[Story] Light Years Away

Title: Light Years Away
Author: midnight_bloom
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Tags: Romance, Modern, Family, Face-Slapping, Best Friends, Relationships, Self-Discovery, Friends (excluded some non tags)
Audience: PG-13
Main Lead: Male, Female
Status: Ongoing, can be considered the second book after Milady’s Fine Gentleman
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 2 || Overall: 11
Number of Chapters: 174
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: October 31, 2020
Date of Last Update: January 3, 2021
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 334.8K
Number of Reviews: 54
She balled her fists, getting ready to punch the man in the face if the situation requires. They are, after all, alone in the room.
Sometimes she forgets that Xue Guangxi was of the opposite gender – a man more than capable of beguiling innocent women when he sets his mind to the task.
‘Perhaps he had been gone for too long that I had forgotten how his charms work. That fact never left my head, but experiencing it firsthand… Well, Nah!!!’ She tried to shake whatever silliness her mind entertains despite her prudence.
But what her neutral poker face could hide, her berserkly widened eyes could not conceal.
Nevertheless, even if he noticed, the young man did not point it out. He was more concerned and occupied by other matters.
Matters of far greater importance…
…For example, her safety.
She blinked several times, trying to disrupt the connection their locked gazes somehow managed to forge. She bowed her head, still blinking, and darted her lowered gaze to the floor. She straightened up her sitting position and swatted both of the man’s hands on her shoulders without force.
But Xue Guangxi held her in place. 
“Look at me.”
“What is it now, Guangxi?” She whispered. Her voice, thin and fragile and barely audible. Perhaps more from the earlier adrenaline pushed a blush on her face.
Perhaps, it wasn’t the adrenaline to be blamed.
She tried to swat his hands for the second time, but his grip only tightened, making his point more pronounced. 
Either he obeys or she does.
Most of the time, Xue Guangxi always gave in to Kang Sola’s whims. Even when his temper wasn’t too great to be proud of, at the end of every argument, he lets the girl win.
But in this instance, he wanted to be more assertive.
“You always make me worry, Sola.” He breathed with all solemnity, like a prayer. The clasp of his hands on her shoulders tightened. She could feel it. She winced.
Then, without further ceremony or introduction, he pressed her into a tight embrace, full of concern.
Any person would be able to discern if a form of skinship was of sincere nature or not.
Kang Sola could tell his was of genuine care and concern for her.
“You are far more delicate than you think. God, Sola!” He cradled her head with his right hand placed just above her nape. Some of her balayage locks laced his manly fingers.
Story of best friends, Kang Sola and Xue Guangxi, as they traverse their journey through adulthood, amidst conflicting choices and internal issues within themselves and from their past.
Will they be able to resolve their personal struggles and find a common ground towards happiness? Will they have to compromise to achieve it?
Will they end up together and overcome the threshold of their friendship into lovers or remain as platonic friends and each other’s family?


Hendinklette: I never was able to get into this genre of story, but i found the plot and characters very engaging. Your writing style is interesting and I’ve yet to find any pace stumping grammatical errors. A great read!

Krystal88: I really like this story! I love the way that the author creates the relationships between each of the characters. The conflict (sadness) is written well, and I haven’t read many novels like this so far. Very character-driven, and I like it a lot!
Keep going, Author!

Alpha_Medic: I haven’t read your initial work, but I enjoy the pacing of the early writing in this story. The children are accurate in how vicious they can be, unintentionally. While romance-at-the-forefront is not my typical jam, I think the subtlety you provide makes for an easy crossover for readers like myself. Please keep up the good work, author!

_hestia_: Well just starting now but its actually really interesting how well the author uses the environment to 
Influence what the reader feels. Its very well developed. 
Due to my own lack of intelligence I find myself confused at times but the plot is interesting enough for me to reread several times if needed. 
Definitely adding in my library.

IzannahFrame: This book is emotional, the friendship of the two MC’s is something to be jealous of. They portrayed the characters well. The words are on point that describes the person’s feelings that can make the readers relate how they feel.
Keep it up, author.

LinYang: This book is written in a very sweet style, and it is interesting to see where the characters are going. Writing quality is quite good; I like the way the author writes. I also enjoy the dynamics between the characters. Keep on writing author; congrats on getting a contract.

ellezar_g: This book is refreshing, the plot is unique and interesting. It revolves around friendship, love and family. I fell in love the way the author had written this story. Well-describe and narrated beautifully. The two MCs have a kind of special bond. I just love reading and see how the story will unfold. Try this and check this story my dear readers. See for yourself how amazing the story is. Good job author.

Shionokami: Well it’s no surprise I just can’t say no to a romance story, and this one was a good surprise!
The setting is pretty good, but what makes this story shine to me is it’s characters, that are funny, engaging and well written.
Another good point is the very good grammar, with no mistakes, that I took notice of. 
All in all quite the good read and I advice you to give it a try!

LittleMsNightmare: There’s a lot to like about this book, starting with the relationship between the two main characters, who appear to be friends with a backstory. Loving how subtle the writing is. Yes, may be a “slow burn” but maybe we need a break from something happening the the MCs every dang second. Why can’t they just exist and go through normal ***** experiences and why can’t we just be okay with that? In conclusion: READ THIS BOOK!!

ThePotatoKing: The author wasn’t kidding about it being a slow-burn. 
The characters are all headstrong. 
The childhood friends in love arc is there. 
ANd the novel is very addicting, 
I had already read about 25 chapters or so before realizing the time. 
Very amazing! The story and writing is extremely professional and smooth! 
Do check it out!

AxISLL: The relationship’s dynamic between the two main characters is some -if not the strongest- point in your novel, author. Being so different yet complementing each other so much; you sure are no rookie when it comes to describing human relationships and interactions. The same goes for character building; you succeeded to make them feel human and authentic.
Few sometimes you use apostrophes instead of quotation marks and mix grammatical tenses, but nothing horrid nor anything that makes the work unreadable, (Compared to lots of works on this platform.)
It’s a cute and engaging story. Not your typical cliché of CEOs and bad boys. You managed to make me feel, stirred? Lol.
Good job. Keep on it.

Story Post Last Updated: January 13, 2021


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