[Story] Earth’s Doom Starts with… Me?

Title: Earth’s Doom Starts with… Me?
Author: mozza_mello
Genre(s): Fantasy Romance
Tags: System, Magic, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Action, Game Elements, Apocalyptic, Mystery (excludes non-tag)
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 1 || Overall: 10 (score explanation)
Number of Chapters: 142
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: January 2021
Date of Last Update: June 11, 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 501K
Number of Reviews: 116
[Time left until earth’s doom: 3 years] 
Yoo Chaerin, a 24-year old con-artist, opened her eyes in an unfamiliar place only to be greeted by this message. 
“What is this place? I’m sure this is earth but it feels… different.” She thought to herself. 
“Why is everything so barren? Why do we have horses instead of cars? And armored soldiers fighting monsters? …With magic?” 
Here, Yoo Chaerin will have to face an earth that’s totally different from the earth she once knew. 
An earth where everyone has missions like in that of a game. 
An earth where monsters terrorize every single human being. 
An earth where everyone speaks the same language. 
It is where she has to find her place to belong. 
“I’ll survive. And one day, I’ll find him and make him remember me.” 
In a world where everyone can use the system, how will Yoo Chaerin survive? Who is this ‘him’ she’s talking about? And what if she’s not just your run-off-the-mill con-artist? 


Wolfgirl1215: Oh my goodness! This book is amazing!
Right away I fell in love with the characters and the amazing world building. 
The story is really immersive, the descriptiveness is to die for, not to mention there is some great humor in there too! I have to say, this book is probably the first book on this site that I want to keep reading and going back to. A masterpiece!

FrostByte47: This is amazing! Another great find for little ol me. From the world to the characters everything feels grounded. Every character is believable and realistic, unlike other books that have characters that are cardboard cutouts of one another.
Another great point of this book is the mystery aspect. It makes you anticipate for more as the story progresses. Great job! Looking forward for more.

phoenixhyperion: Just for the record, I like your protagonist. You have an intriguing way to display her character and the others. I’m actually not a fan of system books stuff since I don’t play games and I don’t understand the stats language but you have a very interesting way of depicting this kind of genre that makes people who aren’t interested in this kind of stuff, indulged in this book. And that’s awesome! Good work author!

Tethras: I honestly came to this story thinking it would be a way to pass the time for a day or two while waiting for stories I cared about to update but it has blown me away. I enjoy all the characters we’ve had presented to us and appreciate Chae. The story itself has intrigued me enough that I’ve included this book in the list of ones I check for updates on daily. The world is interesting and keeps me wanting to see more and learn more of it. Even the parts that feel predictable so far are enjoyable as they play out in interesting ways. Overall I really enjoy it but my favorite part is the author’s interactiveness. They seem really great and are the main reason I decided to leave a review!

NightWind: Wowiee it’s a great story so far! The characters are fully fleshed out, each having their own thoughts. 
A few even made me hate them on behalf of the MC. I also like the power system so far, and can’t wait for the MC to grow much stronger than she currently is so she can give them all a large beating. 
One of the highlights of this novel is the background of the world. The author does an excellent job of coating everything in a layer of mystery such that it’s hard to NOT want to figure things out. 
It’s also supremely well written! I can honestly say I can’t wait for more. Thanks for writing this, author!

Scarlettheartt: Can I have options more than 5 stars? I would have given 10 out 5 if it was possible. I am hooked to the story. This is freaking so awesome book. I want everyone to read this story.❤❤❤
I have never read the story where we start thinking about and reacting from the first sentence only. This is a story where we start to feel what MC is feeling, think according to a situation that comes in front. Since the first line, it starts taking over your mind. 
In this book sometimes you laugh, feel sad or overreact, sometimes you get so curious that you can’t put down the phone. You just can’t stop reading. 
I love where Main characters are shown strong, smart, kick-ass because what is the use of dumb, dependent, idiot MC in a story like this? The MC is exactly the way she is supposed to be there. strong witted, intelligent, wise. 
picture building, writing style, grammar, the storyline, correct use of accurate words and phrases is everything is just the best. When you read some action scene, you can imagine in front of your eyes, like it is happening before you. 
I recommend this book to everyone to read. I loved it so much. ❤❤ It is that kind of book where you get a smile after reading. That satisfaction of reading something really good is here. 
All the best dear author, Thank you for writing this book. it is best.❤❤❤

First comments: 
I genuinely feel like I would be a disappointment to society if I were to give a lower rating to this novel. I wish I could even rate it higher, this novel, gave me goosebumps with how incredible it is, the conversations, word choice, story flow, interactions, thought processes, world-building, characters, and so much more, are literally perfect. They have reached the level of perfection. 
I honestly can’t give a short review, and yet the dozens of other reviews, all of which are 5-star ratings, should speak for themselves. Let me summarize my thoughts in a list, 
List of the positive(+), and the negative(-) parts of this novel: 
Here are the Good Parts about this novel: 
+Unique Plot: At no point in this novel does it delve into ‘Cliche’ or overused plots that, at one point were fun to read, but are now just plain boring. This novel makes use of an already interesting, yet not fully explored genre while taking its own twists and turns. 
+Story: I can genuinely say, that the story in the just above 10 chapters in this novel has already interested me further than reading hundreds of chapters in any novel in the top 10. It’s so well designed and ‘Everything just seems to fit into place’. 
+Writing style: The narration is in the form of First-Person, while occasionally displaying the thoughts and ideas of other characters, to give a wider perspective to the audience, to further realize the amount of effort gone into thinking about each and every single one of the characters, and plot points. 
+Chapters: I can’t talk about the chapter without including things like the word count. Each chapter is sufficiently long and gives you the feeling of satisfaction once read. As I said earlier, every single part of the novel just makes sense. The author obviously has an incredible talent for writing. 
+Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation: I have come to know that the author isn’t even a native speaker of English (to my knowledge, not 100% accurate, but I have reason to believe so); and yet every part of this literature is much more well made than any English Speaker or Writer I know. I’m not kidding when I say the writing style rivals some of the most popular novels out there, and this has barely even started. 
+MC (Female): Now coming to the novel’s elements, without spoiling anything, I can say that the Main Character of the novel is not your average, dumb, protagonist that doesn’t make any proper decision wisely, and just happens to randomly know information and have personalities that do not suit their regular behavior. In this novel, the MC is perfectly made, as if the author was talking about a close friend, and I respect that. 
+World-Building and Mystery: In my opinion, this is by far the best part of the novel, the Author genuinely knows how to convey information, conversations, thoughts, dialogues, interactions, movements, and other such things, without it seeming too clunky or information-heavy. 
Also, the Author brings out intriguing details and foreshadowing right from the beginning, while capturing the readers’ attention, making them want more, even after the first chapter! 
+Pacing: To add to the previous point, the way the story is represented in this novel is extraordinary. Each chapter is Fast-Paced, having intense scenes and unpredictable scenarios, along with relatable actions that make you cheer for the characters, and not just the MC. 
However, even though the novel is Fast-Paced, there is no feeling of it being rushed or under-worked on, as each chapter is practically perfect, with little to no errors, anywhere you look! 
+Author-Kun: And lastly, and also most importantly, the Author of this novel herself. No, I’m not simply by writing such a long review, and this wasn’t done only for review swapping, if that was the case, I would’ve just written a paragraph or two. I genuinely enjoy this novel, and even more so, respect the Author. She has helped me find mistakes in my works, and help me develop as a writer, even though she had no reason to do so or to bother talking to me while she was busy working on her own novel as well. 
And for that, Thanks a Lot! 
The Author is genuinely a great person, and any question you may have about the novel, characters, plot progression, story, or literally anything, feel free to comment on a chapter or leave a review, and I can practically guarantee she will reply positively. There is enough evidence of this lol. 
Negative points: (not really lol): 
-1 CHAPTER/DAY: Even though 1 chapter is more than enough lol, this novel isn’t contracted, I can’t really blame WebNovel as this novel is still really underrated, but probably not for long. But if it was, then the author would probably dedicate more of her time to this. 
Yeah, that’s the only negative point, another thing could be the occasional once per chapter- spelling mistakes, which could also easily be dealt with with a proofreader. 
Thanks for reading this review, and thanks for reading the novel. 
Please keep releasing daily, Author-Kun!

Story Post Last Updated: July 1, 2021


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