[Story] Arcadia Chronicles: The Story of Lien Hua

Title: Arcadia Chronicles: The Story of Lien Hua
Author: GoldenKitsune
Genre(s): Eastern Fantasy
Tags: Reincarnation, Cultivation, Weak to Strong, Female Protagonist, Action, Martial Arts, Xianxia, Xuanhuan (excludes some non-tags)
Audience: G
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 1 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 2 || Overall: 10 (score explanation)
Number of Chapters: 32
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: January 2021
Date of Last Update: April 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 100.5K
Number of Reviews: 43
Lien Hua, a mother afflicted by pain and grief over losing her child to a terminal illness, just as she was starting to cope with her son’s death, she ends up losing her own life.
She is reborn in a world ravaged by 5 thousand years of war between Humanity and Spiritual Beasts. The last safe haven for humankind is the Immortal Empire defended by formidable warriors: the Spiritual Masters.
However, after being reborn in a cruel world of cultivation, where people would even kill their own family if it could gain them power, she’s abandoned in front of the entrance gate of the Flowing Lotus Sect, not even a day old.
Will she be able to survive? But above all, will she be able to find her place in this world and create her own personal safe haven?


Serial_seresposa: I like how you put everything in perspective. you slowly build up the image of the character which gives more time for the reader to create the mc but here’s my thing you move like way too fast I can’t catch up with the way you change scenarios and sceneries. Please give me time to catch my breathe and really sync deep into the surroundings. other than that im loving certain things it’s really really cool

Azurtha: Hello, Editor here.
GoldenKitsune is fun to work with and has such a vibrant vocabulary and rich details that the story flows off the screen. I’ve only started working on catching up to the current chapters and already I can see how detailed the entire world Lien Hua has appeared in truly is. I’m constantly finding myself asking about more and more things because the plethora of setting and cultural aspects that are in the story so far are quite intricate and I want to get everything just perfect so as not to disappoint ‘Kitsune. I very much enjoy the character dynamic between Lien Hua and her friends and hope as much as all of the other avid readers to see how the plot unfolds from here.

Easy_Tiger: Great start to the story. One must really feel for the protagonist. In the space of a few chapters she has gone through just about every extreme hardship imaginable – a divorce, losing her young child’s life to an illness, dying herself, being reincarnated as a baby and then promptly being abandoned by her mother. It makes for some depressing but highly addictive reading. Prose is of a very high quality. Spelling and grammar are good. And the pacing is just right, never lingering or breezing over things too fast. A very enjoyable read.

Ritanka_-Sarkar_: “This story, is really a bad one.”
Ahem..Ahem, that’s the only thing which it is not!
The writing style used is free and less wordy than the other writers- making this Novel to get a little bit of a upper hand; and yes, that includes the Author’s skills fused into the plot and characters.
Plot is focused, and bitterly has any loopholes to find out as from an Reader’s veiwpoint-
Given, The writer has an unique essence of writing style which really not easy to cultivate.
Overall, I hope this work gets what it deserves.
1. Re-visit and Re-edit your initial Chapters.
2. Do it with a smile on your face, you may find that you can have written better at some point.✌️

Seeeeeph00: Onto a few things first. The grammar is great! Cheers to the Author for being able to flesh out the words from her mind with this great piece of art. it just flows so smoothly. Back to the topic at hand, That’s a really good start to a novel. The first chapter was just a delight to read, the Author had planned it really nice, everything just went so smoothly, the scenes, the events that took place, it didn’t feel rushed, even though the start was a bit dark, but it had set up the MC’s past really nicely, it’s a great buildup to the personality she’ll have in the future. this is something i’d love to come back to once it gains more chapters. I’d recommend this to those who like a strong female main character. this author does not pull any stops. it was such a joy to read, this is going to be one of the novels I come back to on my next free time. Cheers!

Story Post Last Updated: June 28, 2021


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