSoundOfSilence: For the first time I find a good novel on webnovel. Or maybe I should say a complete novel. The character is well designed, with realistic emotions. A enjoyable writing style. Even though I’m not English so I’m not that knowledgeable about english litterature, I think it could be produced as a good quality book in cooperation with an editor. If author’s goal is to gain some money, then you should think about it. My only worry is that, like most webnovels, the plot would become a way for the author to expand the life of the novel, which usually gives a novel a gruesome end.
I hope author enjoys writing as much as I enjoy reading.

Kurounos: It’s a really good story but somehow its really edgy. The main character is too emo. Before he died, he still had the same personality. Even when the demon lord told him the truth, he accepted it and his personality did not change. Just because he was betrayed does not mean he will change too much, I mean he already saw it coming, he was warned.
One more thing, you are making him more mature but all I see is someone really petty and arrogant. The inconsistency in his character is really annoying.

Aifugeni: Story so far has barely anything to do with the premise.
Characters behave like they are at least 10 years older than they actually are (fine for MC but totally unacceptable for side characters)
Huge leaps in logic here and there.
Story going nowhere.
I tried to skip about 30 chapters to see if story improves, but it was just as bad.
I really feel bad about a few hours I’ve spent reading this story. Don’t make the same mistake as I did.
If you’re reading this story and feel it turning stale – stop right there, it’s not getting any better down the line.

Siska_the_Khajiit: Here is my casual and slightly confusing review.
Okay, I’ll start with the world. Not quite revolutionary, but interesting enough with the author’s own unique twists so I like it it. The MC is a little cliche, a hint dense, (although not nearly as bad as an average Japanese MC) and sometimes irrational. However he can be sympathized with easily enough, and although from time to time irrational, one can kind of imagine someone being like him, and his logic is twisted for a reasonable way. A good chunk of the side characters are annoying, but the ones that are the MC also dislikes and tries to avoid. These characters tend to grow along the MC as well and not be terrible, so good character development as a whole. Honestly, one of the better Originals on this godforsaken place, so I highly recommend.

KiriHakai: A truly interesting Discovery and my first (real) original here. The scenario is interesting and I like the fact that instead of rushing straight to Edea he got the opportunity to correct his past traumas and make a safe foundation for the future. Everything doesn’t turn around this other world even tough it is a great part of the story.
At first I thought MC was a failure since he did have many personality troubles BUT I think that it let us appreciate more of the character growth. Slowly building him until the Edea Arc look fun enough for me.
I have an issue I would like to report tough. If you do not want to make a Harem don’t put so many fine girls around because i don’t think I’m the only one who hate it when a womanizer MC end up with only one. …[Questions excerpted]

Hitexh: At early chapter introduction, the story is good.. MC looks smart.. after he went time travel, we got introduced to different pace of cheap harem and unfinished business that MC left even before the real story in alternated world begins. So although the story gets really bad at how slutty the girls and how spoiled is the MC, we reader still stick to this absurd harem in hope to go back to real problem MC left at the beginning. Fortunately, it seems the real author of hero conspiracy get back on track after MC start scheming against his enemy.
The real story of this novel is not how bad the hero got cheated and revenge, but the other way around. Its about how the hero cheat his enemies, keep all the girls, and make us feel bad for all other male alive (only grandpas is spare). Such unexpected dark turn of anti hero.. especially at latest chapters, he even killed his ally’s grandson secretly.
The bad thing about this novel is how the girls are all cheap and blind, and faithful like MC is a holy angel, even though he scheme and kill like a demon. The only salvation to this is at least the girls all has their own character, plot, and roles. Especially tomoyo, she is cute.. she is the only romance we had that have a story behind and at least can still be accepted logically. Anyway, I skip most of the harem and takaya actor script thing. So I enjoy it, thanks.

Brezer: This is a great read. I couldn’t out it down till I read all of it. Guy is transported to another world to become the hero and beat the demon king. Before he kills the demon king he is enlightened about his future betrayal and death, as he dies he is reincarnated to the past in his previous life but I can’t tell if it’s the same reality or another, so there are some differences then what he remembers. This time around he chooses to take revenge on all his enemies in his past life from the earth reality and the ones to come from the summoned reality. He is sent back with a book on magic and summons and general research from the summoned reality and uses it on earth. A training montage starts as he enters school which does drag on for a good bit until we finally see a 2 year jump (a longer one would be nicer) in progression. Presently he is getting stronger and about to battle family enemies. Oh when he wakes up from coming back he is considered a genius. It’s a good read and very few spelling errors until the last few chapters. It’s a great read and I look forward to more. The only thing is that it seems to drag along dealing with earth matters and it see!s to be a a general feeling that readers are ready to get to the summoned world instead of more earth arc.

WildlyLaughing: I don’t normally review, but this story had me hooked. Most stories on the site have characters that stay the same through every arc. If the MC is a ***** idiot, he’ll never change. That+bad grammar=most of the stories on Qidian.
This one is different. Having been betrayed (you WILL actually experience him being betrayed), the MC becomes more paranoid and suspicious. Through his second life, he relearns who he should trust and who he shouldn’t. He grows and becomes a person he never could’ve been in his first life, a darker, smarter and more ruthless version of himself.
The world building itself is great as it gives you subplots which actually come to fruition, foreshadowing that you don’t notice until the real event hits you, and characters that get minor mentions in the beginning play a role that you never could’ve seen coming.
As far as grammar goes, I will say one thing. I’m a native speaker of English, and I think this guy’s grammar is really good.
I’ll admit that I don’t like the way that the character’s personality has been progressing, but everything makes sense and plays right into the story. It doesn’t make me deny the fact that I still like everything I’ve read so far

Skiadra: I’m enjoying the novel, but one thing is really bothering me, and that’s the age of these characters. I get why the MC is more mature than his age, he has the memories of being an *****. But other characters his age, or only a little older and still in elementary school are waaaaaaaaay to mature for the age. I really wanted to know why you would keep the characters at such a young age and doing all of these things? I get them doing things because that is how the story progresses, but it just feels really weird when you remember what the age of the characters is. You could’ve had them age a bit before the plot progressed a bit more. Anyway, that’s really my only criticism, the way the characters act in general is pretty par for the course for this kind of novel(Mei included lol), so I’m not really bothered by that like some other people are. The story is well written, and I enjoy the actions characters are taking. The age thing is just kind of a pet peeve of mine, since a lot of novels feature waaaaay too mature/powerful children which tends to not make sense.

SorrowSong: Tl:dr one of the best original novels on this platform
The first few chapters provide a glimpse into the greater story but around chapter 5 we get a genre change from revenge fantasy to slice of life. It is quite jarring and with every chapter I keep on expecting, well hoping to be honest, to see some of that fantasy come back out. It is like seeing Lord of the Rings morph into Masumune-kun no Revenge. The other main negative is that there is feeling of time passing in a consistant way. Things which should take months get done in a day and scenes segway into one another with no real way to tell how much time has passed between them.
With that said, this novel does slice of life quite well. I just pray it doesn’t follow the path of the failure rabbit and dead end itself like Arifurita did.
Kudos to the author for putting this out there. Take my power stones as tribute.

13KillerShadows: Honestly I love this novel and think it deserves number one on originals because of several reasons.
1. The writing quality is better than most of the main stay on the top ten list ,original or translated.
2. as far as i can tell updates are coming out at a consistent rate.
3. The story is fantastic, and without spoiling anything, its less action than you will expect but not in a bad way as all of the scenes are well planned and flow with the story.
4. The characters all get flushed out so that they actually seem like real people with motivations and fears. Disclaimer about the MC… he is definitely an anti-hero and if you don’t like anti-heroes still give it a shot as he has a reason and he develops nicely. And although the kids might act a little to old for their age it could be accredited to the environment.
5. The world building is great and even the first few chapters give us enough background without being an info dump that its surprising, and gives a sense of what we will see in the future.
OVERALL: Needs to be published by a big name book company as a “rookie of the year” front shelf to be done justice.

Monk: While this is a slow climb up a mountain, I can’t say at any point did I find it dull or monotonous. Kazuya slowly changes how he processes information as the story goes and he doesn’t feel like Superman while being stupid strong. My primary complaints revolve around the plot armor I know he’s ment to be reliving his life but the world is WAY to accepting of his age it’s like everyone has some subconscious psychic link and is aware of the experiences of everybody else and, doesn’t seem to think he needs to prove that he’s not just some kid talking big. World building is kinda weak even at this point I can only ruffly imagine a modern world with a sort of loose soft magic system. However I would say our author has successfully created a cast of interesting characters that don’t feel flat all of them seem to have some sort of quirk of their personality that makes them interesting. As to the Future we have spent so very long building up his personality changes and maturing. I’m really and truly interested to see how the author manages to drop this person who’s mentally armed themselves to the teeth into a situation where everybody’s expecting some dumb kid. Kazuya are they deserve an Emmy if he manages to fool them long enough to get out.

OldSam: At first i was very sceptical about this novel, the whole reincarnated isekai plot was very used and i was expecting to see the whole tropes and cliches that come along with it and get bored eventually…
And i was glad i was wrong, this novel is so difetent to the other ones of the same genre in a good way, even though it may be confusing in the beginning to some people, if you stick with it for a dozen or so chapters im sure you will love it.
By the title you may expect a novel about a betrayed hero and his revenge in the world that he was summoned, and you wont be wrong, BUT, you would also get to enjoy his every day life in the normal world too, and unveil the secrets behind the apparent normal society (currently a mix of slice of life, magic training, school life, slight romance, businesses enterprise and mystery).
Sure the mc personality is kind of paranoic and rash at the beginning, but with the help of his loved ones, he will gradually overcome his traumas and improve himself as well those around him.
This novel takes a different aproach to the isekai genre, some might like it and others dont, but i personally love it, and if you too are bored of the cookie cutter isekai/reincarnation, you might as well give this one a chance, im sure most of you will love it.

Randomness19: Well being someone who has read a lot of novels over the year I am happy to say that I have found this one quite likeable. While not perfect there are parts that really shine. For one the characters are well thought out and makes one interested. There is a fairly generic setting in the story at the moment that has sadly been used a bit to often but it works.
Some critique is that for one the age of the MC and the characters are a bit messed up. For instance the MC is at the start 6 years old but with the mind of a grown up which makes it believeable how he acts, however all the other kids who even now when the MC is 8 years old is anywhere between 6-9 years old as well acts like grown ups and even plots on how to take over companies and hire people to beat up/cripple or maybe even murder the MC. I mean sure Lee who was a teenager was fairly believeable but the two newest villians are 8-9 year olds.
Sure rich ppl’s kids will grow up faster and stuff but they don’t behave like ppl that are 15-25 that fast. This is a bit of the novels problems in my book and the reason for the critique since the setting is first class in elementary school in the first arc then it’s the middle of elementary school but everyone from the first arc and second are behaving like their in highschool.
So in short the author is good at making characters but the problem is that only the MC should be a grown up but everyone in the story is written like a grown up and no one is childish or childlike. It would make much more sense if everyone was around 15-17 at least. This will eventually become better as time goes forward and everyone grows up but for the first 100 chapters or so you can’t help but feel something is off or simply imagine everyone is much older then what is stated in the story.

BadEndRuby: So, this actually is a pretty well-written original novel but I have a couple of major gripes so I’m going to temporarily drop it.
First off which really upsets me, is why the author chose to make him 6 years old as all of this happens. Its the same with a lot of other novels I’ve noticed as well, where the MC will accomplish insane feats while still a child and personally, it’s really obnoxious. Especially when grown women such as Mei are attracted to him eventually while he is so young. I guess mana is the excuse but if the MC was just in his mid-teens it would make much more sense.
The second gripe is just how the prologue was basically abandoned at this point. Sure, he has his memories from then but if we cut out the part where he transports to another world and just has his memories from his past life, literally everything can be explained except his sword skills and early mana control. Mana isn’t even impossible to learn alone as seen from multiple examples so you could really mark him off as a genius in sword and mana control and bam, makes sense. I assume the author will get to the prologue eventually but that seriously seems super far away considering he is still 6 at this point if I remember unless some serious time skips happen which would probably leave some massive holes.
My final and perhaps unimportant gripe would be how about 90% of his acquaintances are all females, I can only really name 3 male characters that have importance other than the MC and it just seems odd. The female characters are also pretty easily put into categories based on how they act, but I’m sure its hard to get out of that these days with how many books have been written and categories created.

Anyways, the book is still a good read, much better than some other ones above it but just not what I’m looking for until he is OLDER and transmigrates.

oceanpollen: A loser with no attachment to his old life gets summoned to another world to be its hero–and then is betrayed, realizing only at the end how badly his friends in this new world had been treated by the ‘allies’ that were around him at the end. He then awakens as a six-year-old, ten years before the summoning.
Why’s he a loser with no attachments? Because back on Earth his family and allies were peeled away in a succession of accidents, murder, and coercion. An elite life of a “young lord” had been taken away from him, and he didn’t even know it.
Why not take him only back to the time of his summoning? Because he wasn’t that OP–as a hero he was a meathead, because a sword was good enough for the Demon King’s army. The humans that summoned him would see through him, see that that he hated them, and then would’ve just overpowered him with magic and delayed their plans.
The MC needs to unfuck his past, get re-summoned to be a hero, and then protect his friends in the new world while pretending to go along with people he knows will betray him after he succeeds in what he knows to be an unjust war. I like how the author is taking the MC’s problems seriously.
Fifth stars are reserved for a beastgirl waifu. An elf can come too.
Complaints you’ll have/notice:
1. elite six-year-olds are smart and act like adults. The MC in particular has to re-learn acting like a brat. Personally I think that intelligence varies a lot more between people than between ages (stupid people are stupid their whole lives; smart people are smart their whole lives) and aren’t bothered by this, but lots of people are.
2. at C101, all chapters but the first few have taken place in the ‘past’, and there’s been only one two-year time skip. You’re not going to see a beastgirl waifu for a while. IMO, whether this is bad or good depends ultimately on how long the story is. Ultimately the story may be 10% MILFs-from-the-past and 90% beastgirl-waifus. It’s too early to be unhappy with the story. If you’re bored by the MILFs, then you’re just not compatible with this author and shouldn’t expect a setting change to fix that.

CloudRoeven: tl:dr A fresh, creative, interesting approach to the Isekai genre. An easy pick to be in the top of the original novels present and a great example when it comes to an author that takes character developments seriously.
From all the Chinese Novels that I read that are very very racist against Japanese, I was surprised to find a novel in the rank 50s that has a Japanese protagonist. That Aside, the story might be quite slow paced to the others considering the very fantasy esque beginning but I would rather have this than those novels that make their MCs super OP without much explanation as to how they ended up that way.
I personally love how the author made his MC very human like and I could very much relate on how he thinks. You can feel how the MC grows and there has rarely been a novel that cares how their main characters grow on an emotional level. The dialogues are fun and entertaining but is cleverly made to define the characters that are speaking. I usually get confused on dialogues of other novels but each one is made with care so that the readers can identify who is speaking at a given time which I give a huge kudos to.
I can rave all about what I like about this novel because I just didn’t expect to find a gem like this hidden in the originals section that almost made me give up on even trying so let me put some negative things I found. First should be the typographical errors. They can be ignored because I only notice them when I used the text to speech function but I must point it out. Second would be the additional details about the characters’ physical appearance which I later learned was on purpose because the author was making artwork for them. Third would be cliffhangers that would find themselves being released at days where the next wouldn’t have new chapters. I hate when that happens. And last would be the lack of chapters but considering the quality I get in exchange for it, I rather really would prefer a slower alternative than a trashy made up one with continuous updates.
All in all, I am currently loving this novel. I hope that it doesn’t change all that much because of the comments I’ve been reading that ask the author to change things up. This is a very good pace in my opinion and like them, I am very curious as to how you’re going to do the transition between his current life in the modern world that we have come to love, to the revenge starting once he gets back to the other world. You have my support and I’ll keep pumping my powerstones to support this novel.

MilkOfCow: In terms of writing quality this author is probably among the top ~ 20 so on this site in my opinion. However, there are quite a few glaring flaws with book that you will need to ignore or it will completely ruin this book for you.
Flaw 1: age related flaws – baisically for the majority of the start of the book the MCs age is given as 6 years old, not a problem in itself, as he is a reincarnator. But anyone who is related to the main character is written as if they had the mental age of at least a teenager even if they are also 6. Mei who the MCs moms employee has her age given as twice the MC (12) and is somehow the top employee of his mom’s company. This isn’t nesicarily the biggest flaw and in my head I just kind of double the ages of all the characters because it makes more sense to me.
Flaw 2: the author often has really long set ups that make the story seem like it would have a really good twist (while I was reading I made a upset comment about one) like the bad guy isn’t just a bad guy he’s a bad guy because of the MC. Even though these are hinted and set up the author really doesn’t take this kind of more interesting path. Bad guys are just bad guys, and actions don’t have consequences in this book.
Flaw 3: this book is extremely generic it is just generic school rom com meets reincarnation story and it follows almost all of the tropes of both. This story is not unique unlike others on this site in the same genre. I would recommend “adopted soldier” and “I didn’t want to live but god forced me to reincarnate” as more unique titles within this genre (I think these title are mostly right couldn’t quite remember)
Pro 1: this novel does a fantastic job with some of the characters robot girl is extremely well written for a silent and cool girl trope. While many characters fit archetypes of standard characters a few are better written than I have seen anywhere else. Huge props to the author on this – my continued reading is primarily due to this.
Pro 2: character to character interactions are also great they hardly feel forced and almost at no point in time do I feel that interactions are just out in to further a plot. With the exception of a prologue chapter or two.
Thoughts for the author: I really think that your book would be one of the best on the site if you though about ways to humanize the bad guys and give your main characters more moral depth. Your bad guys tend to be evil because they have to be the biggest buttheads to be a bad guys. Lee could have been a lot cooler had he only been a bad guy because a) the main characters amnesia falsely accused him or b) he was forced by the kurogame family. Both would be more interesting motivators than just jealousy. If you can sum up the motives with one e option or sentence there is a large chance that the villain might be a little 2 dimensional. I hope you can fix this up for kyoko’s ex.
Moral depth for the Mc would also be nice – we really don’t know where his line is. He goes to any length for his family, but this could be flushed out a lot more, especially if you make him doubt himself for doing something horrible he deems nessisary. The torture might be a good spot but you could go far deeper or darker. The main character could express a far darker side when dealing with danger to family( yes I know he does and it is written but I feel it still could be flushed out a lot more)
Overall I feel like this author does a good job but nothing spectacular. The writing could be so much better with just a couple of improvements. Good luck, I will be looking forward to reading future updates.

Story Post Last Updated: October 5, 2020

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