[Story] Empty Land

Title: Empty Land
Author: Killian Rain
Genre(s): Fantasy, Mystery, Drama
Tags: crime, political, strong male lead, world building, brothers, suspense
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 3 || TQ 3 SV 2 || Overall: 12
Number of Chapters: 159
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: July 4, 2020
Date of Last Update: April 22, 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Tapas
Number of Views: 24K
Number of Reviews: N/A
In the most desolate desert lands that Gaeath’s continent conceived, Empty Land’s region came to harbor countless difficulties and punishments for anyone who would defy its name.
There, right in the heart of dunes and more dunes of infertility, a commercial city is beginning to rise from the old tyranny that ravaged its entire poor population.
Still suffering from the old habits of the old monarchy, Verozys continues to deal with several other threats that never ceased to exist on its darkest nights.
Meet Druko – a cold businessman – who, together with his brother Ruzorh, plans to change the violence’s tide that keeps hindering their future of riches.
Amid circus festivals, family dramas, political intrigue, and a stir of unresolved mysteries, the protagonists try, at all costs, to unmask the real villains behind so many endless evils.
Let the paradigm shift begin.



Story Post Last Updated: April 23, 2021


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