[Story] Immortals: The Curse of Samsara

Title: Immortals: The Curse of Samsara
Author: Drakonous
Genre(s): Magical Realism
Tags: Harem, R-18, Mature, Reincarnation, Action, Magic, Martial Arts, Urban Fantasy, Futuristic Setting, Sci-Fi
Audience: NC-17
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing, Complete Volumes 1 & 2
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 3 || TQ 3 SV 3 || Overall: 13
Number of Chapters: 228
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: High
Date of First Release: September 12, 2020
Date of Last Update: November 12, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 599.7K
Number of Reviews: 36
For as long as Jason can remember, he has been a killer. Raised as a child soldier, he was trained in the arts of murder as a mercenary, an assassin, and a bodyguard. In short, his life was anything but dull. Yet his greatest wish was to live a normal life, date a normal girl, have a moment to breathe and relax. His wish was to be a normal boy, no, a real boy and not some weapon. But his thirst for strength led him to the path of both the scientifically psychic world and the mystically supernatural world.
One day, he is entrusted to protect a young girl whose entire family was murdered. Two years after taking her as his sister, Jason tries to lead a life that’s as normal as possible in the most technologically advanced city in the world, Sanctuary. However his newfound freedom is threatened when his past comes to haunt him, and his hunger to join the extraordinary life once more begins to consume him. As enemies from both the worlds of supernatural and science come crashing down upon him, Jason must make a choice, and choose which life he’d rather have. An uneventful, normal life. Or the life of the impossible, where dog eats dog, and only the strongest survive.


BeyondReal: An absolute brilliant story, the world background is absolutely genius! It’s really well written but I recommend you to have a strong heart… Its not a silly harem story with screaming agape girls 😄.
The characters are unique and mesmerizing, it’s funny and so sad at the same times. There is a lot of struggles and you will feel hypnotized…
One of my favorite story so far! Hope you will vote to get this story reaching the charts, it’s truly a hidden masterpiece : a curse.

SaberFate: An incredible novel of magic with the element of modern ages and romance, you get a MC Jason with a deep, dark history and same goes with the female protagonist Alina. The story really paced itself smoothly for readers to read comfortably. Kudos to the author, he really has a lot of ideas in his mind when writing and he also has an incredible knowledge of English when writing. Grammar wise aint a issue, the author is really careful about his work. 
I can see nothing stopping this novel from being a good pieced of work, this book definitely needs more publicity, I hope that more fans of magics and urban can come and read this novel too.

SnowPenguin: The story has a large, colourful cast of characters, with universal themes at play, all set in an interesting world. There’s little fluff which lets you jump straight into the story. It’s also well written.
If I’m being critical, there are dry exposition dumps that could be integrated more organically into the story through dialogue and descriptions. There was no need to give a date and tell us about the state of the moon as if it were a fact. A character could check a calendar or the time. A bunch of characters could simply be staring outside and have said outside described. My point is that there are better ways to communicate ideas that aren’t straight up exposition dumps.

_BlackSwan_: It is definitely a notch above the stories |have read here till now.
I picked this up because it had some appealing tags & nice reviews, but gosh, the harem stuff is very overbearing. 
Wouldn’t mind being introduced to some male friend of Jason’s and having some sort of normal or serious conversation, instead of him being surrounded by gals every chapter. You know, might flesh him out beyond the Casanova that he is.
As of chapter 8, the plot has progressed rather slowly – with only one tease of the significant samsara aspect. This progression is mostly drowned in the banter & frills the male lead indulges with his harem group.
Will continue reading since it’s somewhat entertaining to read.

winterdaisy55: This is amazing! 
Though I haven’t read all of the chapters, the few chapters that i’ve read got me hooked! The story is written very well, with vivid descriptions. I can picture every scene that you wrote clearly on my mind, as if i was also in the story, watching the scene unveil beside them. And the fighting scenes are amazing, like, really! I found myself grimacing as i read how the MC crippled the bad guys lol. 
I really like the characters, especially the MC. He is cunning, annoying, but also kind at the same time 😂 But from the few chapters that i’ve read, i kind of feel he is pretty over-powered, but yeah i haven’t read all of the chapters so maybe in the later chapters he will meet someone who is on the same level as him and could make him on the edge. 
Anyway, this story is 10/10! Definitely is recommended to everyone! Even if you don’t read this type of genre, i bet it will still pique your interest, so please give it a try! 
And i’m also very impressed by the the Author, just look at how many chapters he has published!! That’s dedication for you. ps: your cover is amazing!!

Gloriously Famous: An excellent novel. 
The Author is an exceptional writer, and this story is a piece of art. 
The story starts off with character building and a suspenseful plot. The beautiful narrative continues on and builds a fascinating world. The most wonderful aspect of the story is that there is always something new with rich descriptions and vivid imagery. There is a sad undertone to the story, but it definitely helps in highlighting the happy occasions making them more real and easy to connect to. 
Grammar wise it is almost perfect and possibly one of the best works in WN. 
I think the most wonderful aspect of this novel is the character building. The MC is just wonderful; he is described very well and the backstories bring life to him making him seem very real. Not only is the MC well described, but so are the side characters. The dialogue between the characters flow smoothly and really highlight their personalities. Reading the story will make you feel that you have been introduced to a diverse cast of characters. 
Overall, it is a wonderful read and a definite recommendation, the authors, including me, can definitely learn from the meticulous writing and the readers can have a wonderful experience reading this piece of work. 
Recommendations – for the auxiliary chapter in clarification and explanation, I think you should add “(possible spoilers)” to the title as some extra information is revealed there. My personal opinion is not to leave the great side chapters in the auxiliary section but to add them to the story and just title them side chapter/ side stories. 
And, of course, it is added to my library to finish reading!

Elo_Police: I have a feeling that this is a story like those anime harem stories. The MC is obviously completely broken and a lot of women around him as well. Furthermore he can’t hold any relationships and for whatever reason the person that loves him the most and he’s the most compatible with is his minor sister.
This story honestly just reads like one where the MC has masses of women that have feelings for him but probably half, if not more will die or died already. And I think that when he has to leave the mortal world, most of the women are left behind or die while trying to by him time or some bull****.
The story has an interesting setting but it has way, way to many women, that are close to the MC but he can’t protect them since they’re to many and to weak. 
After like 50-60 chapters it gets weird reading about him trying to be secretive and him never being honest about his feelings. I can only imagine that it gets worse when he enters the cultivation world and has to protect himself, Alina and everyone else that is still alive at that point. 
Currently not sure if I want to continue this story since the appeal is just not there to repeatedly read about trivial drama that’s gonna pop up.

Illusionniste: A story with an interesting story arc with a dark and depressing undertone in it. 
Jason is an interesting protagonist to read, his backstory was dark and compelling but he kinda gave me that ‘guy-who-always-gets-the-ladies’ vibes. Jason has a personality, which some writers tend to forget to add. Alina took me a while to like, it’s probably because I found her POV a bit cliché but like Jason, she has personality and quirks. I’m actually curious if this is Harem or not, I lost count re-checking the tags just to see if it was a harem. The side characters were decent, I like how Michelle has a great personality, and usually, some writers ignore the side characters and don’t even bother making them real and relatable. 
I love the world-building, the writer took the time to make the story tangible and real. It was exciting and it made me want to ask for more. I was curious how the world works and I love every minute of it. 
The story does feel like a manuscript (especially reading Alina’s POV), it felt like I was reading a script. There were more dialogues than paragraphs. There were some parts it kind of feel like cheesy but I didn’t mind at all. The story is full of flashbacks, it sucks that Webnovel doesn’t have formatting styles here because I got confused when suddenly I’m reading a backstory without any warning. Some chapters were short, so it kind of threw me off, the story does have that ‘anime’ ambiance to it. 
I could visualize some scenes especially when it comes to reading Jason’s POV, which I’m totally happy about it since my mind usually takes a while to see the story. 
I love your cover! But I’m a graphic designer 𝐚𝐧𝐝 a font hoe. I couldn’t help myself but suggest, using a serif font because it makes the cover more elegant, serious, and formal. Condensed serif font would work. If you want I could suggest some fonts to use. 
Overall, this story is worth reading especially, if the reader is into anime and urban fantasy with immersive story arc.

Drapetomaniac12: This novel is a masterpiece and the author is exceptionally talented. 
I’m like super unqualified to review this piece of art but I’ll give it a shot anyway.
Writing Quality- If any reader, I repeat, any reader, has a complaint with the writing style, he/she is a dumbass. The book is thoroughly detailed, even pertaining to small things that other authors miss. Whether it be describing how the food tastes, or the armour Fenrir wears or what clothes the characters are wearing or describing the surroundings… you get it. The interactions flow out smooth too, I laughed and smiled so much whenever Jason teased his sibling or friends and I gushed like crazy whenever Alice did something… anything. She’ll be breathing and I’ll be like, “aww she’s so cute.” This is low-key a review about how cute Alice is and needs to be treasured, okay? Fight me hmph. There weren’t much grammatical errors either, just some typos that grammarly failed to pick up (you rely too much on that, author.) The book will make you weep and smile… sometimes at the same time. I was literally in awe when I read about the symbolism with the sun or when the shapeshifter predicted Jason’s curse. The book is extremely well written. Kudos to you author!
Story Development- A lot happens in one day in this story. The pace is right, neither too fast nor too slow. And since the author has just finished 10% of his story, I’m eagerly waiting to see how this progresses in the future.
Character Design- The male lead is the most infuriating character you’ll ever come across. He’s a jerk, d******d, a*** etc etc (you get the point). I felt like strangling him so many times. His relationships are a mess. He doesn’t know what he wants, and even if he does, he messes it up. It’s all complicated and he says he’s trying again and again but he’s not. The only relationship he puts effort in is with Alice (so that’s a plus). He’s a good dad and he genuinely makes efforts to be good. As a brother… eh, he’s equally good and bad. Who sleeps with someone when his sister is right next to him? (That’s just fucking messed up.) He’s very overprotective of Alina but I have to admit, he genuinely cares about her (a plus again). The characters I have absolutely no complain about are Alina (SHE’S AN EFFING QUEEN), Alice (aww, an angel), Michelle (I think all the girls who read your book would aspire to be her, her strength is commendable and you can’t help but admire her), Katherine (A QUEEN again but since she’s gonna have her own book I don’t know whether I’ll still like her so let’s wait), Junco (<3) . I used to like Ava but then… (I have no words.). Okay now Jason’s harem: Elizabeth- Don’t like her, she raped Jason (red flag); Melanie- I couldn’t have been more vocal about how I feel about her, she’s a psychopath, a stalker, oversteps her boundaries (I don’t understand why Jason feels attracted towards her but then he’s attracted towards anyone who has a vagina), she has a traumatic past so she’s kind towards orphans but then she was busy masturbating instead of saving those kids (the one she deeply cares about); Katelyn- I don’t really care much about her, we haven’t had much of her, she betrayed Jason but she had her own reasons so I’m cool with her and lastly Emily- I really really liked her in the beginning. She refused to show how she felt about Jason, had her insecurities but one day at the shopping mall, she just snapped and kind of became desperate? So I have mixed feelings about her, as the story progressed I like her less than I used to. Moreover, she deserves better than Jason. Ken, Raphael, Watson, Asami, Mapel are cool too. The villains in the story are well crafted. It’s undeniably clear that the author has spent a lot of time in writing this story 🙂
Updating Stability- Updates are constant, author updates twice or thrice every week undoubtedly. 
World Background- It’s expanded amazingly well. No complaints at all. 
This story is a hidden gem and deserves much more reads, like at least a million+. But sadly, Webnovel only gives exposure to contracted works. Anyway, the book is about to reach half a million views, so congrats author. WELL DESERVED. 
I just have one suggestion that in the beginning of your story (in the first auxiliary chapter), you should mention that the auxiliary chapters are side chapters and should be read after they finish volume 1 because I myself know two people who straight away read the side chapters and then thought that your book had a lot of smut. 
Lastly, for any readers reading this, READ THIS BOOK. You won’t be disappointed. 
Also, I forgot to mention the synopsis is DAMN, especially the warning at the end, made me laugh xD

Story Post Last Updated: December 5, 2020


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