[Story] Gambit of the Living Weapon

Title: Gambit of the Living Weapon
Author: Breno_Ranyere
Genre(s): Fantasy
Tags: Isekai, magic, Adventure, Action, Comedy, female lead, Cultivation
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Female, Male
Status: Complete
AVB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 2 || Overall: 11
Number of Chapters: 306
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: April 24, 2020
Date of Last Update: February 14, 2021
AVB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 555.2K
Number of Reviews: 51
“… So many things I still wanted to do… I’m such a selfish adult, leaving so many unfinished business for these poor kids to handle… I hope everything works out…” 
The living weapon has vanished from the public eye. 
After centuries of non-stop fighting against evil and realizing his battle would never end, he decided to abandon his mission in the hopes of finally finding some peace in his life. 
Thus, he made a deal to erase his own memories and rejuvenate his body into that of a small child in an attempt to get a second chance at living. 
But after making his announcement, the whole world decided to embark on a giant search to see who could get their hands on the blessed sword of the gods first, and obtain its power for themselves. 
The only clue as to where his location might be rests on a young girl who fights using a wooden crossbow as her weapon of choice. 
Can this girl survive the dangers of this magical realm while still trying to fullfil her own mission of discovering a way to return to her own world? 


Joseph_char: After reading until chapter 150, I can safely say that this story is one of those glorious hidden gems that truly get way too little attention to how good they truly are. 
So, first of all, is the writing quality. The writing is decent, it is not the greatest of grammar, but it makes you emersed, invested, and truly is comfortable on the eye. 
The world background slowly improves, although, I have to warn you xianxia fansand the like, this story doesn’t have the world-building you see in the 10,000+ chapters novels, but it does a pretty good job at it as the story progresses. 
The characters are oh so amazing. Seriously, you’ll come to love them a lot (even the villains) and you truly despise the author when you see bad things happening to them, which only shows how amazingly written the characters are. 
The story development and plot are truly unpredictable. It’s not generic in the slightest and has some plot twist, cliffhangers, and moments that truly leave you speechless. It is beautifully crafted and executed well to the point where you can binge read 60 chapters per day yet feel as if you’ve only been reading for 2 minutes. 
Pssst, do you want to know something even more interesting? All those praises that I gave this story….are all for 1 volume out of 20 glorious volumes that each far surpass the other. 
Go on and read this marvelous novel right now!

MatchaMilk: Oh man, this is such a great read! Where do I start? The premise itself is so interesting and fun.
The world-building is nicely done, in depth and detailed and from the first few chapters we already get a sense of where the story is heading.
The characters, honestly I love them all, a great ensemble, even if there are bad ones, the author gives them depth and tries to justify their reasons.
The story itself has a mixture of everything, adventure, comedy, action and romance. Never thought Id say this but id like to see more romance haha
Altho I do appreciate the characters pov change, i feel like its a bit disconnecting to the reader if we stray away from the protagonist too long. 
Or this might just be a story with multiple protagonists at this point, which works! 
The writing style is simple yet descriptive and easy to follow! I really like it and the dialogue pops out but just a small complaint of mine, might be just my preference, but I wish author wouldnt just put dialogue as it gets a bit confusing as to whos saying sth. 
It might be beneficial to add a ‘daren said’ or other character said. 
All in all, great work and Im really amazed by your uploads and hard work!

LemonGrenade: The author is a very talented individual in the art of character design, able to generate long fluid conversations that seem to go on forever which many novels lack. 
In my opinion, however, that is a flaw. 
The conversations go on long enough that it starts to give me a headache. The author puts heavy emphasis into the conversations and does not balance it out with the world background. 
The author does not seem as good with the world background. 
For example, the prince’s castle at the beginning is merely referred to as a “castle” with no additional details. I get a mental image when the term is mentioned, but I get a stale one which has no details. 
Another example is when the MC is escaping along with her friend, yet most of the writing is down on their conversations rather than their surroundings. In reality, I doubt two people would have the energy to converse when they are fleeing for their life. 
Other than that, the author does put in the details when it comes to fighting, so props to that. The writing quality is very good and the author does seem to have a direction he/she wants to go in. 
A personal complaint would be the time skip at the beginning not long after the MC arrives into this world. I feel like a lot of potential was wasted in what could have been invested into character growth. It is like saying the MC survived a life or death situation at point A and then somehow got over it and became stronger in the future at point B. 
This is merely my opinion however, so just take it as creative criticism. I have not even fully read the novel since I became overwhelmed by the long conversations which take up half of each chapter.

Story Post Last Updated: February 21, 2021


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