[Story] In the clutches of the dark prince

Title: In the clutches of the dark prince
Author: Mystic_dragon1257
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Tags: Romance, Action, R-18, Adventure, Comedy
Audience: NC-17
Main Lead: Female
Status: Complete
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 1 CDD 1 SWB 1 || TQ 2 SV 1 || Overall: 6 (score explanation)
Number of Chapters: 61
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: November 2020
Date of Last Update: April 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 41.1K
Number of Reviews: 50
Isn’t it very weird when you’re life gets too normal and calm without any chaos, a peaceful life with so much silence and calm that you end up questioning yourself to know whether it’s real or not?
Well, there was a girl who really didn’t want that reality for herself and wanted something more… But, little did she know that everything had a price to pay and that she would end up losing everything that she held dear, that her consequences would end up being more than she could ever pay?

Melanie, a cheerful but hotheaded girl, with a lovely life finds herself scholar shipped on a trip by her school. 
Her once calm life changes completely as, she meets the mysterious, Brenden White !!
Her once calm and lively life gets filled with chaos!!


David_Neilsen: This is a fun story that stubles a bit due to the author’s unfamiliarity with grammer and puctuation. Also, we don’t really get a good idea as to who the author’s characters are, they all come across very similar. These ar eminor things, however, as the underlying story is engaging and worth a read.

Sigheti: A charming tale with a lovable protagonist. While I must confess I did not truly sympathise at first with the protagonist, I must confess she grew on me as the story advanced. There is a youthful naiveté about her that makes her very endearing. The chemistry seemed a tad obligatory, which confused me at first, but now that I think back on it it rather suits the beginning of the story very well. So I assume it’s done on purpose. Overall, it’s a riveting tale and a pleasure to read.

Easy_Tiger: Real intriguing opening to the story. The author hits the ground running as the protagonist Melanie awakes in a hospital bed and is told her parents are dead before soon being adopted into the family of the guy she has a crush on. There is a real air of mystery as the author backtracks and we discover more about the past. I look forward to reading this as a finished work, but for the moment the story is hard to fault. Excellent pacing, interesting story and a diverse and colorful cast of characters. Quality read.

phoenixhyperion: Putting my reviews here before I get carried on and read the whole book. Your story is engaging and amiable. You describe your characters nicely I can view the world from their perspectives. In the first chapter, you created a subtle mystery on what’s their connection and then you proceed in explaining it in the latter chapters. 
Overall it was nice and you did a good job author! Great job! Keep up the good work!

Gaureeey: I love the way you introduced the dark prince, Melanie’s character is soft and emotive, I love the reflections you’ve put across about suffering and pain that she suffered after her parents death. The story intensifies as it goes on and I can’t wait for more drama. Its romance with a dash of drama and a brief sprinkle of grief and tragedy yet, beautiful. PROTIP- use Grammarly or prowriting aid extensions on chrome to rectify errors, they’re very minute so don’t worry about them!

star_dreamer: This story is brilliantly unique with an intriguing plot and lovable, relatable and very enigmatic characters. 
There is a lot of mystery in this story which successfully hooks in the reader. The flow is nice. 
Descriptive passages, necessary details, captivating characters and story. 
Just a tad bit of polishing and editing will help improve dramatically. 
Good job author!

mozza_mello: Woah that was a good read 😀 
Alright, let’s start, first off, the beginning was great. It had a powerful hook and enough mystery to keep me wanting to read more and find out what happened and what will unfold. So good job, author! 😀 
The characters are lovable, and their interactions are very cute and it felt genuine, hehe! I love how each character has their own quirks, making them distinguishable, which is a plus, yay! 
The only thing that could use some work is the punctuation, I guess? It’s a bit distracting, but this is still a great book that’s smooth to read 😀 
Great work, author! Cheering for you! ❤

AmateurAuthor: This is a really nice novel! Based on reading just the first few chapters, I can feel already that the plot has a high potential. The character design is very good. Each of them has a unique history and personality. The choice of title and cover is also interesting. It is actually the thing that drew me to give a review of this novel. I am getting intrigued while reading and can’t wait for the next update. Definitely, adding it to my collection. Good job, author!

Blue_Crow: This novel is pretty good in my opinion. However, a review is a review and I need to state my thoughts on the flaws. (I ignored the grammatical errors as requested. 🙂 ) First of all, some of the dialogue feels a bit off at certain points of the story. However, you did manage to fix that in the later chapters so keep up the good work on editing some of the earlier chapters. The characters are pretty much fleshed out, but well, due to the first flaw, they could feel robotic. However, as I said before, you did fix it up a bit in the later chapters. To be honest, your world is pretty good, although I prefer not knowing the characters’ names first. You can introduce your characters through dialogue which also helps with the plot. However, you can just ignore this if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. After all, that would be a lot of peer-editing to do. That’s all I have to say. Keep on improving and good luck!

FantasyBliss30: A really cool and fun read. If you want some royal escapism, this is it. 
1. Writing quality: The writing quality is actually pretty good, although there are a few grammatical and typographical errors, But they do not take away from the meaning of the sentence. 
2. Stability of Updates: Regular 
3. Story Development: Really good. Develops pretty quickly and the conflict is established early on. Pacing is awesome too, and you can see the clear direction it is going towards. 
4. Character Design: The characters are already very likeable and their motivations are very clear. But, this is also an area that has some room improvement, especially regarding decision making by the characters and the reactions to their surroundings. I have shared detailed suggestions in individual chapters. 
5. World Background: Awesome!! You see all the key players right away. There is some room for greater fleshing out of the surroundings but it can always be done in a second edit and does not take away from the story. 
Thank you very much, dear author, for the great work!

Story Post Last Updated: July 8, 2021


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