[Story] War of the Two Kinds

Title: War of the Two Kinds
Author: Crackgear
Genre(s): War & Military
Tags: Action, Adventure, Modern, R-18, Male MC, Military, Comedy, System, Harem
Audience: G
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 2 || Overall: 11 (score explanation)
Number of Chapters: 48
Chapter Length: Long
Reading Level: High
Date of First Release: February 2021
Date of Last Update: May 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 30.9K
Number of Reviews: 21
Humanity was slowly dying out, resources scarce and only the reliance on technology and/or old primitive ways were the only choice to continue. 
Discovering old artefacts of yonder time, they found out the second being of life naming themselves as the Guardian species. With immense power in possibilities and their likeliness to humans, it was their only salvation as both kinds struggle their way to continue their desperate measure to keep the world alight.
However, this wasn’t all. A secret governmental team of operatives scouted from all around the world was trying to find a cure for *The Happening*. An endangering disaster that wiped out most of the male species, whether human, animal or any type of sexual reproduction in the other kingdoms. Most females too, once you scavenge more into the deeper truth.
Equipped with weapons of bio-destruction made by both the species intelligence in weapons and nuclear scientists, they will mow down the terrorist groups, the hidden organizations, and any other party–that tries to stop their freedom and rights to a better tomorrow.
However as much as they fight, Hell just needs to grasp them to a closer end, with worse corruption.


Jay_Blu: The novel has quite a unique setting where the characters are living in a post-modern and perhaps post-apocalyptic world. The amount of suspense and action created in the prologue is very appealing as well. Character design is also well done. The only hindrance to this novel are the bits of grammatical errors, but this novel is overall high-quality.

Jo_J: First of all, you don’t struggle with tenses, style, or grammar. It’s your advantage over the rest (non-English speakers), use it well! 
The storyline keeps the reader’s attention, characters are expressive, dialogues are engaging, descriptions interesting… You’re doing great! 
Wish you endless inspiration and a lot of great ideas!

Aeipathy_02: First the narratives were great and easy to read. The emotions for the characters especially the mc has greatly portrayed to the readers. The world building is also good. 
Overall this story is indeed a great read and great addition to my collections. 
Great work author! Greatly recommended to everyone!

ZeDarkness: Aas I see the story progress further and further with more clarity and detail, I can say this author is one of a kind. The story is brilliant, The plot is so realistically good. detailing is perfect and the characters are so lovable, to the point I fell in love with one. I saw his art design on characters, though always changing, the characters really fit the bill of their explanation and biodata! 
the characters have their on motives and plots, even the side characters. That shows . How much detail is given. With one volume completed with probably 10k words, I can fully say. I am satisfied with reading this book and hope it deserves some love! ❤️

Farhander: An incredible story on a weak to strong character that not only focuses on two individuals, yes two . But also relies heavily on lore based interactions among other characters and individuals for the remaining story. With 25 chapters and a completed Arc, this book is promising and gives a refreshing sense of new might. 
The main female lead of this book is kind and honest yet also brave and a little tipsy in curiousity here and there. She just like the male character have her flaws, non spoiler but she is just as strong as the male lead even if shes in another pathway of time. 
The male lead in the other hand, well, the younger version is rather reckless and doesn’t really follow order much. From reading through and amalysing the works, he seems to act a little smart when doing something, creatively strong and also implied quite a womaniser. Though, its more of a shared compliment than an actual pervert one usually sees. A rather realistic approach for his ups and downs. He too is quite a good a good chap, over time he learns and matures on the way before the female lead takes over his legacy. 
Background characters and overall layout is pretty balanced and detailed in observing. The characters are all given a certain stereotype but with a more mingle in a realistic approach. You could have a happy go lucky shorty but instead of having some sort of temper tantrum 24/7, she acts more maturely than any of her older peers but also suffer from some sort of illness that won’t be spoiled. 
Then there is the monotonic edgy kid, but instead of a kid, it’s a full grown ***** or young ***** who has to deal with life in a more sophisticated and methodical approach. Also, having some sort of dark background, she has developements of feelings and change in behaviour because of the exposure to good and nice individuals even if her tree doesn’t like her for who she is. The consequences are naught and really spelled out correctly. 
Details in writing is true. Though lacking in grammar, the use of voices, accents, tones and even other languages gives a more sense of diversity in this path and theme of multi-stranded global archetype of character overalls. Kinda realistic with how the modern world works with the use of multiple races working together, typical language barriers and also helpfulness among a person to person. Also due to this theme of a pandemic/apocalypse of sorts , it makes sense one half either tries to help rebuild society while the other side suffer slowly (but with some realism, they try to change with support from modern facilities). 
I can say if this book gets more love and views, it could be the very next thing. Even if its at the wrong site to be posted due to it being involved with mostly cringe based stereotypical romances and/or “systems”. It does have a light to shine on its own. 
It mixes in with every genre, quite a interesting twist. Its an action, an adventure, a dark comedy, a comedy, a millitary/war flick and all time also a character developement sheet similar to how dungeons and dragons or even rpgs form. Also with a small dash of realism, magic and sci-fi onto it. 
P.S – Author, thanks for promoting your novel to our server, it was really a good add-on. 
Take a reading on this, if you prepare the more traditional yet modern detailing approach of novel-based writing. ♥️

Story Post Last Updated: July 20, 2021


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