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As part of the 03.05.19 Library Overhaul, the Monthly Spotlight aims to give well-written, underrated, and largely undiscovered stories that haven’t received the recognition or popularity it may deserve according to its Virtual Bookshelf score.

All novels must have:

  • An overall score of 9 or higher
  • Been released for at least three weeks
  • Actively updated in the last month (of the spotlight post) with at least 4 medium length chapters

Novels must have below view statistics on the corresponding platforms to be considered underrated/undiscovered:


Views/Month Ratio

Total Views

Wattpad < 1,000 < 5,000
Webnovel < 30,000 < 100,000
Royal Road < 5,000 < 30,000
Inkitt N/A* < 20 reviews*
Tapas < 3,000 < 20,000

* reader views not shown

Each book title listed will have:

  • A brief synopsis (around 3 sentences) based on the synopsis given by the author
  • Some key/unique highlights/defining points (in bullets) of the story

There is no maximum or minimum to the number of novels listed on each Monthly Spotlight post. Some stories may be repeated from month to month if they still qualify as underrated. The most recent month’s listing will be featured at the top of this page.

You can submit stories for potential feature here through the Official Discord.

Previous Monthly Spotlight Posts:

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