[Story] She Knew She Loved Him

Title: She Knew She Loved Him
Author: Pgmiz
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Tags: Sexual content, Romance, Love, Parental Guidance, SKSLH
Audience: PG-13
Main Lead: Male
Status: Complete
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 2   SWB 1   || TQ 3   SV 1   ||  Overall: 9
Number of Chapters: 121
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: January 3, 2019
Date of Last Update: April 20, 2019
VB Reviewed? Yes
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 1M
Number of Reviews: 99
It is no secret that love is an emotion that gets the heart beating. Whether it be rapidly, sometimes slowly, other times in a sweet rhythmic thump or even in a painful tone, we felt it all. We had an overall idea of what love was from watching many romance movies, to receiving love from family and friends. Yet still, we were enthralled at how some romance movies made our hearts pound for the characters sad, painful, and happy moments. We never once imagined we would get to experience this emotion. So strong, yet so passionate love brought us together. With entwined bodies, lips locking, soul-mating, we hopelessly found love. This heart-pounding, sweet sounding doom..doom..thump..thump that enveloped that small important and delicate muscle hiding behind our left breast; We found love.
A love story of Zunnie Bai and Alexander Zi. How they found each other, fell in love and the people they had to overpower to be happy.


Wittywitty: A very well written sexy story. Plenty of bedroom scenes and jealous ex girlfriends around. But our heroine is a strong character. She can hold her own ground. Definitely a unputdownable novel.

Riribaby: Really enjoyed reading this book. The storyline was simple yet beautiful. The way the author described the characters and scenes was transporting my imagination. It was a lovely piece with normal drama.. Truly realistic and again beautiful.

NEIdarous: Good romance. I like it so far. The writing quality is good. story and character development is a bit slow but serve the story. I think each POV needs to have more time before jumping to the other one, but overall lovely romance book. Good work Author.

Lonelytree: It feels like I’m reading an actual published romance novel, but that could be a disservice on this platform. The lack of constant face-slapping and cliff might not fare well with the general readers on WN and that is a shame.
Overall, it’s a very well-written piece.

Samdoyggrace: Waow, really good novel, nice storyline with minimal mistakes in spelling. This story is super! I lice the FL & ML. They understand each other & are willing to support one another; they are ready to give a good fight for their love. I love that she’s no timid spoilt brat & can take care of all bad stalkers like Talia…hahaha….Please update fast

GabrielDetchans: A nice and steamy romance! The descriptions are very colorful and vivid. I would often found myself picturing the scenes.
The rate of update is nothing short of spectacular. Character design is well done. World background is solid. The story develops at the right pace and the flow is good.
The writing quality is reasonable good but the transitions could be handled better. Some editing to tweak the pov changes could do wonders for this novel.

StanLJP: The story was good for the most part, but can’t deny that when MC and ML began interacting, the behavior of the ML left a bad taste in my mouth with how forceful and disrespectful he was. After the initial phase when they finally got together due to his forceful and demanding approach may I add again, then his character finally began to change for the better. However, I do feel that due to the circumstances of them getting together, his development and relationship between the two seems unconvincing, if you can look past this flaw their interactions begin to simmer down to a loving bond. There’s your typical love rivals and drama added into the mix, but it never truly hinders the love the two have for each other, if anything it makes it stronger.

MC_Dakki: This review is part of a review swap and valid as of chapter 11.
To be honest, this type of novel really doesn’t fit with my category. However it does a very good job of working up your interest. Before I realised what was happening, I was already in chapter 11.
There are a few grammar errors here and there, but you are able to work around it. A few misplaced or awkward idioms, but like I said, it doesn’t turn you off.
For the characters, it mainly focuses on two characters so the others around them aren’t given that much priority or ‘screen time’.
The chapters are well-proportioned in the sense that you won’t spend a lot of time with one, however you also tend to want for more because of their length.
The setting mainly switches between the characters’ workplace and their condo so there isn’t that much there.
Surprisingly it’s a good read, and one I wouldn’t expect to save in my library. However it is there now and it seems like it’s there to stay.

Bojayjay: I’m not into romance stories so I can’t fully immerse my self into it, but I’ll review in the terms of story, writing etc.
(This review is up to chapter 8)
As for the writing, for my opinion, chapters are short, I guess I should have expected that from webnovels, but personally I prefer it to be longer a little. Making it a bit longer would be good for the readers who loves your story.
Then as for the POV, I don’t like the constant change. The two mc only has short time on each chapter, and the sudden change of POV just doesn’t feel right.
Also I would like to add that, you should show us the events rather than tell, cause I think it would make a chapter better. Just like the grandma scene and the taking her home scene.
Also I noticed a couple of missing words, but it was not really a big issue for me.
Story development is fine, the story is moving in a fine speed.
Character design is good and just by their interactions I can tell a bit of their personalities. However, for the mc, for me the constant change of POV damage a bit of the character development because sometimes I get into a character but then suddenly it switches into the other, and plus each character’s part is short.
Not that much in the world. I don’t know what city it is, or maybe I missed it. Sorry in advance if I really missed it. In addition, there’s not much going on in your world’s background, until chapter 8 of course. Perhaps it might develop in other chapters that I haven’t read yet.

StenDuring: The spoiler warning is for the obvious. It’s a romance, so two or more persons are bound to be romantically involved.
This review is valid as of chapter 21 and part of a review swap. I’m quite familiar with the format (review swap) and for that reason made certain that the reviews exchanged should be kept objective.
We have a boy meets girl (or vice versa) story, or in this case rather a man and woman in their late twenties. It’s written in third person point of view, past tense, with multiple characters holding the PoV.
The physical setting is unclear, which is reflected in my opinion about ‘World Background’, but family-backgrounds involved are fleshed out properly. So three and four stars respectively.
The story progresses as it ought to do, and at least this reader finds the frequence of updates absolutely astounding. A double five stars from this reader who is used to slice-of-life type of stories.
The English used is quite frankly better than the majority of what I’ve found here. That said I’ll point out why I only gave it three stars. Apart from a number of minor errors and a somewhat shaky handling of internal monologue, which I chalk down to the poor interface on this site making the rather international standard of using italic text unavailable, the handling of PoV isn’t consistent. Ie the reader will bounce between the minds of characters without any prior warning. Add hopping between past and present tense in the narrative, and the story becomes quite confusing from time to time.
Overall I like the story enough to add it to my personal library, and since it’s a debut I expect the problems to go away as the story progresses.

Story Post Last Updated: October 6, 2020


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