[Story] The Sinners’ Queen

Title: The Sinners’ Queen
Author: FallenBlue
Genre(s): Magical Realism
Tags: R-18, Action, Romance, Fantasy, ModernWorld, UniqueSystem, Mystery, WeakToStrong, NOTaHarem, BadAssML
Audience: NC-17
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 3   SWB 2   ||   TQ 3   SV 2   ||   Overall: 12
Number of Chapters: 300
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: January 13, 2018
Date of Last Update: August 18, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 3M
Number of Reviews: 265
[It’s a simple story of a girl buried in debt who obtained the Immoral System and how this same girl evolved from a pure girl into someone entirely different after the unfortunately fortunate encounter.
Join the exciting ride.
Be warned though. Once again, be warned.
It’s mostly all about lust.


WhiteElephant: Amazing storyline in which the smut doesn’t overshadow it or seem awkwardly placed and I like that the MC isn’t some white lotus or Mary Sue character. 25 chapters in and the story is moving along great.

Prunella: The story is quite interesting. This is an x-rated story. The description of the incident is very detail and words used are harsh and not suitable for some who cannot handle it. The story line portrays what is happening somewhere in the real world that other cannot see. It’s dirty but it’s reality. Some people are unfortunate to be in that life.

Toria36: I’m hooked, perfect for anyone looking for a little more than romance! So many good spice scenes and craft and inivated chapter plots. The author really has me anticipating each new chapter!

Lil_DreamCloud: This is a good story if you like something sexy and taboo to read. Please be warned that there arw rape scenes, murder, and just a bunch of immoral behavior, so if your looking for a pure love story don’t read. But if you want something steamy and sexy, go for it.

Flamincorn: nice story …. with amaaazing content 😏
– good english βœ…
– hot and protective ML πŸ˜βœ…
– till now no boring b*tches who scheme against the FL βœ…πŸ˜Š
– no genius FL βœ… (I hate the too overpowerd FLs πŸ˜‚)
– very funny (system comments) βœ…
β€”> All in all, just great ☺️

Silverstone: I have read many books where the main character has a system. It’s one of my favorite themes, yet you managed to give it a new spin! I hope our MC can keep her sense of self while managing to grow as a person, not just some lackey of the system. I hope she can become a badass antihero!

SpicyChickenNo1: You might enjoy it if you are :
– Open minded
– Doesn’t mind yandere man
– Doesn’t mind r a p e
– Doesn’t mind reading ******** story
– Doesn’t mind immoral act
– Doesn’t mind a nympho girl with white lotus cover
Then, you should try this. As a reader, every time I read this, I always excited about MC next mission from the sadist immoral system 😁

ShiinaMH: If I were to be honest… I like it at first… For the rare plot and concept.. However, I was expecting a WORLD HOPPING… sadly, it wasn’t. Though, this is still a good novel. With all the plus points to the book itself, R-18 and a system without any morals, who could ask for more!!!😍😍😍😍

Zeroinfinit: The story in itself is not the great deal but, in my opinion ,the world is well build and the characters and their interaction seems quit real( for a r-18 novel),with a good writing quality(compared with most of the novels of this genre), so if you are an OPEN MIND person that just want to enjoy a good r-18 novel, I, sincerely recommend this novel.

thessalicious: The author is very imaginative…i like the way she dwell with each characters and the plots ahead…it truly stir my imagination aswell as my anticipation to what will happen next…i hope Sofony in the end will still be save from the darkness plots on her life..because Sofony truly not a bad person though totally helpless and desperate she still wants and trying to avoid anything that woyld cause harm to others and to herself.

TDUB23: This MC she may look innocent and harmless but she, herself is mostly conflicted due to immoral system, as a host of the Immoral system she has to be ruthless but she is hesitant, she has to pride in her sexual desire but she is to ashamed to admit her enjoyment, you can say she’s a noob at her immoral tasks she’s given as the story goes on she slowly getting more immoral maybe without her even realising though I think what hold her back from being a true immoral host is Her Emotions, Guilt, Shame, etc however the MC is not bad even though I get frustrated at her hesitancy but that’s okay because it still the beginning.
The Immoral system foul languaged, judge mental, lewd, pervy and cruel at times but is very helpful to the MC in the story it can still help the MC such as the bus bombing incident where MC goes emotionally unstable.

kirito024: @fallenblue I would like to say that I like reading your novel. It is a very good novel.
I liked it how gio is the only guy for sofony and how she found a loophole in her first mission. Gio is a badass guy who is only good for sofony and I like how he is so possessive of her and care for her. I would like it if they have a romantic plot in the future. I like the system and the abilities it provide . I would like to watch sofony become immoral but in a good way…like doing bad stuff to only the bad people . And yeah the character development is great . Wendy’s character is very good. And i liked thesexual content like between sofony and gio….and sexual scenes of felicity and that female gangster …though I would like it better if they would be more descriptive in the future….as the sexual content is main in the story.
But sofony should only be with gio….most of the readers would like it….
Overall the novel is very good and most of the people would like reading it.

Seri1997: It’s a novel that started with fiery scenes and then stabilized through interconnected but easily followed mysteries. I love the main characters. They have no trust issue whatsoever. At least they won’t fight over a very stupid misunderstanding. Er actually, they never even fight against each other. They only make love haha. But seriously, the story is a gem, whether you skip the rated scenes or not. If I would say, it’s not mainstream.  It uses the system niche. But the system in here has a lovable and hateful personality, maybe the closest one I know is the system in When a Mage Revolts.  MC has reasonable growth pace, imo. Also, she’s not someone who just do what her system asked her to do. She weigh things out whether it’s moral or not.  ML is mysterious, but not overbearing, tsundere, unreasonable, prone to misunderstadings  Side characters are also not static characters. They also grow and change. And they each have defined characteristics.  Villains are of course hateful. But thankfully, their ends are not cliche haha.

Blackgrace: First of all this is a nice story and especially in the beginning there are a lot of juicy sex scenes. It’s just develops differently from what I expected, both plot and characters. I was expecting for the story to develop with Sofony improving her life through the system and for her to shed her weak, shy self and become a seductress… That’s really not what happens. Or at least it hasn’t yet at chapter 57.
Instead the plot grows more complicated as more hosts with the system are encountered and Sofony makes things more difficult than they have to be by being in constant denial about herself being immoral in even the slightest way.
Furthermore she’s constantly judging others. That’s probably the thing that really drew my ire. I could handle her seeing herself as a holy saint but this girl doesn’t seem to know that saints aren’t supposed to judge. (Seriously stop judging Gio, he hasn’t done anything seriously wrong yet except that thing with the hotel owner everyone else deserved whatever they got.) I feel like this fic is 30% her judging people, 25% the system needlessly insulting her, 10% the system calling her out on her bullshit, 5% her development and the remaining 30% is sex scenes.
Personally I only enjoyed the last two. So I enjoyed about 35%. Most of the sex scenes are really good. Gotta give credit where it’s due.
But basically my advise here is the next thing, if you’re writing a story the main character has to be likable. They can kill people but they can’t kill puppies. They can be in self-denial but they can’t be hypocrites. They can be jerks as long as they’re funny about it… You catch my drift? A main character HAS to be likable. They don’t need to be perfect. We love faults in our main character. That way they can overcome those faults. That being said you have to know where to draw the line. There’s just some things that aren’t tolerable. Like Hypocrites.
Also in the beginning when I still liked the main-character I really couldn’t stand how rude the system was to her. There’s being sassy and then there’s being insulting and impolite. There was no sass detected there at all. Which was kind of a waste honestly because it could be the perfect spot to bring some humor into the story which it has been lacking until now. You might think, I don’t need humor, this isn’t a comedy…Neither is Harry Potter but it’s filled with funny moments. Humor is always handy in a story especially in darker ones because it provides a stark off-set to the rest of the story.
Even though the story is developing differently from what I thought, aside from Sofony, I can’t say I really mind. You’re doing a great job of writing an unique story and I’m curious to see where you’ll take us.
Grammar and spelling is great as well. I think I only spotted a few mistakes along the whole read now and they read more as accidental mistypes rathe than not knowing the correct way. So great job on that as well.

Story Post Last Updated: October 5, 2020

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