[Story] Feral Born (Viciously Yours #1)

Title: Feral Born (Viciously Yours #1)
Author: Verbage
Genre(s): Romance, Comedy, Action
Tags: strong female lead, pack, shifters, humor
Audience:(contains gore, violence)
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 3 SWB 3 || TQ 3 SV 2 || Overall: 13
Number of Chapters: 31
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: February 1, 2021
Date of Last Update: March 4, 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Tapas
Number of Views: 1.1K
Number of Reviews: N/A
Being called an abomination and a monster is nothing new to Kaiya. As a rarity among the wolf shifter’s and deemed too animalistic, she hardly gets a warm welcome. So, when the pack receives threatening notes regarding her while she’s away? She’s less than worried. Until those notes are connected to a radically religious organization hell bent on making her kind go extinct.
And if that wasn’t enough to deal with, her Alpha’s Wilder cousin suddenly turns up. A cousin, who turns out, she unfortunately knew in the worst way. Added with the fact that the Beta’s babbling around her more than usual and wanting to talk about his feelings?
Yeaaaa. For a woman who liked to stay in her comfort zone, Kaiya was about to get reallll uncomfortable.



Story Post Last Updated: March 6, 2021


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