[Story] Races: Online ( VR Smartphone App )

Title: Races: Online ( VR Smartphone App )
Author: RachelRuth
Genre(s): Video Games
Tags: System, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Modern, Virtual Reality, Sci-Fi, Weak to Strong, Slice of Life, Game Elements
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 3 || TQ 3 SV 1 || Overall: 11
Number of Chapters: 277
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: May 14, 2020
Date of Last Update: March 3, 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 1.6M
Number of Reviews: 52
– What happens when a young man with bad luck receives the opportunity of a lifetime? 
After receiving a strange email to beta-test a game for $1000, will you venture into the world of Races: Online and meet multiple Fantasy Races? Will you embark onto the path of becoming one of the future Heroes and Adventurers by enrolling in the Kraelonia Academy? Will you seek to build your village or perhaps aim for the crown instead? 
See the world through the lenses of the main protagonist and other characters: 
Han Jing – a twenty-something young man who receives the email and becomes a Player. Live as a Student at Kraelonia Academy by night, but return to the real world by day and discover the world one lives in has its own secrets lingering beneath its surface. 
Timothy Cook – an NPC (?) from Rockfall Village who also travels with ‘Han’ to Kraelonia Academy. A young man with a fiery personality and the [ Firestarter ] Skill to match, after losing his mother during the Demon Lord’s attack, does he have anything left to do? The allure of magic calls to him, but what if he sinks deeper than he could possibly go? 
A world of Classes, Levels, Swords and Sorcery… hop into the Races: Online server and start your quest today! 
Or maybe meet up with the other Players offline? 
“This Demon Lord would really like to have a word with you without the safety net of the game rules.” 


Trash_Senpai: Alright what to say what to say…Its great so far. The world is clearly described without going overboard and letting readers figure things out on their own. The mc is fun and can be relatable at times which is always a plus, the writing quality itself is great itself with the exception of a typo or two every now and then.
All in all this looks promising and its definitely worth a read, at least from what I’ve seen.

untaken: The background of this world is actually some of the best world building I’ve seen in a long time, because the author doesn’t just say anything specific most of the time, but instead drops small hints. I can’t tell where the story is going right now, although that’s usually how video games go, so I suppose it makes sense. the writing quality is great, as is the update stability, although I don’t have anything specific to say about that. The characters all feel like people I could meet in real life, they have real personalities, and I really am excited to see how you do character developement.

MotivatedSloth: Great story! 
Amidst all the comedy and author’s concoius choice of putting the MC down outright, you will find out that this story offers a great premise, impeccable worldbuilding without the steep cost of spoonfeeding the exposition to the reader, all the way up to the topping of the genuine characters and their choices within the brackets of the given world. 
Great read, can recommend especially as a light lecture to relax!

_Kaitlin_: This story uses so much detail in describing the world within it. The author seems to be a pro at building plot points and proper bases for building up the story. 
When I read this book, I can see the world vividly as if I’m really there. The earlier chapters give us a bit of knowledge as to the main character’s life, letting us sympathize with him. 
It describes the quests and the app itself in relatable terms, making it easy to understand it. The leveling system and functions work like a person gaining social status in the Mid-Evil Renaissance.
There’s so much potential here! You’re bound to love this book! I guarantee!

ClickCluck: First of all, I would like to say I’m impressed in how fast you update. Do you have a backlog or are you just that fast in writing? Either way, it doesn’t affect the quality and I am impressed.
The writing is good, it has a distinct flow that makes you wanting to keep on reading. Although, there are sentences or paragraphs that needs work. I assume you do not have an editor so this is understandable.
The progression or development of the story is kind of slow, but the writing makes up for it. Even if the build up is slow, when you reach the ‘climax,’ it feels rewarding. I also like the air of mystery you add here and there.
Lastly, the world building. Since this is an MMORPG set in a fantasy world, I suggest you go crazy with your creatures and locations; make it as expansive as you can. I’m already impressed with the number of races the story has, I’m expecting the same for the world too.
Overall, I am intrigued by your story! I want more and I want to go on an adventure with the MC in that weird game of infinite races.

LotsChrono: This was a review-swap but I’ll say that I’m always honest when reviewing and criticizing others; review-swap or not. 
Chapter reached: 69 
Rating: 4/5 
Writing (⅘): The writing in this story is a cut above almost all web novels on amateur writing platforms. Although fairly light to read when it comes to western standards, and easy to pick up and follow, it is in no way bad. Using descriptions when needed, the story’s writing is more than enough to keep you engaged. 
There are minimal grammatical or typographic errors. Most having to do with pronouns, like calling a single male’s object ‘their’ instead of ‘his.’ Furthermore, subjectively, there’s places where the word flow could use improvement to make things clearer and more enjoyable to read. Are these small gripes numerous? Not at all. You will hardly notice them if you’re engrained in the story enough, but they are still there. 
In essence, the writing style is perfect for the story, but the writing itself could use a once-over at certain times. 
Plot + World Building (⅘): The plot is initially a slow-burn. The idea and set up was definitely interesting, but I felt like the path to simply begin to progress in the story alone was a drag and I almost gave up on the novel there. When the two main characters actually reach the city, that’s when things begin picking up both within and without the game. 
Right now, the plot is still following a ‘magical school’ setting and I think it’s well done. It’s definitely not on the level of Harry Potter or the like, but the author brings his own charm. The explanation of [Classes] and [Races] was, for all intended purposes, perfect. And I can’t wait to see how the main character uses the system and his unique set of skills to grow stronger and more confident. The magical system is, although implemented well, standard and will not shock you. 
The real life segments, when the MC is out of the ‘game world’ are not interesting enough. Let me rephrase that, *the real life segments are not interesting enough when compared to the game world.  
You built and made this amazing world where the MC can grow in power and the like, and then you cut the story in half with the real world? Interesting premise but, most people that read are likely to come for that RPG-like world, that fantasy, that power growth, not earthly maneuvering. Whenever I see the irl sections of the story, my first thought is on when we’ll be going back to the fun stuff. Sorry author, that’s my pure perspective from a reader’s standpoint. From an authorship standpoint, I can understand why you have the irl portions, however. 
I’ll reiterate. It’s not that the irl potions suck, far from it, it’s simply that in comparison to the amazing “other world”, it has a ways to go. Furthermore, it seems to cut into the pacing of the novel. Whenever an irl segment pops up, it feels like nothing is being done or accomplished. 
The rest of the plot is to be seen. There are things being set up. But it’s to be seen. 
Characters (5/5)): The characterization in this work is splendid. Individuals given names in the novel have character, personality, and lives of their own. That’s just a simple fact. I think people may or may not love the characters, but there’s no doubt that they exist as realized individuals. 
The main character in particular is, without a doubt, fairly fleshed out. We know his personality. His thoughts. His little action quirks on his behavior. And, what I think is most important, and many web novel authors forget, we know his goals. And I don’t just mean “get stronger.” That’s always a given 
Then there’s his ‘sidekick’ who acts more as a secondary main-character within the story. He’s basically a tsundere. 
There’s really not much else to say on character work other than “It’s magnificent.” 
Dynamic Descriptions (⅖): I call this segment ‘dynamic descriptions’ but you can think of it as ‘descriptions in the midst of actions.’ Aka, descriptions when characters are fighting or simply doing something with their abilities. 
I know I said the author is decent when it comes to descriptions, but that only refers to ‘static descriptions.’ When it comes to ‘dynamic descriptions’ or simply fight scenes, don’t expect anything amazing. 
For one, the author uses the word ‘as’ far too much. It’s a crutch which many people who write action scenes do. It’s boring to read “As he threw the rock, he ducked, and as she went to punch him, he evaded. And as. . .as. . .” 
For two, the author doesn’t understand the process of ‘action, result, and reaction.’ If I was to put it simply: He says, not show, what his characters do. He says the result. The reaction is mostly in the words of the character, not the other’s counter to the move. 
Do you want to follow a character as they wield their sword, scraping against another, gritting their teeth while maneuvering through blades of air and sliding against the floor to jump and tackle another? Do you want to see a person barely dodge a fireball; the scorch in the air as it passes them by? The singe in their hair? Do you want to watch a mage stumble back to escape a slice to the throat as their wand lashes out, mouth muttering, while their mana rolls and coils to conjure a flaming whip? Well, you’re going to see all of it, but it’s not nearly going to be that exciting. 
In my opinion, ‘dynamic description’ is the crutch of this story. For people who like good action scenes, you’re not going to like this story a whole lot. It’s a shame too because the power system is fairly interesting. 
An advice on this part to the author: You’re dealing with magic and swords. And, both have aspects that are very, very, visually stimulating. Don’t just say “she summoned a fireball” say “her mana coiled and the air burned, sparking to life to reveal a fireball.” Don’t just say “he swung his sword” say “he slashed down at his opponent. The clang of their connecting weapons sent a tremble into his hands.” Don’t just say “the wind pushed him away” say “the wind slammed into him, tearing him from his footing and sending him flying.” Don’t just say “he pulled him down” say “he clung to him and pulled, bringing his mass down.” 
It’s, kinda, like writing a school essay where you have to hit the word count. Though, of course, there are also ways to write stimulating action scenes with as little words as possible. However, I think my examples fit your style/story best. 
Now, the most important and subjective thing, is the story fun to read? 5/5 it is. And, really, that’s all you need for a good story.

Story Post Last Updated: March 24, 2021


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