[Story] How to be a good mortal father to your demon kids

Title: How to be a good mortal father to your demon kids
Author: lazyredragon
Genre(s): Magical Realism
Tags: Comedy
Audience: G
Main Lead: Male
Status: Hiatus/Dropped
VB Assessment Score: PDE 1   CDD 2   SWB 1   || TQ 3   SV 2   ||  Overall: 9
Number of Chapters: 30
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: December 7, 2018
Date of Last Update: December 17, 2019
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 352K
Number of Reviews: 29
Dear diary,
Today I was dragged into hell by a seven-foot tall man with four horns who yelled at me for abandoning my children.
Do you remember Yu Yang? yes, apparently she was a spider demon who got pregnant after our one-night stand and had a litter of seven babies…
Seven demon babies who are going to rule the underworld someday…
I’m not gonna lie, I am scared but I will take responsibility and raise these children the best I can.
After a one night stand, he can barely remember… Li Jun is accused of impregnating Lucifers beloved daughter and leaving her to raise seven demon kids on her own now, so Li Jun is dragged to hell by Lucifer himself and ordered to be a good father or burn in the fires of hell.
With these limited options he accepts responsibility to become a single mortal father to seven demon children


JunkieOverThe_Moon: Overall frnd, this is a very good n light novel. Heartwarming. But can u please chck with the capitalization and all the other minor typos. Its really great only requiring a bit of edit. GJ so far

kaykayleigh: Oh my goodness, this story is so cute! The dialogue and conversations are hilarious and I love reading it in the perspective of the dad, he’s so funny! Never encountered such a refreshingly hilarious story!! Will definitely continue reading this!

gregster: I genuinely liked this one. Really enjoyable to read, the novelty threw me for a wide curve especially considering the premise of the novel isn’t one that would normally grab my attention. Pleasantly surprised more than anything. Witty, Fairly well written, Really good read.

XXgilgameshXX: My god this is one of the funniest stories I have ever read on this website. The story is light hearted and funny to read, it will leave you snickering after reading every chapter. This story is a must read!
P.S RIP the pizza delivery boy

kittycattydemony: this book is hilarious!
the characters are not what you’d expect, Lucifer is a sweetheart, Li Jun is a stressed man who just wants to be a good dad, Nurse chu is hilarious! god I love her! and I cant wait for the other characters to be flushed out, maybe its a little slow in development but that’s because it’s episodic ugh I just love this!
more chapterS!!!!

(second review) honestly, this might be the funniest stuff, at last, the pizza guy was delivered! I wanna know how he ended up in hell each character has a purpose in this story everyone from the random cashier to a freaking undead general ghost mermaid, you’ll laugh in nearly all the chapters and after a long day its really just something awesome to cheer you up!
Michael is my son now, i have adopted him.
the characters are human and the demons aren’t toned down they really are out for blood but you can let it slide because they are so cute!
no one is too good or too bad they are just people
only issue would be capitalization and frequency of updates please boost to three a week i know its a lot to ask but please!

Story Post Last Updated: October 17, 2020


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