[Story] Tales of The Mighty Dragonair

Title: Tales of The Mighty Dragonair
Author: ranmaro
Genre(s): Fantasy
Tags: Isekai, Reincarnation, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Academy, Cultivation, R-18, Weak to strong, Harem
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 2 SV 2 || Overall: 10
Number of Chapters: 246
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: September 22, 2020
Date of Last Update: December 2, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 819.3K
Number of Reviews: 37
The world is ruled by strength, where anyone with special attributes will be selected by great academies all over the world, to be taught since nine years of age and grow to become a strong mage. 
Our protagonist, Arthur, will find himself living a life he never wanted, so he will do his best, using his other life knowledge, and build up his new body from scratch, gather a group of youths with some special powers, and train together, aiming for one goal: entering the prestigious Dorgazire Academy. 
Facing troubled times, with his clan being threatened by others, he will stand against many challenges, and go from the bottom with his own will and mind to reach the place he deserves, being the mighty Dragonair in this world. 


Hongye: Hello, some how the concept of this story are fresh for me yet not. I like most of it but i notice there alot of loopholes in story. The descriptive are rather lacking as most of it was fast forwarded. when introducing a concept seem foreign to mc but suddenly author made the mc knew far better approach.

DaoistpfRuE0: If you want something with a well written story, than look for another novel. the author rush things way too fast. The development of the story is.. lacking and redundant to say the least. from chpt.1 to 60 something the story still revolve about killing monsters for meat… I don’t know if it gets better after that but from what i’ve seen it’s just not something I can enjoy reading

silver2000: take my review as a grain of salt.The novel didn’t peak my interest. The concept looked good but I didn’t like the progress of the novel. The mc is a push over and he would allow any girl to step on him without retaliating from where I stopped reading. Which he claims to take the abuse because he wants something but I don’t buy it. Also the writing confused me like name madly and “mad”. Also the world didnt know about taxes which I doubt that it can happen even in a mage world. Read the novel and judge it yourself.

TrinityPhoenix: I like your writing style, author. It is highly descriptive, making the readers feel as if they saw, heard, felt, and experienced the objects described in the story. Especially, the story of Arthur’s adventure in his new world by using his existing knowledge from his old life is fascinating. It’s like one of those promising stories of isekai. Also, from the synopsis itself, it already looks appealing enough, as well as the beginning of the chapter. 
Please do keep up the good work author!

Blank_Noll: This is an honest review!
Grammer is bad basic spelling mistakes every where in every chapter author seriously needs a good spell checker program or a person to edit your stuff.
Updates are stabilized so no complaints there.
Story development has plot holes galor and feels like author changes his mind after saying one thing or it may just be because the wording is bad and i dont understand properly either way oh well.
Character design is honestly pretty good i enjoy most characters but as for their way of thinking some of the one time onyk seeing guys or few time seeing guys just do stuff that dont add up but the main ones i like.
World background is non existent just about it but he learns more as it goes on but i still feel there’s plenty missing that could be explained better.

Nicole_99: If you’re a fan for the cultivation trope of story, this is for you. The story follows the protagonist who was an acclaimed mastermind who found a way to defy the heavens, resulting in his demise.
Just prior to his untimely demise, he managed to procure a solution and transmigrated into a different body but with an overall negative affinity to magic.
From the first two chapters alone, we can easily see Arthur being a great mastermind and observe how he plans to overturn his current life as Willy. A truly inspiring and invigorating tale.
**: Dear author, I find your prowess in the language to be superb! However, there are still room for improvements. It did not affect the story all too much but there are possible nit-pickers out there who would possibly choose not to read your story due to grammar.
I also found the first chapter a little long winded as there were certain scenes that felt repetitive. However, this was a great idea. I love transmigration stories and cultivation stories always bring about excitement, especially in those action scenes!

Story Post Last Updated: December 18, 2020


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