[03.05.19] Library Overhaul

A little over a month has passed since the beginning of Virtual Bookshelf, and a total of 300 novels have been assessed. Thus, to support new influxes of novels, and to make discovering active stories easier for readers, the way book titles are displayed have been altered.



[Update] Excellent, Great, Good, and Fair novel Pages:

  • Will now only include stories that are
    • Actively uploading chapters within the last month (up to Feb 5th)
      • OR within the last two months (up to Jan 5th) if it has 25+ chapters
      • OR within the last three months (up to Dec 5th) if it has 50+ chapters
      • Unless completed, they will remain here until there is a sufficient number to make a new completed novels page
    • AND have a total of 5 chapters OR 5,000 words of story content
      • To mark this update, chapter lengths will be checked if they currently qualify, and a new number in parenthesis (#) will be next to the original chapter amount at the time of the assessment
  • Will have anchor link navigation for each assessment score total
    • In each section, stories will be organized by genre alphabetically
      • AND then further organized by current number of chapters descending
  • Will be more concise through the deletion of genre and or overall score
    • To make reading individual scoring factors and number of chapters easier


[New] Story Archives Page:

  • Will contain ALL stories which scored a total of 5+ (much like the original Excellent to Fair novel pages)
    • Stories will be in descending order of Overall Scores
      • Each section of a specific score will have anchor navigation
    • Eventually, the archival page might be split across more pages



[Update] Surprise+Library Page:

  • Will be renamed to Skilled Storytelling
    • Which lists 10+ chapter stories that scored 5+ in TQ+PD+CF and PD+CF make up at least 3+ of the 5+ scoring
      • Organized by genre

[Coming Soon] Monthly Spotlight Page:

  • Will feature underrated stories that haven’t received the recognition or popularity it may deserve according to its Virtual Bookshelf score
    • Each book title listed will have
      • A brief synopsis (~3 sentences)
      • Some key highlights/defining points (in bullets) of the story
    • Novels that are considered underrated have
      • A ratio less than 30,000 views per month
      • Total views are less than 100,000
      • Released for at least three weeks
      • An overall score of 9 or higher
      • Actively updating in the last month (of the spotlight post) with at least 10 chapters
        • OR last two months with 25+ chapters
        • OR last three months with 50+ chapters


Reassessment Follow-up: With progressive assessments, nuances between factor points have been better clarified and defined; thus, early assessments were more done more critically than current ones, resulting in lower scores. In order to put all novels on the same playing field, earlier assessed novels that are active (last update up to 1-3 months ago) will be reassessed.


With these changes, hopefully readers will be able to find and support active, quality novels! Happy reading!


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