Writing Guide

Based on the 5 Assessment Factors…


Technical Quality (TQ)  >>>  Improve grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

Plot Development (PD)  >>>  Learn balanced “show don’t tell,” form settings, keep tempo

Character Formation (CF)  >>>  Connect through characters, “Mary Sue/Gary Stu”

Reading Level  (RL)  >>>  Increase vocabulary, alternate sentence structure and detail

Chapter Length (CL)  >>> Why 1000? [Continue reading below]


Why 1000 words?

Unlike print or e-books, online novels/webnovels/mobile stories, or whatever you call them, aren’t structured in the same way. Paragraphs are often shorter, usually consisting of 2-5 sentences on average. In a published book or serious literary novel, the paragraphs  can take a fifth to a half of a page. What causes this clear visual different is the dependence on dialogue and scrolling format of mobile novels. Besides paragraphs, the “chapters” themselves are much shorter. All of this is to accommodate the convenience-drive, mobile, mass audience

The drawback to having short chapters is the possibility of hindering fluid story progression. Snipping chapters too short can cause readers to feel unsatisfied for two main reasons: 1) They felt like it wasn’t enough to read. 2) The movement between chapters creates a break in connected events, ruining the flow of actions.

1000 words is an ideal starter length for an online story. Less than this will increase the likelihood of causing the aforementioned two unfavorables. More than this is good, but the most ideal word count depends on the type and style of story. For example, romance stories focusing on character interactions might require less words because most story developments are through words or short actions; meanwhile, fantasy stories with in-depth world building will require more to not only explain the world structure, but to allow actual plot actions to occur so as to not bore with said explanation.

Don’t fall into the temptation of creating short chapters in order to have more views or a steady upload schedule. Plan ahead and stock up on finished chapters if you desire frequent uploads, or set a schedule that works to your daily activities. But in the end, the decision is up to you as writer. There is no “correct” amount of words for every kind of story.