[Story] Love and Deceit 

Title: Love and Deceit Author: Nancy_JimGenre(s): Magical RealismTags: Romance, Action, Suspense, Mafia, Italian, Spiritualism, Comedy, ModernAudience: NC-17Main Lead: MaleStatus: Ongoing, HiatusAVB Assessment Score (?): PDE 1 CDD 1 SWB 1 || TQ 3 SV 1 || Overall: 7Number of Chapters: 141Chapter Length: MediumReading Level: LowDate of First Release: February 2021Date of Last Update: June 2021AVB Reviewed? … Continue reading [Story] Love and Deceit 


[Story] Trapped by the Mafia (COMPLETED)

Title: Trapped by the Mafia (COMPLETED)Author: Domi SottoGenre(s): Romance, Comedy, ActionTags: dark love, mafia, obsession, adventure, dark, danger, crime, contemporary, dungeon, escape, hot, humor, italian, love, lust, Rich, thriller (excluded a non tag)Audience: -Main Lead: FemaleStatus: CompleteVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 3 SWB 3 || TQ 3 SV 3 || Overall: 14Number of Chapters: … Continue reading [Story] Trapped by the Mafia (COMPLETED)