[Story] To Love You Again

Title: To Love You Again
Author: Avalondra
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Tags: Reincarnation, Romance, Rebirth, Modern, Comedy, Original, Female Lead, Business, Empire, Rich, Romance (excludes some non-tags)
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Female, Male
Status: Ongoing
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 1 || Overall: 10
Number of Chapters: 533
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: December 8, 2019
Date of Last Update: March 12, 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 4M
Number of Reviews: 399
Xiong Zhi ran away from her unwanted marriage.
That day, Linfeng, her aide, died while protecting her. The man who she held dearly in her heart died in her arms.
In her last breath, she uttered,
“Never again to be weak…Never again wasted our precious time…I’ll promise…In the next lifetime… I will protect you…and..love you…”
Full of regrets, she closed her eyes, wanting to be united with the man in the underworld.
However, when she opened her eyes, she found herself in her sixteen-year-old body.
Realizing she had a second chance, the cold, indifferent, obedient, and meek young miss of the Xiong family was reborn as a strong, sharp, vengeful, bold, and confident woman.
In this lifetime, she will fulfill her promise with no regrets.
Of course, including seducing Linfeng again.


kayathi_bhavishya: I love how this novel is different from others not like the innocent female lead who is always easy to bully and need Male lead to protect her I like the story but this story like seriously moves in a slow pace I lost my interest after reading upto 100 chapters up until now they dont even confess to each other

KrispiePie: great characters. the FL is a bit socially awkward but she is learning to express herself and her love. it’s very cute. the ML is not like those unfeeling CEO types that you don’t know what his motives are. it is nice that we see him in his teens and he still has the prepubescent **** phase of not knowing love himself and getting flustered with the FL’s advances. excellent novel. highly recommend 🙂

kolocity: No words I use can express just how much I’m enjoying this book. The absence of an over-bearing CEO (male or female) in the lead role got my attention, the romance between the two leads is sweet and unhurried, I’m yet to encounter anything that drags or feels like filler, and the humour is icing on the cake.
It feels like I’m a fly on the wall in the lives of the characters, and I will be watching (or reading) to the very end.

Ce_reene: Give this novel a try.
I swear you’ll like it so much.
It had everything romance, action,twists, thrill, adventure and many more.
This book will keep you hooked.
The female lead is an independent, intelligent and capable girl who trusts and love the male lead whole heatedly. I’m her second lifetime she tries her best to change her and her lover’s fate.
This book is different from other romance and reincarnation novels.
There aren’t cliche face slaps unlike other Novels.

Sutad: The writing quality is okay. Not the best. A lot of grammatical errors. But if you can ignore that, you will enjoy the story.
The schemes run deep. Everything is interconnected somehow. 
I really look forward to author completing this novel.
It is the kind you would prefer to binge read instead of waiting for updates.
It is a bit slow paced but not to the point you get annoyed. 
Give it a shot i say

Munn1: This is the first book that I commented so I recommend it very much. I like all the characters design including the antagonists and especially the FL. When reading a novel, the main thing I will look into is the protagonist character where I hate it when the protagonist is the your usually easily found normal type of people or too weak and arrogant. FL is smart, beautiful, calm, rich and humble, embodiment of all the characters that I really want in a FL. The interaction between FL and ML is cute where we can see the FL’s intention towards the ML but not too overtly aggressive. FL also did not 100% rely on her future knowledge and originally very smart to handle a business. She is not dumb or blinding in love in her previous life, only lose the motivation to live. If her grandfather guide her from the start, she can successfully manage the company and become the heiress. There is also no previous lover by FL or ML.

LetMeSleep: I’ve reviewed it before, now gonna post another review again: this novel is awesome!!!!! I thought before it was promising, but i can say now that it’s a gem. Some people may think it’s a bit of a slowburn (for those who love whirlwind romance), but for me this is perfect. I was just getting tired of all those overbearing CEOs, and this is very refreshing! 
An ML that’s like a loyal and gentlemanly knight, gentle and caring, inwardly loving but unable to express it into words, like a knight willing to stay in the shadows to sacrifice himself for his treasured princess! Reminds me of my favorite Knight Tsuzaku in Lelouch of the *********….
And the FL, very independent and assertive, i love how she eats tofu without detection, flirting with and teasing the gentlemanly knight. 
The plot progression is quite smooth, the newbie author (i think she mentioned before that it’s her first novel, was it? But it was already really good) so far is able tow write almost like a genuine chinese web author, i think the editor greatly contributed to that as well, thanks to the author and editor for their hardwork.
The novel makes me want for more, so I’m glad that it’s very steady in it’s daily updates, and that each chapter is not too short. Absolutely supporting this novel til the end!!! I can’t wait for the mystery of her rebirth to unravel!!!

_Gavi_: After reading about 215 chapters and who, without fail, is religiously one of the first readers to read it as soon as it gets updated, let me give this novel a proper review that it deserves.
I stumbled upon TLYA by accident and boy was that the best accident I’ve ever made! My 2 daily ** will never be wasted here that’s for sure.
It’s full of angst on the get go but only in the first few chapters. The FL from the past life was weak, naive and very trusting. Because of that, she got betrayed over and over again by people around her especially that disgusting piece of scum beast bastard and a bunch of her scheming relatives who is after her position and wealth. In the end, she tragically died together with the man she loves.  
In her present life though, she decided to change her outcome for the better not only for her sake but also for her beloved. And boooy I tell you did she really change! She’s stronger, smarter, wittier with her comebacks, although still stoic and has face paralysis lol but at least now she’s making friends which she lacked from her past life. 
You’re gonna love her friends too. They all differ in personalities but somehow their dynamic works so very well. I am partial to that one specific friend of hers who is like an earth angel. You’ll know who and why when you read past chapter 10 kekeke
As for the ML. Sigh. Nothing much to say other than that I want someone as handsome, capable, strong, smart, sexy, pure, loyal, and on top of all that, he’s a total gentleman as well. 
Ah Linfeng, too bad you’re a fictional character 😂
Romance is slow buuut it’s definitely there. Especially since our dear FL is so bent on getting her man which is why she’s using some tricks up on her sleeve to seduce him in every chance she gets with the help of a legendary how to seduce a man book hahahaha! 
Also, there are so many mysteries to reveal thus, every chapter is like a cliffhanger. I also love the fact that there’s a reason why she was reborn, unlike in other novels where there’s no explanation whatsoever. 
A strong plot with lovable characters plus a consistent update EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! 
What’s not to love? It’s definitely one of my Top 5 Original novels to read. ❤❤❤

Story Post Last Updated: March 16, 2021

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