[Story] Conquer

Title: Conquer
Author: TheOGDuanChen
Genre(s): Eastern Fantasy
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 110
Date of First Release: July 4, 2018
Date of Last Update: March 18, 2019
VB Assessment Score: TQ 2   PD 1   CF 1   ||   RL 1   CL 3   ||  Overall: 8
VB Reviewed? No
Number of Views: 366.4 K
Number of Reviews: 11
Inspired by their father’s words. These brothers set off with a goal of conquering everything in their path be it: Betrayals, romance or themselves. Follow their journey from childhood to adults as they set about conquering the entire world.


CaptainBoyHole: This story is really good. I’m surprised it’s so unknown. Really underrated. The characters act real enough that you can see them doing things and understand why they would do such a thing. To be honest I just like the characters so far. A fresh breathe of air. They have their flaws and they aren’t perfect. I feel like the story is going to improve because the author can take this story where it is now anywhere he wants. On chapter 30 currently

the_one: Honestly I am shocked at how this novel is so underrated because this an amazing novel
The story is about a guy who is reincarted into an cultivation world but it’s done really well because there’s no op systems or a grandpa in the ring.
And the side characters are made so well and have real personalities .

SouthToiletWizard: This was familiar enough to draw in anybody that is a fan of cultivation novels several details I had made mention of in the comments section are what will keep me interested enough to keep reading. I truly am getting bored of OP ridiculous characters that wish to burn the entire world to the ground and rule over a kingdom of ashes while sitting on a throne of skulls watching the last sunset on planet earth. All of these are the good points. Truly a hidden gem out of 330k people who have viewed this story it’s sad to see that there are so few reviews.Overall a serious work that I wish to be successful.
Story Post Last Updated: March 18, 2019

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