[Story] I Dare Not Hope

Title: I Dare Not Hope
Author: bishop1275
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Tags: Love, Romance, Fate, Modern, Mystery, Betrayal, Billionaire, Destiny, Lies, Female Protagonist
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 1 || Overall: 10
Number of Chapters: 79
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: November 7, 2020
Date of Last Update: March 20, 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 64.7K
Number of Reviews: 37
Hi! I am Scarlet. A girl searching for a new beginning after losing two people that I love. Moving to another place and running away from my past that haunted me was the only solution I could think of to survive. 
However, fate had another plan arranged for me. My life turned more complicated when I met them, Daniel and Nathan. I was not supposed to fall for him, but I did. There was no turning my back on love.
Daniel and Nathan were total opposites. Although they were both successful in their own rights, they still possessed different characteristics that made them attractive in their own way. 
Daniel was the ideal man to love because of his similarity to my brother, Harry. Smart, down to earth, and with a gentle heart. While Nathan was the man to avoid, I could not entrust my heart to him despite the strong attraction we shared. A rich, manipulative and arrogant womanizer. 
Which one should I choose? Would entering a relationship help me move on from my past? Would our love be stronger than the obstacles in our path? 
Should I dare hope that I would have a happy ever after? 
Please give Scarlet a chance. Let her tell you her story. Add her to your reading list. 
But, what if… something in her past was the key to her future. 


Bee227_: This story has an interesting and cohesive plot, which definitely makes it worth checking out. Though there are occasional grammatical mistakes, they don’t detract much from the story. The characters all have their own unique personalities and are interesting to follow. However, I must say I’m not too fond of who I think is the male lead. Keep up the good work author!!

Sphynx_99: First of all, I love that you have so many chapters up already! I can read binge it! As for the story: I really like the romantic vibes without it being too cliché. The romance felt very realistic and it makes the struggles the FL goes through, understandable to readers. 
Here is my tip: 
Try to proofread. Sometimes I noticed some mistakes with the past tense and sometimes with the spelling. If you proofread, you can easily detect it. 
Overall, a very good story, loved how everything fits together. I added it to my library! Keep up the good work!

ujjwalanushka34: I love the story line. It is very intriguing and obviously fascinating. You have a good flow to the story and the character development is quite well done. I haven’t read the whole thing, but as I will go along, I’ll add my feedback on the comments. Overall, the story is great! One small suggestion for the chapters I’ve read so far is that you should expand more on the protagonist’s emotions. I just think it helps the readers develop a better connection with the protagonist.

TaintedMetal: This was a well thought out story primarily in its execution. It does feel like a drama to a TV series featuring concepts such as this novel. I myself don’t read romances in general but big props to the author for making a protagonist that is handled well, in addition to characters such as Nathan and Daniel. 
The story starts off fair well Scarlet meeting Nathan early, before getting into a love triangle situation which a lot of people may be familiar with. However, the author pulls it off well, and it does feel very different from what is normally seen on TV or movies. 
The biggest positive in all of this, truth be told, is that this is not a romance that trys hard to be appealing with its lead characters (like on some certain movies). Every character here does feel like an actual human being. 
You’re on the right track author, so keep it up.

takunithecat: Writing Quality: The writing in the beginning seems a like it is a bit unstable and needs proofreading, but by the current chapter the situation has improved a lot.5. 
Stability of Updates: every 2 days it seems: 5. 
Story Development: Lots of crazy things happen. You’ll need to read it yourself to find out. 5. 
Character Design: For a romance novel, the some of the characters manage to break the mold in a good way. It makes the story development more interesting to read as well. However, I feel like the writing style sometimes does not pair well with the first person style of writing. There could be some improvement in making the main character’s personality come out more in the narration. 4. 
World Background: The world isn’t as interesting because it’s a romance novel. Though this is made up by the good character design, by itself it is a 3.

KannySenpai: Though only 5 chapters in, I am CAPTIVATED by the story so far! This is definitely a page turner. With the intriguing womanizer love interest to the fiery MC, I am in love with these characters personalities and how different they are from each other. 
The Author does an astounding job with details, the hook, and storyline so far. Though I have spotted some grammatical errors, those can be easily overlooked and fixed.
The sentence structure is sound and the paragraphs flow with each other through each chapter, making this Novel an easy-on-the-eyes read. The chapter lengths are great compared to other Novels I’ve read which ties a big red bow on top of a glorious book. 
This Novel is a hidden gem of sorts that lacks the attention it deserves. Author, I wish you the best of luck with future chapters and I will definitely be keeping tabs on this book, reading further on my free time. 
You’ve earned another reader!

SolAce: Despite the rough around the edge beginning, once you get about 3-4 chapters in, the writing flows much smoother. The FL is likable for me but I can’t say for the ML yet.
There are a few bits I think be improved however:
1. Grammar— There weren’t that many to be honest; only the occassional misspellings, missing commas in listing, or missing commas in between adjectives ( if I were to be specific )
2. Initial Chapters— The beginning was a bit cliche, and I found it a bit rough to read. 
So my advice is to comb through the beginning chapters as it is the most important part in order to attract readers. Another good point is to make it more intriguing, forcing any reader to keep going till your latest chapter !
3. Character— While I have mentioned this before, I do want to emphasize that some might not like how weak she is to the ML. Feels like the typical bad boy romance, which may turn away a few. Maybe give her at least a redeeming characteristic. However, this third issue is totally my opinion. You don’t need to change the storyline bc of it.
All in all though, I found this a comfortable read as I sip my nonexistent tea. Keep up the good work, Author !

Story Post Last Updated: March 24, 2021


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