[Story] Fatal

Title: Fatal
Author: Vidit_Verma
Genre(s): Fantasy
Tags: Reincarnation, System, Action, Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Revenge, Magic, Evolution, Suspense
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 1 CDD 1 SWB 1 || TQ 2 SV 0 || Overall: 5
Number of Chapters: 29
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: July 21, 2020
Date of Last Update:
December 12, 2020
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 181.5K
Number of Reviews: 112
In “Fatal” you will find an unique combination of almost all genre possible for me to deliver . 
This story is of Victor who is a bit confused between his imagination and reality . He is made to travel between realms and even has to jump time lines and has to fill the empty space of Vasilus . Victor along with is friends will solve all the mysteries which will come in their ways to take their revenge for the “death” of Vasilus.
His journey to past and future will also make you visualise the acts before your eyes.


MoeJam90: Good storyline! I love how the characters interact with each other they make for some good dynamic. The plot is quality standard with the mystery just getting you deeper and deeper into the abyss. An eerie atmosphere that gives another top mystery series a run for its money.

bishop1275: The plot of the story was interesting. Fantasy genres are usually hard because of the in depth descriptions of the characters and different scenarios. I would say that the concept was very intriguing and exciting, but maybe work on polishing your sentences.

CodeW: Okay, just a few words to say. 
The plot is good. It’s about reincarnated man dreaming about his past life(?). 
However, the execution could be a lot better. As of now, there’s a lot of run-on sentences. And most of the chapters read like a play. (Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.) 
This, do however, have potential. I am looking forward to it.

Xylesia: i’ll give my honest review. The starting of the story was quite intriguing and interesting. From the start, you feel as if you’re getting drawn into the plot. It’s truly enchanting. The characters are well designed and the world background is vivid and realistic. The only issue I have with is how the dialogue is written. Also, there were few grammatical mistakes here and there. But other than that, I do not have any problems. The author is doing an amazing job and I can hardly wait for the upcoming chapters to come. I hope the author will update soon. Thank you for your hard work!

rising_darkstar: The story has a good vibe to it. At first it would seem like your basic clichés but the story soon picks up the pace with mysteries and such. It is a pleasant read but at the same time it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I like how original you were with names because names can totally change the vibe of a character and that really matter.
Although the story is really good I would like to ask the author take help in proofreading the chapters. The story is nice but has silly mistakes in paragraph spacing and stuff. But no worries! its a basic issue with all authors haha I do that too. KEEP UP THE GOOD Work💕

Prince_nonchalant: Okay the synopsis is just decent, could use a bit more work. The story itself has interesting characters, it’s kind of slow paced but thats understandable. It’s not a bad story by any means as the character interactions are fluid and the dialogue is done uniquely compared to most novels.
My only real issues were character designs as you did give detail on their personalities but not so much on how they looked. Also the grammar could use a little bit of work as I see unnecessary spacing here and there as well as missing punctuation and incorrect tenses being used.
I however won’t mark you too hard for it since this is your first novel.
I commend you for your idea and concept as they are interesting. Please don’t give up and continue this novel author. I’ll add it to collections to see if improvements are made later on.
Good luck!

ChristySeraSwiftcc: I like how the novel starts. I do believe the writing style needs a bit of improvement and correction (and some editing too perhaps) but the opening of the novel was superb as it takes you directly into its world.
I like the character Victor as he is relatable and it feels like we are Victor himself. The world of this book is so intriguing. I wish I could enter it! I love “magic” and thus “magical realism” genre! 
This book is definitely recommended by me, it’s worth the shot for anyone who likes magical realism.
The story is interesting and captivating! It will keep you wanting more 😍
Good job author! Hats off to your imagination and creativity! Please keep updating the book and keep up your hard work ☺️ 👍😌🌻😌👌❤️

Story Post Last Updated: April 24, 2021


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