[Story] Blue Moon Princess

Title: Blue Moon Princess
Author: The_Chimp
Genre(s): Fantasy Romance
Tags: Reincarnation, Adventure, Comedy, Action, Cultivation, Dragon, Video Game Elements (excludes non-tag)
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 3 || TQ 3 SV 2 || Overall: 12 (score explanation)
Number of Chapters: 180
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: December 2020
Date of Last Update: June 27, 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 285.3K
Number of Reviews: 14
I just got my freedom; moved away from my house and was about to have a new beginning— alas I died before even tasting the freedom, since I got hit by the renowned reincarnation specialist, truck-kun. 
But my luck was tremendous as I reincarnated into a new world—as expected, with my memories fully intact. That’s when I realized that the world around me looked eerily similar to the one in a game called the World of Cultivation and I am the heroine—scratch that; this body is just a random mob of this world. 
My hopes and dreams of living a peaceful life in this world crumbled down right in the beginning, when I learned that I’m bound to die soon from the hands of the main lead. 
Fret not, this world is one with cultivation. Although there’s just a few days before my uneventful death, I can do something with my cultivation and—ah, my body can’t even do cultivation now, can it? 
It seems like my luck wasn’t that good. Instead, I’ve been riddled with numerous misfortunes. 
However, don’t think that I’ll give up on this precious second chance that fate bestowed upon me. 
My intention is to survive. 
And I’m willing to do anything for it! 


Nekonigiri001: There’s sooo many plot twist that was unexpected. It managed to catch me off guard as I was reading it. I like how relatable the MC (Hua) is – how mediocre she is, how she’s not your typical milky white skin, or the main character of a main character but a supporting one. Bonus point for me: Some scenes are funny enough that got me laughing hehehe It was a breath of fresh air for me. Okay, I do admit I get carried away reading it but it was a pretty much enjoyable read. (Sorry for being a noisy reader!!)

DgodRequiem: Hello there~ 
It’s an excellent book that just seems to click with me and I grinded until the latest chapter. The writing is good and flows really well; it gives you a vivid enough image that you don’t feel lost or confused. The story has been developing nicely, and it doesn’t stick too much on the cliches we see in most novels. The character design is also very interesting with the characters coming off sort of ‘alive’ to me it makes me feel something basically they give off emotions that I can relate to and that made me appreciate your writing more. Though a lot of the world has been introduced, I feel that we still don’t know what realms there are for cultivation, all we know is Qi level and the last stage before Godhood is Ancient. Sorry, I am rambling but when I read an excellent book I get so immersed that I feel like ‘What if I was in the novel’. 
If you want a good cultivation read where you can find out more about cultivation, I recommend I Shall Seal the Heavens.

Story Post Last Updated: June 28, 2021


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