[Story] Memories Like a Dagger

Title: Memories Like a Dagger
Author: SolAce
Genre(s): Fantasy
Tags: Comedy, Drama, Tragedy, Slow burn, Romance, Action, Male Protagonist
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 2 || Overall: 11 (score explanation)
Number of Chapters: 20
Chapter Length: Long
Reading Level: High
Date of First Release: August 21, 2020
Date of Last Update: April 24, 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 38.8K
Number of Reviews: 110
“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is like a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” – Anonymous

Kalani’s only unique aspect in life: being pecked daily by his bird, Whistle. Other than that, he was the average nature-loving boy and a mischievous prankster for his family, much to their dismay.
However, the world with its kingdoms and tribes weren’t as calm as life portrayed it to be. Dangerous undercurrents were roiling beneath the scenes, sucking in anyone who even touched the surface of it. 
And with those dirty hands, ‘they’ snatched everything away from him, leaving him as only a shell of who he was before— a husk imprisoned deep underground. 
Until, he finally saw a light in his dreary world— in the form of a naive, optimistic girl.
Far from perfect, she definitely frustrated him on many occasions, but the myriad of feelings he kept bottled up inside began to leak, and he couldn’t plug it.
“Am I willing to risk everything for her? Or do I want to complete my objective…?” he would murmur to himself, emerald eyes glued onto her petite figure.


Saeven07: I’m really loving this book!! The writing quality is top-notch! Understandable, imaginative, descriptive, emotional. Speaking of descriptions, the way it was written was so clear. The characters were thoroughly built and brought up with it. Kalani was mysterious in his own little way, even with him as the MC. Nevertheless, readers could still follow his thoughts and could easily relate to him with it through the bonds he shares with the people (and an adorable little bird) in the story. The world hasn’t been fully explored yet but I think it would be worth the wait since the details were being carefully placed, meanings deep within it. This is all I could say to it. Thank you for this lovely book, SolAce! Cheers to you!

Prince_nonchalant: Interesting synopsis, interesting developments in the story and very vivid descriptions. The grammar has no visible faults which makes the writing quality flow very nicely. The author obviously has the skills and motivation to make this into a fantastic novel. You know how to create a gripping scene appealing to the reader’s emotions.
Your writing style has an unpredictable taste about it which can completely catch readers off-guard. I love that. I look forward to seeing how you deal with plot twists if you do place any in the story as I am sure you’d execute it wholesome. 
You also seem very adaptive to making the novel as best as possible so there is no way I can give you anything less than a 5.
Great job and keep up the good work author! I’ll be reading every once in a while to see how the story goes.

Gaure: I believe in constructive criticism, especially when rating the work of a fellow author, so I would like to give you some advice as well. 🙂 
First of all, the story is quite mysterious but it catches the reader’s attention early on! The idea of other tribes recognizing themselves as the “Humans” instead of designating that term to us, is a very intriguing concept. I have to say, amazing. 
However, you seem to have overlooked a few mistakes in the beginning and should therefore reread your content. It is a crucial skill to be able to realize your mistake and grow from them as a writer and I am trying to help you do that. Quite a number of grammar errors here and there, the story structure tends to be quite vague so please spend more time developing the setting as much as you do to characters, and that’s pretty much it really. 
It’s a beautiful story. Keep up the good work, my friend!

Hua_Li_An: “Memories Like a Dagger” is an exciting fantasy-action novel, with a unique presentation of its characters. Much like the prologue, the MC, Kalani, is confronted with two sides of himself and is plagued with contrasting memories. This bout of mystery and intrigue is surely to keep you reading on your seats. 
Points to consider: 
-Grammar: Although it’s definitely better than most, it’s not perfect, but it’s getting there. I’ve placed a few comments here and there so it could get better. 
-General Storytelling: Some areas can get a bit dragging, but I believe it’s a matter of preference of the readers. Also, the mood of the stories can change abruptly, so be careful of that. 
Great points: 
-Frankly, it’s an incredibly interesting read. I can sense great potential the longer it goes, so this will surely have a place on my library. The author has done a great job with the plot and characterization, and even the newly introduced characters are interesting as well. 
To conclude, it’s a really great story that makes you want to read more. I’m looking forward to more chapters! 

Wolfgirl1215: This novel? Chefs kiss, absolutely beautiful. 👌
A few chapters in and the amount of twists and turns, heartache and emotions I have felt from reading is already way above that of so many other books. 
The way the author writes is passionate and descriptive, and they encapsulate the emotions of a character or a scene so well – they are a person after my own heart.
I love how the plot progresses, not to fast or slow, and is really well balanced in terms of dialogue and description.
I have fallen in love with the characters and the world, and this book has so much to offer not just for a reader, but a writer as well.
This book is staying in my collections as one of my favourites. I will certainly keep reading!

Tangerqueen: Honestly, I rarely give 5 star reviews and only when I think a book really deserves it. I haven’t binge read something on this site for soooo long, and if all the books on here were like this one, I’d have so much more respect for it ;-; 
Writing Quality: Literally the prologue got me going like 0.0 It was just so beautifully put together? Like I’m not quite sure how to put it to words, but the moment I realized what the analogy was actually saying, I was low-key shook. That being said, there wasn’t a single spot in this novel that wasn’t beautifully polished such that every word felt like it had to be there. The tensions in the action scenes lived up to my expectations, as did the heart-warming ones. 
Story Development: If it wasn’t for how clear your writing was, I think I would be lost with the switching between memories and reality sorta chapters. But literally because of how you set the mood and tone of the chapters depending on the emotions you were trying to convey, I had no issue going from mindset to mindset. Also, I think it actually made the current picture seem even more haunting with the juxtapositions. 
Character Design: Whistle. Enough said and more than enough reason for me to give a 5/5 for this. 
World Background: How do I put this. Not only do you describe the cells in a way that you make me want to punch the people (if you can even call them that) that put them there. But you also describe what seemed to be a utopia before it was corrupted, somehow making me want to punch them even more. 
Overall, I really want to say that this is a freakin gem. From the superrrr aesthetic cover art to the beautiful analogies and the story itself, I really really wish Webnovel would advertise your story more. Although it’s still currently pretty sure, I think this novel would be one that actually somehow made an impact on me considering Webnovel as a platform. I think this is the first story I’ve added to my library from browsing the forums, but geez I’m glad I did!

AmateurAuthor: Memories Like a Dagger is the Best Book Ever! It is really amazing and unforgettable! The quality of writing is far beyond what you typically see in the Webnovel platform. It is possibly one of the best novels I have ever read in recent years. In fact, my first encounter with this book was purely coincidental. It was just another day for me to do a review swap, and I picked this book up just out of curiosity about the way the author advertised in the forum. Now, I’m glad that I did! 
Seriously, SolAce captivates his readers with his remarkable narration of the story and then manages to entice us more with his beautiful language. SolAce’s writing style leaves nothing to the imagination but manages to remain easy to read and often, rather humorous. Every chapter and every paragraph was filled with fantastic descriptive narration. In contrast, the storyline leaves it all to the reader’s imagination and keeps us wondering what could have happened next. 
However, what interests me the most about the book is the author’s seemingly effortless jump from points of view. Often we find that an author excels at one particular point of view and not the others. However, SolAce is able to write between them seamlessly. 
In terms of characters, the book’s three initial main characters (Kalani, Nyx, and Whistle) also serve to complement each other so well that they simply could not exist without one another. Their unique relationships were portrayed very well throughout the story. 
However, in my humble opinion, the weak spot of this novel also lies in the sophistication of the words that the author used. Most readers probably don’t familiarize themselves with some terms that the author used. If the author would like to have more variety of readers, then the author may want to consider using less advanced words. But, if the author targeted a specific audience, I think it is ok as it is. 
Overall, I want to say that this book is really an awesome book. I like the way the author is writing. The plot is also intriguing and exciting at the same time. I would recommend you give this novel a try. It is definitely worth it! Good Job, Author. This is a stunning novel!  
I will update the review more of the story as I read it more. 🙂

itsmeTuba: As a part of my new honest review policy, I will not hold back.
The novel starts out in a gentle manner and we meet the best character (in my opinion so far) named Whistle. Whistle is an intelligent bird who is trying to get her friend to pay attention to her. And later we meet Nyx who is a bird but a humanoid one. And in my opinion she is the worst character in this novel, who doesn’t respect personal boundaries and lacks common sense.
If the reader is a patient person they will enjoy the development of this story. So to anyone starting out I’d recommend reading the first 5 chapters before making any decisions.
Currently this novel has 10 chapters available and it took me all 10 of those chapters to get a basic idea of the plot.
To realize what was even going on it took me 5/10 chapters. As a reader I think people might tire out of it by that point. The synopsis also doesn’t give the reader any idea of what they are about to read. I saw a review saying that the synopsis is too short and maybe the author changed it before I read it. But it’s better to have a short synopsis rather than having a long one that doesn’t convey anything.
For me personally. Since I agreed to do a critical review, I didn’t quit the novel after chapter 2 when things stopped making sense. But slowly I got an idea.
Unfortunately I had to develop this idea myself since the story didn’t tell me anything until chapter 5 or 6.
Although it was a really pleasant surprise when things took a turn a few chapters in, if a reader doesn’t even get to that point they’ll never be surprised, instead they’d think the story is too bland. I’d recommend writing a synopsis that gives the reader some idea before they start reading or else they’d be too lost. Even if that synopsis is short. Cause I’ve dropped more novels with longer synopsis than ones with shorter synopsis.
The writing quality isn’t too bad. There are a bunch of issues, but they could have just been mistakes so I’d recommend the author to go through each chapter again to fix these issues. I’m not sure if the number of mistakes decreased in the later chapters or I just got used to some of the weirdly phrased stuff.
But there were a lot of interesting things. Since I choose to continue reading I did get a bit immersed in the novel and when I finished chapter 10 I just swiped up, forgetting that so far only 10 chapters were available. So as long as the author can keep people interested for the first 5-6 chapters, I think a lot of them will like it.

Story Post Last Updated: May 11, 2021


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