[Story] My attack stat is negligible, so I can’t help but rely on critical attacks to succeed

Title: My attack stat is negligible, so I can’t help but rely on critical attacks to succeed
Author: kazesenken
Genre(s): Fantasy
Tags: Isekai, Anime, Game Elements, Magic, Cooking, Comedy, Weak to Strong, Action, Adventure, Slice-of-Life (excluded non tag)
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing volume 6, Completed multiple volumes
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 2 || Overall: 11
Number of Chapters: 161
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: September 2, 2019
Date of Last Update: November 26, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 437.5K
Number of Reviews: 28
Volume 1 – 
Having been summoned to another world, Claude Evers is devastated to find out that he has no attack or magic proficiency. In a world of swords and magic, Claude endeavors to become his master’s…chef? Despite this turn of events, he soon finds himself relying on his wit and strange abilities to stand by his master’s side. With such fearsome enemies in this world, what solutions can Claude hope to cook up?
Volume 2 – 
Defeating a terrifying monster endangering the kingdom, Claude’s fame grows. With this in mind, his next goal is to…win over his master’s heart? However, he soon learns that the nobility are not one to be trifled with. What can a lone chef do against the schemes of the powerful threatening his livelihood? 
Volume 3 – 
Welcome to the ‘Certain Slice’, where we are sure to serve you something that perfectly hits your tastes. This is a restaurant where you can sample our line of otherworldly food and drink, created by the one and only Demon Cleaver. Please wait here while we call a maid over to attend to your orders. The owner? I’m very sorry. He’s not available at the moment. The reason? I’m afraid that he is now a wanted man, for defying kings and kidnapping princesses. 
Volume 4 – 
Stuck in another country, Claude and his companions happen upon abilities far different from what they had known before. With a country full of powerful warriors wielding such techniques, guided by a prophetic Oracle, new allies and enemies are around every corner. Will they find what they need to return home, or will ‘destiny’ swallow them up? 
Volume 5 – 
What happens when the person you thought you knew is completely different? Past and present collide as Claude makes his way back to Sistina to once again fight alongside his Master, encountering challenges that few Electi have ever faced. Destruction looms over Sistina as his enemies attack right where one is most vulnerable, the insecurities held in one’s heart.


Kari_Rakitan: The grammar here is very clean and the way you “break the fourth wall” is super cute. The title is ridiculously long, but it fits with the writing style and lets the reader know that they can expect a humorous read.

SunScar9: Writing Quality: The author has a grasp over language and is better than a lot of writers on the platform. But there was a lot that the author needs to learn about writing style and punctuation. There were some missing commas and tags that just didn’t go, but I think with practice and reading more books, this will go away. You also need to work on showing your story to your readers. I found you in the comments clarifying matters to the readers. I want to read the images, not have you spell them out for me. Last point: you need to build more mystery. 
Stability of Updates: Didn’t look at it, but I am happy as long as an author doesn’t abandon the story. 
Story Development: The pace is right, but I want more information about the characters. Again… show me. Don’t tell. 
Character design: The MC was well portrayed and I quite enjoyed reading about him. He seems like a familiar guy who has been thrown into an unknown world. I enjoyed his reactions and his subtle changes. 
World Background: I want to see more of the world and how the magic works. I thought that the showing of the stats was a wonderful thing but I want to learn more about how science has been replaced by magic or the spells that are being used to make the magic happen. 
Overall, I enjoyed this reading the story and hope the author continues. It has potential.

REDLAW: I will be honest. I began this story with a little bit of scepticism. I didn’t like how weak minded and weak the mc was. But hey the title was clear so I took a breath and decided to at least finish the first volume.
I wasn’t disappointed. The author story follows a rather slow pace. In most isekai, you’ll see a perfectly normal guy instantly became a super and perfect warriors once summoned. Here it’s different. His infuriating and useless at first, but as time pace, he slowly begins to find his place in the world and discover talent he never knew he had. This is a very good story for those who like slow growth and world building.

Zeill: Getting summoned to a magic world is getting more and more common in stories now days, but this doesn’t mean every story is alike, and this is one of those that would take you by surprise. 
The story follows Claude, a college student (props for not using a highschool student) summoned to a magic, game alike world; and his master Eryn, a girl that wants to become a magic knight. 
The basics doesn’t really sound new at all, but it gets more interesting when the main character notices that everyone in this new world have stats (like a game), and the fact his stats are pretty bad, except for one, the “crit” stat. 
The Good 
– It is quite funny at times without losing the main goal of the story. I really like when there is some comic relief in stories, and this one comes with anime and game references! If you’re into anime and games, one of them may put an smile on your face. 
– The main char isn’t a fighter, he finds it out quite quickly and ends up following another path, but he stills wants to be of use to his new master and keeps training. 
– The fact the main char (Claude) can’t really fight using physical strength or magic makes for some interesting battles, having to opt for strategy over power. 
– Characters personalities are quite lively, they show their emotions and aren’t bottled in some archetype. 
– The world itself is pretty interesting too, being set up in a kind of middle age world, people uses magic artifacts instead of technology to make their lives easier, while public peace is forced by the magic knights, which are a kind of royal adventurers. 
– Speaking of magic artifacts, main character actually uses knowledge of his world to give a clever use to some of them. 
– Story develops in an interesting way with the main char trying to comprehend the limitations of the stats system and the rules of the world, while finding some way to use them to his advantage to be able to help Eryn. 
– Battles are not as common as i would like, but they’re quite detailed, showing the strengths and weaknesses of the characters while being entertaining and clever. 
– The writing itself is pretty easy to read, I actually like a lot the simplicity of it. 
The not so good 
– While main characters have easy to remember names (Claude, Eryn), other characters and places aren’t as lucky. 
– Not enough Katsys (jk, but would like to know more of her) 
– Story isn’t focused. While the story develops quite nice by itself, there is not a clear path to follow, the goals of the main characters aren’t as defined as everything else. 
The conclusion 
I find this story a refreshing entry into the “isekai” genre, and as “cliché” the description or the reviews may sound, when you mix all the details together, it ends up being quite an interesting read, which only gets better when coupled with an analytic main character that likes to talk more than he should. 
It should be a fine reading for people that like games (especially rpg) and anime, but also for people that likes fantasy and adventure genres.

Cielink: This story is a wonderfully creative and fun deviation from the traditional transported-to-another-world adventure that is common nowadays. The writing is very effective in terms of achieving its goal, making a uniquely interesting isekai fictional world while also creating compelling and relatable characters. The characters in the story face struggles that anyone can relate to, albeit in a parallel universe. The story starts of as any other isekai plot does, but quickly establishes its distinctive style and humour early on, with these themes and characters continuing to develop through all the chapters. The plot starts off slowly, picking up pace and intensity that grows with each chapter, as well as having each volume contain diverse challenges and emotional struggles for the characters to overcome. After continuing to read the story, the characters develop into truly interesting people and the conflict within them feels genuine. The story is very well balanced and puts twists on common tropes enough to make them almost unique and desirable to read. I absolutely adore this story and I would recommend it even to those who don’t appreciate anime-like or isekai stories, as someone who hasn’t seen too many anime or read many manga myself. 
Here is how I would grade it in relation to other things I’ve read/seen: 
Plot – 9.8/10 
It’s a solid story that makes me want to read more and more, and I even ended up binge-reading innumerable chapters during the important parts of the story, lol. Even the moments where the events in the story are not super significant to the plot are fun and interesting to read regardless. The parallel world’s background is well-established without being boring and the unique setting and atmosphere make it worth reading. 
Characters – 9.5/10 
I love the main duo so so so so so much. They have both grown quite a bit through the course of the story, and I expect even greater from future volumes :). Corny remains mysterious, but gains more intrigue as the story moves from vol 1-2. Other characters are also well developed as a result of the volumes’ conflicts being different in nature. There are unique twists to common tropes as well as completely original, creative ideas which are greatly appreciated :D. 
Setting/World-Building – like a 8.8/10 
At times, Sistina can feel like a generic parallel world royal kingdom, but at other times the story slips past the “common royalty cliches” and really gives life to the atmosphere as well as the royal family. This is particularly clear in Volume 4. I do appreciate the detail put into world-building and explanation of social hierarchy in an engaging and natural manner, rather than chunks of exposition that are often seen in similar fantasy works. On top of this, the different regions in the story feel like they truly have distinct values and cultures, which is super-interesting compared to other fictional worlds that have little variety. 
Writing Style – 9/10 
It’s engaging and funny, but sometimes the writing will have some odd quirks that are kinda confusing and occasionally I’ll run into a place where you use the same word to begin a sentence twice within a short distance (ex. the same paragraph). Your’s/Claude’s sense of humor and personality are very present which is very much appreciated because it gives it that little touch of GateDown that this story’s all about. 
Overall the story is definitely worth reading (I rated it a 5/5!!) and as it’s steadily updating there will probably not be a big lack of content any time soon. Definitely recommend to any of those who are still on the fence about reading, and extremely recommend to any anime or manga fans alike. There should be very little about the story that you can complain about, haha.

Maromar: Claude cooks up delectable meals with a side of spicy damage multipliers! 
My Attack Stat is Negligible, so I Can’t Help but Rely on Critical Attacks to Succeed is an isekai litRPG that bites into the tradition of parody fantasy light novels to feature an elevator pitch summary as their title. You get exactly what you see on the tin as Claude, an average student with above-average cooking aptitude, is summoned into a fantasy realm fraught with stat blocks and game features by a pretty upstart knight from a minor royal family. 
The story is on the lighter side with situational and self-aware humor abound, you can also spot heavy use of anime references which, admittedly, feel in character for Claude as the narrator. They may or may not be seen as a feature rather than a source of cringe depending on the reader.  
Some of Kazesenken’s scenes just work in a way that veterans of the genre and its peripheries should enjoy quite a bit. It feels like a piece written as a love letter for dungeon delving, command seal wielding adventurers. I had fun (and sympathized) with some of the characters’ interactions with the system. The fact that even the natives acknowledge meta-aspects means that the story is a step ahead of its peers on Webnovel.  
People who play games like Fire Emblem will take note of the helicopter mom’s exp nurturing tactic Eryn uses on their way to the Capital in chapter 2. She minimizes external risk while letting Claude gain points at a rate that will (hopefully) allow him to grow into the realm of usefulness eventually. A nice touch that shows Eryn’s expertise and provides a point of embarrassment for Claude. 
The dialogue is pretty dang competent. For the most part, it feels like we’re listening in on conversations rather than reading stage notes. Kazesenken’s writing shows budding development when it comes to giving characters distinct speech patterns and vocabulary. It’s at an above-average level for Webnovel authors and will flourish with a bit of polish. There are a few instances of odd phrasing and the text loves ellipses, however. 
As much as I like the execution of the story’s premise and its feel-good vibes, there are parts of the dish that need a bit more seasoning. 
The opening paragraph took a second read to fully visualize the scene. The ideas aren’t cleanly developed before jumping into the next shot. It’s not terminally bad as the following context cleans it up, but it does hamstring the first impression. The ease at which Claude accepts being a summoned unit in this game world comes off as a bit odd and will likely raise a bit of an issue with people unfamiliar with the isekai genre. This compounds with a certain lack of agency in the beginning arcs, a virulent illness in those summoned to other dimensions. There’s enough content to keep the mind off of the issue, but developing core motives and a firm sense of personal drive earlier on would do wonders for fleshing Claude out and extend the life of the story.  
Clutter words severely hold the text back. It’s a common issue found in works that don’t have access to an editor- you’ll find that fanfiction and pieces from authors that used to write fanfiction are susceptible to falling into this pit. Oftentimes you won’t need “had” “start to”, “begin to”, or “suddenly” in your writing. Let the main idea of the text do all the painting. Anything that doesn’t do any direct work is a potential subversive element. When the text slips into exposition it’s less jarring, but it can be fatal if the active parts are slowed down or stutter too much. There are also character actions that would be better served in detail. 
The story is slow to develop a solid sense of place. There’s too much summative language and no strong early beat to anchor readers to either the setting or any of the characters. The premise of a litRPG isekai protagonist with a weird character sheet is forced to hold nearly the full burden of interest past the initial chapters. The written medium has the hardest time when it comes to building immersion as it lacks the visual and auditory effects that others have for establishing atmosphere. A good question to ask before launching a story is: “With the information given in the first chapter plus 500 words, can we draw a vivid scene of the world, a central plot point, or a character?” There is good potential in the image of Claude staring up at an alien moon, but the shot is too short and underdeveloped to stick. There’s an opportunity to open with the image as well as his feelings/reaction to an eldritch celestial object looming above him if it were to be taken back to the shop for reconstruction. Unfortunately, this seems to be an issue that continues throughout the piece. For every tangible scene we get, there are one or two waves of uninterrupted summary that fails to engage the senses. These stretches of text require a different style and a developed voice to remain interesting; think along the lines of The Belgariad, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and Redwall for examples (Tom Clancy books for a certain stripe of reader). 
As previously mentioned, there are neat scenes here and there like Claude’s first swing on a slime. I just wanted to see more of this level of detail. 
There are also a few issues with grammar, missing words, diction, and repetition that are light enough to be largely corrected by an automated assistant like Grammarly (use with caution). 
I was thrown off by a few contrivances like the introduction of the elusive Katsys in a marketplace and the fact that Pietro doesn’t just tell Claude that he seems to be gaining power from his background as a chef as soon as he makes the connection. 
Overall, the plot points are a bit rocky but not the worst, the interpersonal aspects aren’t handled with the greatest amount of finesse, and the character development is just on par. 
That being said, I don’t feel like my time with My Attack Stat is Negligible, so I Can’t Help but Rely on Critical Attacks to Succeed was at all wasted. At the low low price of free, it’s a buffet that I’d recommend any traveler of litRPG worlds sit down for.

Story Post Last Updated: November 30, 2020


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