[Story] The Ancients World

Title: The Ancients World
Author: easyread
Genre(s): Video Games
Tags: System, Game Elements, Reincarnation, Fantasy, Comedy, Virtual Reality, Swords and Magic, Angel, Adventure, Action
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 1 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 1 || Overall: 9 (score explanation)
Number of Chapters: 224
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: December 2020
Date of Last Update: July 7, 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 2M
Number of Reviews: 90
The year is 2236 and the Deep Dive Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Ancients World is the most advanced game of its type ever created. Now that DDVR technology has reached the stage of commercial consumers everyone is addicted to the games available. A person who spent 5 years in the game has been reincarnated in his younger self as a request from a world item the game provided. Not everything is known about Ancients World since he only spent 5 years playing, so things will change this time around. 
Many people don’t really know what the game really provides till everyone with an internet connection is playing. It is the only way to survive in the coming years because of how special the world is. 
Cera Adamo is a young man who is almost 20 and he is the one that found the world item that granted him one wish, something that saved his life in a last chance effort. He chose to go back into the past so he can get everything he needs for his family, he doesn’t want them to be dirt poor like they once were and this is his way to secure that it never happens again. 


kiralder: This book is very refreshing. 
It isn’t your typical overused story type with the same repetitive characters that you read in way too many books.
The background is well-thought, the characters are likeable, but they also have their edges, which is part of their charm for me.
The best part for me is that the book/the author hasn’t reached his full potential and you can see the grow throughout the chapters.
I have to belittle that the chapters are a little messy in the start, and there are a few spelling mistakes.
The first one improves a lot and the second one isn’t that obstructive.
All in all, please give this book a chance!!! I think it is really worth the time

dbrown1617: I have to say, I read a lot, so I generally don’t read stories that have this few of chapters. that being said, this was a very lucky find for me. the characters are realistic, and the story is immersive. it goes into a lot of details, without being bogged down by them. the history of the world is expansive, and even with the protagonist going back in time, the impacts from his actions seem to quickly make his foreknowledge mean little… on top of the fact that he did not have all encompassing knowledge to begin with. I have to recommend this book to anyone in need of a new one.

Nihle: You’ve created a masterpiece. From exposition, world building, suspense, character development, plot, and overall engagement. I usually dislike being overly positive with reviews, because critique serves in the favor of helping the author. But I truly have no complaints about this novel. At first I was thrown off by the shift of perspective between characters (with some other than the MC taking first person narratives), but it encourages a shift of world view from just the MC. And how, albeit being the MC, the world doesn’t solely revolve around him. I wish I’d have found this earlier to throw Power Stones at it, but for now on I’ll be doing that. Thank you for giving us this easyread, I love you.

Blackwater: The story itself is not bad, it’s a bit of a different take on your typical VR story. I’m personally just not a fan of the POV changes, the Family dynamic or the long traveling arcs. But that’s more a personal preference than a criticism of the story itself. A major thing that bugged me is the lack of line brakes like : ——— or ………… for a new POV shift or the transition from Game to real-world, it is not necessary but it makes reading much simpler. An other point is the lack of reason, i didn’t get a clear backstory of the MC or most of his family, 61 ch. into the story and we basically don’t know much of why he is doing what he is doing. Was 5 years into the future really so bad ? What is his motivation? Without at least a better driving force it feels like the MC is just a kid that plays the game and makes a bit if money nothing more. And last but not least, the mental Age of the MC . How old is he exactly? The way he handles his Family issues make me think that he is mentally no older than maybe 20. That isn’t in line with someone who has gone thru hard times and lost his family. But all in all upuntil this point the story is good, it’s more my personal preference that is a bit different and I enjoy his actions in the game more than any of the IRL interaction he has. will read more the next few days. 4/5 stars

John_Nielsen_4095: First thing first. Everything about the book gets better. The author is a rookie, but starts off well and after chapter 50, or so, when he begins to find his style, the story truly begin to shine.
An example is that he starts very traditional with classic game novel approaches eg. skill x used doing y dmg etc. Later he stops and use purely descriptive language in the battles, using the skill names when appropriate, but leaving out numbers and calculations. It makes the read flow much better and keeps the intensity sky high.
The character development is excellent, while it did take me a while to get used to the authors way of using POV for All characters, once you notice his style it reads effortlessly and gives the world and the characters in it much more depth.
This story is well worth investing in and is one of the best in its genre I have read. This is my first review, and this is the first book I read that I think deserved my time doing so.

ReadingExMachina: The only real weak point I can see in this story is the grammar (not that I am an expet). But that can easily be corrected and do not pose any real problem to the comprehension of the story.
The world background is unique enough but a bit too vague. It feels like some important informations about it are still hidden, living us “starving” for them. I do not know if this is intentional or not but it add some “addictive” sensation, keeping me hoocked to the world in general.
Character wise, I don’t really know how to rate them, because I read so many books, that nothing feel new apart from mentally unstable characters (and I don’t know how to feel about that) but I will give it a plus because the author is working hard to give them feel “human”, unlike many novel were you are left wondering how people can still live in a world full of psychos.
The story feels a bit slow at some moment, and normal at others. I will give it a plus because it never feel too fast and I personally like that. I don’t know if the feeling of slowness is due to this “starved for information” one or because somtime it feel like there are less pages available to read than normal, but as it don’t really affect how I like this novel, it is only a small negative point.
Taht’s it for my review. I am not a professional and it is largely made from my perspective and as such is a little biased.
Have a nice day!

PaleReaper5: Before I start this review I at the time of writing this have read up to chapter 150 out of 166 so marking this as spoiler for those who will read the reviews before reading this story. So if you don’t want to be spoiled even after the spoiler warning then this is the last chance to turn back. (If you want to get my true opinion on the story you can just skip to the end if you don’t want to read all of what is below) Overall this story has fantastic potential due to a great world that isn’t your standard copy paste kind like in other stories. I know a lot of people had issues with the POV changes and the author addressed it on how they will handle it and how we the readers should. Which is great that the author is actually taking the time to read the reviews to get better and see what could be improved upon or what we the readers are pointing out, makes you feel like the author truly wishes to get better not only for themselves but for us as well so we can enjoy the story even more. With that being said I did have some issues with the POV changes but I’ve grown to appreciate some of them like whenever it switches to what the church (Pope or Saintess) are up to is great in my opinion since they are a major force in the world so it is interesting to see how things are developing on their end. Also with J&X without the POV changes to them we would be lost on why they are brought into this world but at the same time you could’ve saved that and made it something of a goal for Cera to track them down and find out what has happened rather than reveal it all to us the readers already either way is fine though I have no issues with how you did handle it. But others I feel I have no need to care for like creatureman and ghostzero I understand their story but I’m more interested in seeing Cera continue making progress since you’ve hooked me on seeing him develop more considering he is now I guess with them being brought over to Gaia truly not just a character that is the son of Michael but truly the son of Michael now so the time used on them just feels wasted as they were even introduced as just mercenaries hired in the war early on but given no reason to care for them after that short time with them then. Same with other alliance leaders I can understand the want to introduce them so we can see what is going on with other players but we the readers don’t really have much reason to care for what others players do. It would be okay here and there or mainly only for major things like the roaming raid boss raid if Cera isn’t apart of it. But as I’ve read farther I have noticed POV changes less frequently so I guess you already kind of realized you don’t need to do it as much but do it enough that we still get to see what else is going on in the world. Keep it up though I am noticing an improvement in the quality which is nice to see. Something new I noticed which is really weird is Cera’s mindset on things like when he meets up with his family after they all get transported to Gaia he doesn’t tell them he is the divine class player everyone is looking for and doesn’t do it until he is leaving. Yet he tells Sally a random half elf girl that was working in a inn with whom he has no attachments to at all but decides on a whim, Hey lets take her along with me help her get a legendary class and better gear also tell her that I’m the son of Michael, like it feels like such a odd thing to do she is a pretty weak resident of Gaia as well compared to others he has met so why tell her a nobody when even in the beginning of the story he was putting so much emphasis on making sure as little people knew about this. So she a tag along gets to know faster than his own family baffles me. Also I double checked and didn’t find anything but there was no reason for him to bring her along with him it feels so forced like its trying to be his potential love interest and it hurts to see because it feels so forced. Yet we as the readers once again have no reason to care for her as she was abruptly introduced as just an inn worker no one special and not multiple encounters and enough time to want to see something between them. Also doesn’t help you also had Hailey say what his type was to Snow Princess earlier and she very clearly is far from his type. So even after her suddenly catching feelings for someone she also didn’t know until recently and then forcing herself on him and him somewhat letting her do it after rejecting her just didn’t sit right after knowing he has a type and its not her and he has the strength to have not let that happen apart from her already being some random girl he’s decided to pick up and give things she never would’ve had without his help and knowledge. For now though it just doesn’t feel right how he told her such a big secret and then did so much to hold it back from his own family for no truly good reason. I get there is the chance of them being found out to be his family and forced to say who he is but they’re currently trapped on a separate continent for who knows how long with only players and no player will want to do anything to his family since I’m sure they all know that there is no chance any of them could threaten him or would want to get on his bad side considering the power he has especially compared to the other legendary class holders. Who knows maybe later with more encounters and overall time with her around she may grow on me more but as of now I’m not a fan of how this whole time with her has been. But with all of that said there isn’t much else that I could say that is bad about the story since it’s still so young so the chances of it improving are very likely from what I have seen so far. I do wish to see more of that urgency that he had early on though to get stronger fast since it seems like he has last that in these chapters with Sally he could be doing his quest but is wasting time with this when he already will be calling on Fenrir to help him with the boss so if he a divine class who is a higher level with a legendary sword on par with swords like excalibur and durandel is deemed as far too weak to complete his quest then what help would a person who will only get a legendary class with fewer levels and worse equipment be able to add (maybe I’ll find out as I keep reading but I guess you get my point). But he used to just go from one quest to the next and then to the next with the sole goal of getting stronger and leveling up quick yet now only tier one with no mana aura and sub level 100 it’s not him being arrogant but it feels like it feels like he might be getting too cocky even though he should know full well that even with a OP class and OP sword it means nothing in front of the hermit, grandmaster, nelli, and Fenrir. He is still very far from being there but still you would think with his knowledge of the game from 5 years of it in his past life that he would be doing so much more and be on an even faster track to getting even stronger as he gets stronger so he can do even more things. Overall to wrap up this review since its getting too long I’ll say these things about it. Should you read this? Yes you should! Why should you read this even after all I said was mainly things wrong I had with it? The author may make mistakes but they are improving and want us to help them improve so they actually care about this story and want it to improve for our enjoyment as well instead of just doing this to just do it and listen to their readers on top of that it is a great story with a cool world and a MC that makes steady progress in getting stronger and stronger! If that still hasn’t convinced you to read it well I’m positive you will find yourself reading more and more even if you get mad about some stuff like I did I still found myself wanting to know more and wanting to know what happens. That is just how this story is the author has done a great job in making an interesting world that is filled with a lot of wonder and questions that you will be excited to see if they get answered I know I’m excited to see where this story will go and how this story will further develop! SO READ THIS STORY!

Story Post Last Updated: July 8, 2021


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