[Story] The Eye Of The Storm (A Fantasy Romance Novel)

Title: The Eye Of The Storm (A Fantasy Romance Novel)
Author: miwaknight
Genre(s): Fantasy Romance
Tags: Romance, Fantasy, Demon, Betrayal, Enemies to Lovers
Audience: PG-13
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 3 || TQ 3 SV 3 || Overall: 13
Number of Chapters: 28
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: High
Date of First Release: August 8, 2020
Date of Last Update: November 28, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 70.5K
Number of Reviews: 32
When Ayra Sylvahnna was summoned by the president of Foxerall at the bewitching hour of a stormy night, she realised it was the dreadful beginning of a dark end. When an A-rank mission entailing the capture of a vicious demon was assigned to them, Ayra Sylvahnna knew this was going to be very different from her other missions. 
War and love will clash with each other. Trust and betrayal will face each other. And Ayra must be prepared for all of it. 
A journey encompassing around three wizards, who find themselves amidst a deadly storm of unfathomable power, cryptic prophecies, dead kings and lost queens, fight against death itself. A chronicle of friendship, love, happiness and betrayal that revolves around three powerful and fierce-hearted wizards who each have a story to tell. 


shrEk2o3: Wow. Just reading the synopsis I was already hooked. Reading the initial chapter, I was brought to the scene as if I was watching from a movie ☺️ I love the characters, they have a distinct quality and personality in them. I’m already shipping the friendship and I’m staying tuned. Highly recommended for a good read! ♥️

Xierryne: I am loving this story so much! 
The vocabulary is better than mine that I have to search it up, haha~ 
Anyways, it gets a full 5 stars from me! 
I also love the description of the situation Ayra’s in, making me feel like I was there as well ^^ 
Though I don’t mind some curses she said XD, I LOVE her. 
I also love her personality so much, that I’m thoroughly enjoying every word, and second I read this book >///< 
Keep up the great work, Author!

Drakonous: Wanna know how a story is good or not? Read the first chapter, find yourself amazed, and – almost instantaneously – rate it five stars. And boy oh boy, did this deserve it’s 5 stars. 
There’s no actual easy to explain it (so read it!) but there’s this certain style of writing the author uses that harkens back to Tolkien’s works while simultaneously giving a chill like Stephen King’s works. No, I’m not joking, that’s literally what I felt when I read this. And trust me, I would know, cause the very first novel I read, was The Fellowship of the Ring (I know, I was 9 and the movie came out, you sure as hell bet I was gonna read it) and the second fantasy series that I read, which was the first two Dark Tower books. The way the author described the nightly city as a slumbering bruin was reminiscent to Tolkien’s work, while the description of the Nightwalkers was similar the King’s.
And don’t get me started on grammar, there were no errors at all. Even if there were, I didn’t pick it up till my second read cause I was too immersed in the story.
I think the only thing that could lower the overall rating of the novel, is that there are sooo few chapters. I’m at chapter 2, but I don’t want to continue reading, not when I know there’s only about 3 more chapters after that. So, I’m going to keep this in my collection, and read it only after a dozen or so more chapters are released. Otherwise, I will lose a few hours of sleep wondering what will happen next to the characters.

Story Post Last Updated: December 5, 2020


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